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(icLiverpool)   Vicious monkfish fish left me scarred. In other news, weasels ripped my flesh.   ( icnorthwales.icnetwork.co.uk) divider line
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2003-02-17 11:01:35 AM  
That ain't just a monkfish....It's a Kongfish. Pet the nice fish. It'll change your tuna.
2003-02-17 11:01:43 AM  
Oh, and this is the European cousin of the Monkfish, as you can see, it's a bit French with all the ruffles and such.

[image from marinbi.com too old to be available]
2003-02-17 11:02:26 AM  
Can't be French....arms not raised.
2003-02-17 11:03:45 AM  
...and Ethel was a tree growing off his shoulder.
2003-02-17 11:03:49 AM  
Do Not Taunt Happy Monkfish

/end SNL
2003-02-17 11:04:59 AM  
Ben, look at the ruffles, just look at it!
2003-02-17 11:06:55 AM  
"put your knickers on love and make us a cuppa"

2003-02-17 11:07:02 AM  
Hairy underarms?
2003-02-17 11:08:52 AM  
Mmm - beer-battered monkfish is the best. Also good in Cioppino because it holds its shape well.

[/Julia Child]
2003-02-17 11:18:52 AM  
Buy beer. Be battered by belligerent bonefish.
2003-02-17 11:19:20 AM  
Gotta give a nod for a good Zappa reference. Also, "Weasels Ripped my Flesh" might just be the greatest name for a rock album EVER.
2003-02-17 11:19:44 AM  
2003-02-17 11:21:33 AM  
I bet it was the Thingfish.
2003-02-17 11:24:57 AM  
..............The what?
2003-02-17 11:25:55 AM  
Didja get any onya?
2003-02-17 11:31:20 AM  
It's posted above, but this just bears repeating. Did ANYONE decipher this on the very first read?

"...who arem a king acl a im onhis behalf"

Of course it's supposed to be:

"who are making a claim on his behalf"

but it sure looked wacky as hell on the first glance.

Internet journalism copy editing surrenders.
2003-02-17 11:32:07 AM  
Monk is scary

[image from usanetwork.com too old to be available]
2003-02-17 11:35:57 AM  
Ip ick edit upthe f irst tim ear ound.
2003-02-17 11:39:13 AM  
Warning to all visitors to Seattle:

The famous fish stand at the public market (You know, the one throws fish and was in that one commercial) ALWAYS has one of these fish on ice right out in the front of the case.

There is always a huge crowd around the fish stand watching they fishmongers activities. (Does mong = throw?)Invariably, someone in the crowd gets interested enough in the grotesque face of this creature to bend over and get a close look at it's gaping maw and pointy teeth. That's when one of the guys in the stall gives the hidden rope that is wrapped around the monkfish's tail a sharp yank.

The sudden jumping movement of the fish hase caused many a sphincter failure among the curious tourists.
2003-02-17 11:56:46 AM  
Oh God...I think I'm developing a Monk Fish Fetish.

Coming Soon....www.monkfishlove.com
2003-02-17 12:09:35 PM  
I wonder what Gregory Peccary has to say about this whole affair.
2003-02-17 12:24:12 PM  
Scientific name: Lophius Americanus

I thought one of the rules was to never touch or eat anything with *anus* in the name? Why not just call it the assfish?
2003-02-17 12:33:52 PM  
The only fish uglier than a monkfish is the Arctic Hagfish. Oh, its been renamed so NYC restaurants can charge $35 for it: Chilean Sea Bass.
2003-02-17 12:55:28 PM  
monkey see, monkey chew.
2003-02-17 01:00:06 PM  
I lost all my hair in a horrible shrimping accident, but I didn't sue anybody!

That was because you signed a waiver before doing that Jackass stunt. So are you Steve-O or Party Boy?
2003-02-17 01:16:54 PM  
Ugly ass fish: The Alligator Carp. Saw one washed up on the bank of the Arkansas River as a small child and shiat myself.

/wicked fish
2003-02-17 01:19:23 PM  
we will be dividing the elite moon squad into two units. moonunit alpha, and moonunit zappa.

my guitar wants to kill your momma, my guitar wants to burn your dad. when he gets real mean, i get real mad.

best of all: prelude to the evening of a sexually aroused gasmask.
2003-02-17 01:26:18 PM  
I'm sorry, but if the pic of the guy holding his hand is the guy who got bit, he's gotta grow a sac because all his fingers are there and i didn't see any horrific scarring.

Let that be a lesson to him. If you don't want to get hurt at the zoo, don't try to touch the animals. Dumba$$.

/vicadin wearing off...
2003-02-17 03:47:42 PM  
the thingfish caused its victim to freak out. the wound created a painful overnite sensation that was later subdued by a one size fits all cast applied by the grand wazoo of the local islamic hospital, sheik yerbouti. when asked about his love of fishing, the victim said, "we're only in it for the money" local officials are causing this the worst animal emergency since the hot rats breakout of 1972.

okay, i'll stop.
2003-02-17 04:05:12 PM  

wow....a string of zappa references form norman, oklahoma?

i think frank would find that interesting, for some reason.


/little rock, arkansas
2003-02-17 04:19:14 PM  
the monkfish bites! (Come on, Frenchie) the monkfish chews it!
2003-02-17 04:49:32 PM  
2003-02-17 04:51:44 PM  
Hey, mister. Does your fish bite?
Hey, he bit me.
That is not my fish.
2003-02-17 04:56:25 PM  
"If the fish bit you, you must sue!"
2003-02-17 05:28:20 PM  
[image from home.si.rr.com too old to be available]
2003-02-17 05:50:18 PM  
Monkfish = yummy!!

Zappa = GOOD!!!
2003-02-17 08:15:52 PM  
Mr Stevenson dipped his hand into a pool to stroke the marine wildlife. But he claims a huge monkfish rocketed towards his hand clamping its mouth around it, leaving it deeply scarred.
[image from images.icnetwork.co.uk too old to be available]

Yes his right hand sure is deeply scarred. God how does he manage to go on.
2003-02-17 08:54:30 PM  
but he says its not about the money. hes just "protecting" future children. Why he should have the "hero tag".
2003-02-17 10:43:08 PM  
2003-02-17 10:44:46 PM  
Here's the inspiration for Zappa's cover:
2003-02-17 10:48:07 PM  
File was too big...
[image from home.attbi.com too old to be available]
Kat [TotalFark]
2003-02-18 12:23:41 AM  
JEEBUS H. CHRIST, those things are SCARY.

*goes off to cry under her comforter, which is only mildly comforting*
2003-02-18 02:08:19 AM  
Hot Rats!
2003-02-18 12:45:12 PM  
You know, speaking of fish biting incidents, I'll relay this little story, not that anyone cares.
When I was around twelve, I attended this summer camp, which revolved around taking camping trips (kinda like outward bound I guess). Anyway, we were taking a 14 day canoe trip in Ontario (Savant Lake area if anyone knows it). So, we made camp on an island in whichever lake we happened to be on at the moment (after an ungodly long portage, like a mile). One of the kids had finished making the generic kool-aid for the group and was washing his hands off in the water. At that point, a rather large muskie lunged out of the water and latched onto his hand. After a second or so the fish let go and swam away, and of course the kid was crying (he was maybe 11 or 12) but otherwise unhurt. Now, all I can say is that it was damn funny. Thanks for indulging my boring story.
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