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(Some Guy)   Farker StickNinja has his bar-mitzvah today! (Sept 8) Weeeee!   ( chick.com) divider line
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2001-09-07 09:23:35 PM  
2001-09-07 09:31:13 PM  
Mazel tov. But what does that have to do with Chick?
2001-09-07 09:32:19 PM  
GRATZ Sticky!!!!!
2001-09-07 09:38:08 PM  
[image from virtualjerusalem.com too old to be available]
2001-09-08 12:15:06 AM  
mazel tov

I think it has to do with Chick's tolerance of other religions...
2001-09-08 12:30:38 AM  
Congratulations! Now, whos paying for the hookers?
2001-09-08 01:03:40 AM  
Happy B-day or what not...

Just thought I'd mention that...

Jew know who you are...

2001-09-08 01:06:42 AM  
How's the ol' Johnson? Got a tip for today?
2001-09-08 02:06:56 AM  
I think I need to convert to Judaism....need to become a man, already!
2001-09-08 02:15:31 AM  
Doesn't a bar-mitzvah involve cutting off part of the penis?

That's sick.

~ Pinky ~
2001-09-08 02:21:51 AM  
No it does not. That's circumcision. And Mazel Tof, StickNinja!
2001-09-08 02:39:43 AM  
It must be fun to do a moses impression.

[image from mcjc.org too old to be available]
2001-09-08 03:06:57 AM  
great, great... what a wonderful day for you.
2001-09-08 04:06:58 AM  
Duck the candy!
2001-09-08 07:30:11 AM  
MilkIt, you bucking for troll of the year award? Best wishes StickNinja!
2001-09-08 08:55:43 AM  
Mine was June 9th


2001-09-08 10:57:28 AM  
Mazel Tof, Stickninja! Just attended one of my best friends' Bar-Mitzvah the other day. Very cool occasion, congrats!

P.S. - MilkIt? *shakes head sadly* Is that you Jeremy? I think they moded your post... What a shame... it was probably so well written...
2001-09-08 11:47:11 AM  
Does that mean you're like, 13?
2001-09-08 12:15:29 PM  
DrDave: I'm still laughing!

Congrats StickNinja!
2001-09-08 01:33:26 PM  
What was milkit's post? I want to get angry.
2001-09-08 03:55:14 PM  
2001-09-08 03:55:42 PM  
Now you're a man! (A man!) A manny manny man! Now yer a may-uhn!
2001-09-08 07:34:15 PM  
Wee! It went good
2001-09-08 07:34:41 PM  
and they didnt even cut off part of my wang!
2001-09-08 11:17:46 PM  
Mrplaid That is a great line!! LOL
2001-09-08 11:34:06 PM  
jeez i thought everybody here was like... um... older. Oh well, Mazel Tov.
2001-09-09 09:49:27 PM  
Been away all weekend. I hope it's not to late to say Congrat's StickNinja. Mazel Tov!

Chunky: I'm older too, but diversity is what makes fark fun.
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