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2717 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Sep 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-09 12:08:06 AM  
Michael Jackson is now a white female?
2001-09-09 12:32:34 AM  
He's been a white female for years.

This needs a photoshopping:
[image from ananova.com too old to be available]
2001-09-09 12:36:04 AM  
Why does Jackson choose to look like a monkey?
2001-09-09 12:47:03 AM  
[image from bcraig.jeffnet.org too old to be available]
2001-09-09 12:53:52 AM  
Can anyone prove that Michael and LaToya Jackson are not the same person?
2001-09-09 01:03:12 AM  
Man, I can't believe he ever was black.
2001-09-09 01:16:14 AM  
Truth is, I feel kind of bad for MJ. He is obviously a tormented individual to try to change himself into another person. Just goes to show that money and success don't make up for an abusive parent and a toddler sized wee-wee.
2001-09-09 01:24:59 AM  
Hello Boys and Girls

The word for today is racially ambiguous surgically augmented pederast

Can you say racially ambiguous surgically augmented pederast?

Good... I knew that you could
2001-09-09 01:25:15 AM  
actually, watch the thriller Video. Mikey's skin was about on par for an African (no, not an african american who's melanin's been cut down with caucasian genes, I mean an honest to god african), and he actually looked male.

2001-09-09 01:30:11 AM  
Ah to be fly on the wall of the Jackson household when he went opaque:

"I haven't been white for 5 minutes and already I hate you nubians!"
2001-09-09 01:38:16 AM  
I, as a melatonin lacking, Norwegian descendant[sp is really shiatty], welcome Mr. Jackson into the world that is mine. May your hypobaric chamber keep you warm at nights, and may your face swell with the kiss of the sun god.

I skied the slopes once with no second application of the sunscreen. A lesson learned, badly.

But, um, that nose... Do you expect to breathe through that?
2001-09-09 01:57:10 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-09-09 03:07:26 AM  
I think the nose is part of a plan to turn himself into a character from Akira. Or he's just out of his tiny little mind.
2001-09-09 03:53:23 AM  
I dunno it's cool in a weird way that he's coming back..maybe it's some farked up nostagia thing?

Oh well whatever... I don't even like MJ but I think its kinda cool...is a scary way (like when you discover that a scorpion is crawling near you..sure the scorpion is cool and all, but it's going to sting your ass if you don't move or do something..)

Finally comment...Squash MJ like a scorpion biatch that he is...before he stings us

2001-09-09 06:56:00 AM  
Elizabeth Taylor is quite scary enough. Michael Jackson is terrifying.
2001-09-09 09:43:07 AM  
Bizarre is the first thing that pops into my mind when I see a photo of Micheal Jackson. It's almost as if he's playing a game to see just how unnatural he can look. Maybe he's into the pain from cosmetic surgery, who the fark knows? If he's simply trying to pass as white, dude has gone way too far and has ventured into the "homosexual mutant alien" look. I know one thing, it cost him a lot of bucks to look this farked up.
2001-09-09 10:25:01 AM  
What the hell? Marlon Brando on a couch rambling about crap?
2001-09-09 10:41:41 AM  
marlon brando always makes me laugh. anybody see SNL's celebrity jeopardy with him?
2001-09-09 11:24:25 AM  
With that nose, Michael Jackson looks like "Ari" from Planet of the Apes 2001.
2001-09-09 11:48:59 AM  
Michael Jackson is an old asian woman.
2001-09-09 12:00:37 PM  
I'm not going to defend who MJ is now, but he has to be given some credit. His old shiat rocks. Thriller kicks ass.
2001-09-09 12:03:07 PM  
Marlon Brando sounded like the highlight of the night.Jeez they had MJ,Liza,Liz Taylor all backstage together? I bet half the catering table was full of Percodan.
2001-09-09 12:35:33 PM  
He's a candle with a one inch wick: All waxy, close to burnin out, yet still able to blaze up and set things alight. Cept his acrylic hair, saw to that.. And his nylon face.. and his..
2001-09-09 01:14:02 PM  
Marlon Brandos Son lives in the hills of Washington above a little town named Kalama... He smokes crank.

Information that I thought you would like to know.
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-09-09 01:35:28 PM  
thanks nutdip
2001-09-09 01:43:16 PM  
I wonder if The Smoking Gun can provide us with the documents stating what EACH and ALL of these stars required backstage in their dressing rooms for this particular concert... ;-)
2001-09-09 01:53:34 PM  
I've come to the decision that the last bit of my childhood was killed when MJ was accused of diddling a little boy. He was the coolest guy when I was a kid, I really loved him. And as he started to get weirder, I tried to ignore it. But when he was accused, that was it. You can't go back anymore. He's a freak, that's it. No happy nostalgia, all I can see now is how far down he's fallen.
2001-09-09 03:12:44 PM  
hahahaha....brando is god.
2001-09-09 04:46:35 PM  
MJ shall never be same after the molesting charge.
2001-09-09 05:24:26 PM  
The whiteness isn't his fault (I trust him on that), but obviously the rest is. Hey is that his rabbi back there
2001-09-09 06:02:05 PM  
use to like him when i was about 11..now i think he's just a spoiled brat nutcase..his face is disgusting and he's a user..look at his ex wife..or is she still wife? wanted to have 2 kids but the wife can take a hike! that isn't fair to those poor kids..money can't buy happiness michael and personally i'm kinda scared to meet you in a dark alley!!
2001-09-09 10:00:42 PM  
What did MJ say after his comeback performance? "gee I feel like a new kid"
2001-09-09 11:48:56 PM  
I bet MJ is like the T-1000 from Terminator 2,all made of liquid metal and shiat.Wouldn't surprise me a bit.
2001-09-10 02:41:25 AM  
hey, he does look like ari!
2001-09-10 11:35:26 AM  
this IS a joke... right?
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