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(Some College Paper)   Five co-eds who take topless pictures of themselves kissing are shocked when pics become computer lab wallpaper   ( theeyeopener.com) divider line
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2003-02-18 06:01:36 PM  
2003-02-18 06:04:23 PM  
#z: I think the mods are getting surly, as well--maybe cabin fever? This thread has suffered significant shrinkage. I mean, my little ditty was lame-ish, but I've posted farr worse doggerel that survived. Go 'figure.'
2003-02-18 06:05:57 PM  
63-odd posts gone? Including those noticing the shrinkage? My post is probably ne-
2003-02-18 06:11:30 PM  
"63-odd posts gone? Including those noticing the shrinkage?"

Shrinkage? Must be cold in here...
2003-02-18 06:11:47 PM  
I assume the pictures have been taken down out of this threat?

How gay.
2003-02-18 06:24:24 PM  
Damn it, the links are gone! Where's the justice? It's not my fault I was at school when this went up.
2003-02-18 06:27:27 PM  
2003-02-18 06:29:02 PM  
Bring backk the Coed Five! Need pics, puhleese.
2003-02-18 06:29:06 PM  
Anyone have a new link for them...or perhaps put them up on Kazaa?...*wink*
2003-02-18 06:33:10 PM  
best.thread.ever. (ok... best in a while)
2003-02-18 06:41:08 PM  
ok, Ive been refreashing my browser for the last 30 min, is this link ever going to get reposed?
2003-02-18 06:44:49 PM  
yeah, this sucks
i get home from a long day of . . . whatever it is that i do, expecting that these picks have been found to find out that they were found but are gone
although the kittens may be thankful, i am not
2003-02-18 06:49:50 PM  
Man, I must've read through this thread five or six times looking for the link before I realzied what happened. Am I to be punished because I took too long to click?!?
2003-02-18 06:50:03 PM  
Death to the mods?

Just trying to help.
2003-02-18 06:50:24 PM  
This is what I get for not obsessively refreshing each Fark thread 24/7...shafted. I'm with the other whiners, wtf happened to the pics? I mean come on, college girls KISSING, what in god's name would have made them take down the link to the pics? It's the only reason anyone's even reading the thread for goodness's sake...and the only reason I've refreshed it three times already. Someone...have a heart. Damn, I'm never going to do anything stupid like, I dunno, going outside and not checking Fark every five minutes again. What the hell was I thinking, anyways?
2003-02-18 06:54:32 PM  
Hey Rstuparyk! How about you email me the pics I will have em posted somewhere for all the farkers. No problem-o! Send em here dr­seu­ssm­an[nospam-﹫-backwards]l­i­a­mtoh*co­m.
2003-02-18 07:04:47 PM  
[image from abarnett.demon.co.uk too old to be available]
2003-02-18 07:08:22 PM  
I missed the pics as well.. would very much appreciate anyone who could post/host them.

If someone wants to email them, I could find a host location. r­yepi­c­s­[nospam-﹫-backwards]enob­*chimp­*c­a
2003-02-18 07:09:45 PM  
im with the guy who said the shiat about getting home from a long day of work...
2003-02-18 07:12:42 PM  
I guess the one of the chicks must be the mod's sister or somethin'. I couldn't even read the other piece about stephthegeek :(

*shrugs philosophically*
2003-02-18 07:17:27 PM  
Search on KazaaLite.
"ubg bareback.jpg"
"ubg group_hug.jpg"
"ubg kiss.jpg"
and of that one chick (with the roses over her boobies) mentioned:
"Mindy Peskie.jpg"
I won't post em here cause obviously the mods don't want them to be.
2003-02-18 07:27:50 PM  
No luck on Kazaa for me.. need more ppl! :)
2003-02-18 07:30:06 PM  
seconds till the mods delete my thread...
2003-02-18 07:34:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-18 07:36:05 PM  
No luck on kazaa for me either
2003-02-18 07:38:39 PM  
Nothing on WinMX either.
2003-02-18 07:39:28 PM  
I saw them earlier. I have them in cache on my laptop. I'm gonna fire it up, switch IE to "offline" mode and scan for them. I'll put them in my Kazaa shared folder in a while. So try later y'all.
2003-02-18 07:40:22 PM  
there is no greater motivating force than college girls kissing
2003-02-18 07:47:38 PM  
This seems like another good thread for this pic...

[image from lolli.org too old to be available]

...hot damn
2003-02-18 07:48:58 PM  
2003-02-18 07:49:45 PM  
There's a ton of pics on that MSN Group.. but no pot of gold. :)
2003-02-18 07:52:13 PM  
trust me, it wasn't all that interesting - whatever images your imagination conjures up can never be matched by canadians

and what with deleting the posts? either allow everyone to edit their posts or not.

farking nazi moderator
2003-02-18 07:56:36 PM  
stupid chicks are great. stupid drunk slutty chicks are even better. LONG LIVE STUPID DRUNK SLUTTY CHICKS!!
2003-02-18 07:58:17 PM  
i have found the pics stored in my cache/memory/whatever it is from when i looked at 'em 1st time round. i now have all 3 pics saved on my hard drive. and you don't. hehehe...
2003-02-18 08:05:21 PM  
Wouldn't worry too much about it. The above pic is far better than the infamous Three.
2003-02-18 08:09:32 PM  
true, but a lot of people are very curious...
2003-02-18 08:12:03 PM  

A rose by any other name is still a teat ...

I'd smell that!
2003-02-18 08:22:48 PM  
i'd smell it too!
2003-02-18 08:28:25 PM  
2003-02-18 08:29:26 PM  
2003-02-18 08:38:53 PM  
RoadDoggieDog I swear that one in the pink hair is my ex girlfriend...
2003-02-18 08:42:54 PM  
well, it could be true...

according to your profile, you're in the right part of the country
2003-02-18 08:43:51 PM  
Do you know her?
2003-02-18 08:44:57 PM  
wow theqwertyone, that is a lot of boobies...those are a lot of boobies....nevermind
2003-02-18 08:47:14 PM  
I'm not sure if I do or not, I just know that she looks like a friend of mine

it's hard to tell with the fake hair and all...
2003-02-18 08:47:40 PM  
Initials B.H.? from phoenixville?
2003-02-18 08:49:54 PM  
If anyone wants the pics, email me at the addy in my profile and I'll get them to you. I'm heading out for awhile, but you should have them by 1 AM EST. Later.
2003-02-18 08:50:05 PM  
No, that's not what I'm thinking, but you could be just as right as I am

I got the pic from lolli.org, see if you can find any more there
2003-02-18 08:54:19 PM  
Cant find anything else...If those are less than a year old, it wouldnt be her anyway, because she has her nose pierced for over a year now.
2003-02-18 09:02:45 PM  
Now that this thread is a few hours old.

Porque Ayesha999 esta banned?

Post gets deleted in
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