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(Scotsman)   British men will risk tropical cyclones and shark infested waters in attempt to row 4,400 miles across the Indian Ocean.   ( news.scotsman.com) divider line
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2003-02-18 08:27:02 AM  
Sounds like a secret invasion of Diego Garcia
2003-02-18 08:27:07 AM  
Americans think they're dumbasses because they haven't taken out a contract with the Indian Ocean whereby they can sue it in case of injury.
2003-02-18 08:31:44 AM  
If rowing across the ocean will get a man some poontang,
he'll do it.
2003-02-18 09:04:03 AM  
Simple rule of thinking of places to go: if it is a place where I neither have easy, immediate access to boobies, or cannot enjoy them in such a place, then the trip is not worth it. I'd say in the middle of the Indian Ocean qualifies as such a place.
2003-02-18 09:17:05 AM  
The Brits, our only true friends. I wish them well and hope they get laid often. God Bless.
2003-02-18 09:17:05 AM  
...and when their boat begins to leak, the Americans will once again have to 'bail' them out......
2003-02-18 09:20:01 AM  
"...no offense sir, but I'd much rather eat Johnson!"
2003-02-18 09:27:15 AM  
If I was rowing or boating in the Indian Ocean I wouldn't worry about cyclones or sharks, I'd be worried about pirates.
One of my neighbours used to be a first officer and he sailed almost exclusively in the Indian ocean on oil tankers.
He told me that they had 5 to 10K in cash on board just for the pirates. The ships they wouldn't board were Russian and Israeli flagged ships, it seems that those captains had First Officer Kalishnakov and Uzi on board.
2003-02-18 09:33:17 AM  
Shall we give them the Darwin award now?
2003-02-18 09:40:57 AM  
Travoli: No, you shouldnt. To qualify for a Darwin award, they would have to die in a selfish, stupid act. They're doing this to raise £250,000 for the children's charity Sparks.
2003-02-18 09:43:45 AM  
Notice these asshat brits aren't rowing to India, maybe this is why...

Captives: Britain, Empire and the World 1600-1850
by Linda Colley
438pp, Cape, £20

Hence also our failure to remember many other British military defeats and losses such as the catastrophic defeat of the armies of the East India Company by Tipu Sultan at Pollilur in 1780, only a few months before the equally disastrous surrender of Yorktown and the loss of America.

Pollilur led to the slaughter of an entire army and the capture of one in five of all the British soldiers in India. No fewer than 7,000 British men, along with an unknown number of women, were held captive by Tipu in his sophisticated fortress of Seringapatam. Of these more than 300 were circumcised and given Muslim names and clothes. Even more humiliatingly, several British regimental drummer boys were made to wear ghagra cholis and entertain the Mysore court as nautch girls.

At the end of 10 years' captivity, one of these prisoners, James Scurry, found that he had forgotten how to sit in a chair or use a knife and fork; his English was "broken and confused, having lost all its vernacular idiom", his skin had darkened to the "swarthy complexion of Negroes" and he found he actively disliked wearing European clothes. This was the ultimate colonial nightmare, and in its most unpalatable form: the captive preferring the ways of his captors, the coloniser colonised.

The image of the British defeat at Pollilur, painted on the walls of Tipu's summer palace at Seringapatam, is brilliantly interpreted by Colley as showing how Mysore's victors viewed the surrounded and defeated British at the moment the British defeat became certain: "The white soldiers all appear in uniform jackets of red, a colour associated in India with eunuchs and women," writes Colley. Moreover the British are "conspicuously and invariably clean shaven. Neatly side-burned, with doe-like eyes, raised eyebrows and pretty pink lips, they have been painted to look like girls, or at least creatures that are not fully male."
2003-02-18 10:15:08 AM  
2003-02-18 10:48:55 AM  

Isn't it about time you came out the closet and admitted that you're Linda Colley? This isn't the first time you've posted that extract.
2003-02-18 11:19:37 AM  

didn't realize your were keeping score. 2 for me you asshat.
2003-02-18 11:44:32 AM  
You mean her??

2003-02-18 12:40:08 PM  
Really, I hate children. But, in this case, I also hate the British and american government. Nothing will change the fact that i hate children, not even a big bowl of hot soup (which i also hate).
2003-02-18 12:59:47 PM  
I'd be worried about pirates

Yeah, I heard the pirates are particularly looking for rowboats, so they can complete their latest Disney ride.
2003-02-18 05:26:22 PM  
Pirates stopped the boat Indiana Jones was in the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Wait. Those were Nazis. Nevermind.
2003-02-18 06:00:45 PM  
Wow, the chicks on the other side of the Indian Ocean must be HOTT!
2003-02-18 06:18:33 PM  
If they are in a rowboat why would they have to worry about the sharks? Now if they were swimming that would be a problem.
2003-02-18 06:33:05 PM  
Yeah, and the Royal or United States Navy will have to spend a fortune andd risk a lot of lives bailing their daft asses out of trouble too.

These idiots are right up there with irresponsible cavers and divers. Should be forced to sign a waiver, declaring that they should be left to farkin die.

Somebody get Darwin on the phone, ok?
2003-02-18 11:45:29 PM  
Don't know why people are making fun of these guys, they are extremly cool in my eyes, almost as cool as him:

[image from greatdreams.com too old to be available]
2003-02-19 02:03:57 AM  
not impressed. probably have a chase boat. phoney. might as well be rowing in a pool.
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