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9727 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Feb 2003 at 1:45 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-17 10:53:45 PM  
The guy who covers Nine Inch Nails songs? Wow, he must be tiny....

I am well aware that Johnny Cash isn't just 'the guy who covers Nine Inch Nails songs' shut the hell up you holier than thou loser. He also covered Soundgarden once...
2003-02-17 11:13:23 PM  
It's the work of a modern day Rob-yen Hood.

Hee yuk! You see I started Robin Hood and took the wine fueled leap of replacing the "in" with "yen" with hilarious results.

I also did a little dance.
2003-02-17 11:17:34 PM  
It really DOES pay to join the 700 club.
2003-02-18 01:48:58 AM  
Saitama is a crazy farkin shiathole. 90% of the wierd crime related stories come from Saitama. The other 10% are from Osaka.
2003-02-18 01:49:38 AM  
How much is a yen? Is it like I go to get my mail and the box is full of twenties or is it just gum money?
2003-02-18 01:50:14 AM  
FUKIAGE, Saitama huh? Fukiage = 18?
2003-02-18 01:51:35 AM  
Who calls the police when they find money in their mail? Good call guys.
2003-02-18 01:52:06 AM  
10,000¥ = 84$
2003-02-18 01:53:03 AM  
i'm not following this thread...money in mail box, thumbs up!
2003-02-18 01:54:20 AM  
Begoggle's right on the money...


If someone left three 10,000¥ in your mailbox, it's like a $250 US gift. Pretty nice gift.
2003-02-18 02:01:28 AM  
2003-02-18 02:02:43 AM  
Sup Yall
2003-02-18 02:03:17 AM  
2003-02-18 02:05:26 AM  
What if those same bills were the ones that were stolen from a bank last week that the authorites might be tracking.
Try explaining why you are using stolen money....
2003-02-18 02:09:04 AM  
Reindeer Games, anyone?....Anyone?
2003-02-18 02:09:46 AM  
must be a terrorist plot...
2003-02-18 02:13:21 AM  
What your average farker looks like!
[image from mywebpages.comcast.net too old to be available]
2003-02-18 02:13:26 AM  
man why'd they report it to the cops? Now it's reported as lost money. Can't they just accept a nice gift? And if not why don't they send it to someone who would (like myself)?
2003-02-18 02:19:16 AM  
filter test:

Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies Boobies
2003-02-18 02:20:19 AM  

saw your somethingawful.com threadjack in the mutation thread. wasn't that funny there either.
2003-02-18 02:22:14 AM  
yes, it's working fine.
2003-02-18 02:30:06 AM  

Nobody is going to get in any real trouble for spending the money, even if it was involved in some sort of crime.
2003-02-18 02:35:17 AM  
Frendufp: I can only guess that you look similar to the little dude with the spiked hair and tatoos, I am sorry if I have offended you.
2003-02-18 02:36:05 AM  
02-18-03 02:13:21 AM CashMoney03
What your average farker looks like!

jeebus, CashMoney03!

That one is more worthy of Cliff Yablonski than most of his own posts!

2003-02-18 02:39:22 AM  
Garanimal: Actually I found him on Cliff Yablonski.
2003-02-18 02:41:54 AM  
i think god did it
2003-02-18 02:46:11 AM  
CashMoney03: You may want to change the pic link in your profile to the one in this thread. Otherwise, your profile will have some extra-nasty raunch in it soon, courtesy of Lowtax.

Just trying to give you a heads up.
2003-02-18 02:47:27 AM  
What's 10,000 yen in dollars? 30 cents?
2003-02-18 02:49:16 AM  
thanks for the heads up.
2003-02-18 02:50:30 AM  
I ph33r L0wtax.. back in the hood they called me LowCash
2003-02-18 02:51:16 AM  
This thread lacks images of hot asian women.


Thank you.
2003-02-18 04:13:13 AM  
That's part of the money that lowtax owes me.

It was part of the settlement I got out of those fskers when I detected jeffk's meager skript kiddle intrutions attempts and sued krebs ... I knew they'd try something nasty, like this, just thought it would be Kanadian money.
2003-02-18 05:48:44 AM  
Isn't this from that gangaster flick where all the Santa Clauses get shot?
2003-02-18 06:15:19 AM  
I hate it when that happens.
2003-02-18 06:32:58 AM  
I once found weed in my mailbox...
2003-02-18 08:27:53 AM  
I need to give this perpatrator my address

US$ only though, please
2003-02-18 10:22:22 AM  
Uh yeah, my mailbox could use a little free cash.
2003-02-18 11:33:51 AM  
send it to me

alot of free cash

how cool is that
2003-02-18 01:21:46 PM  
Where's Tango?
2003-02-18 03:54:33 PM  
Why dont things like that happen to me?!?
2003-02-18 10:02:36 PM  
Sounds like creepy yen to me. I don't think they should keep it.
2003-02-19 08:17:32 AM  
what... how is this news? This doesn't happen to you guys all the time?
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