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2001-09-07 01:56:30 PM  
It's a sick, sick world
2001-09-07 02:03:32 PM  
Not only that, but after she told him she was pregnant, he told her to fark off.
2001-09-07 02:04:38 PM  
On his appearances on Television evangelist Pat Robertson"700 Club"

Did you see that? It was his creditability jumping out the window.
2001-09-07 02:04:43 PM  
interesting. too bad it's so badly written.
2001-09-07 02:07:35 PM  
a fundie conservative hypocrite, huh? what else is new?
2001-09-07 02:08:45 PM  
"Melinda, who at the time was the mother of four children, she would have three more, began sexual relationship with the much younger Fund."

HAW HAW HAW... Dude how the HELL did you not see this comming? Are you Stupid?
2001-09-07 02:09:27 PM  
Just like a Conservative..... Preach family values... but they shall not apply to me...
2001-09-07 02:10:44 PM  
he isnt a hipocrite! This is the biggest bullshiat i have ever heard. there is a big difference between this guys story and Ex-President Slick Willie. THIS GUY ISNT MARRIED AND DIDNT DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL!!!!! Now if the pregnate girl was 15, that would be a different story. If he had lied in court about this alleged affair, that would be a different story. This guy is grasping at straws. what a bunch of shiat.
2001-09-07 02:11:52 PM  
Chemmie != sane person
2001-09-07 02:18:16 PM  
2001-09-07 02:22:12 PM  
Ohhh ... so according to Mr. Morality here, boinking anyone you want, whether they're married or not, is just fine? Having sex with their daughters is cool too? But Clinton getting a BJ from an intern is somehow worse?

If you really want to influence people, practice what you preach dude.
2001-09-07 02:24:11 PM  
Chemmie, spell "hypocrite" for me.

Then, define it, please.
2001-09-07 02:26:19 PM  
Chemmie, Clinton had an affair with someone of legal age... like this guy. He wanted to keep it secret.. like this guy and Condit. Of course, Clinton and Condit weren't mocking, and judging other people with the holier-than-thou attitude like this guy. He is a hypocrite because he biatched and biatched about the lack of morales in Democrates like Clinton, and then he goes and does something MUCH WORSE morally than Clinton ever did. Not only did he sleep with an unmarried woman (ala Clinton), but he also had sex with her daughter... USING the mother. This guy is a predator.
2001-09-07 02:28:20 PM  
And then he buys the daughter off so she will come live with him. Of course the fundie dream of america is to oppress women into situations and give them an "allowance" for living with a guy so he can use her. Great dream.
2001-09-07 02:28:45 PM  
99 % of Americans are hypocrites and all women are whores.
2001-09-07 02:31:33 PM  
with French accent a la MP's Holy Grail "I faahhrrt in your general direction, you conservative swine!!"

2001-09-07 02:32:39 PM  
Hey Farkeater, I see you're here with your typically deep, intellectual statements. Doh, I guess after my last post I'm a hypocrite now!
2001-09-07 02:34:45 PM  
What I hate is how I can be an economic conservative and still get painted with the same brush as this guy. Clinton screwed up. This guy screwed up. Yet I get called a hypocrite becasue I disagree with Clinton's policies and actions while in office.

Yeah, Monica was of legal age. But he was married, much older, and in a position of authority over her. That's wrong. You don't get your meat where you get your bread, folks.
2001-09-07 02:34:47 PM  
What an ass. Perhaps we should send him a present of one those Cigarette-farting asses from the earlier link.
2001-09-07 02:39:25 PM  
after talking about why he feels threatened by her mother, the daughter asks him "it's not about that Syd Viscious stuff is it?"

what the...?
2001-09-07 02:40:05 PM  
I cackle with glee. I love it when a hypocrite gets exposed. Hehe.
2001-09-07 02:42:30 PM  
2001-09-07 02:43:27 PM  
All right-wing conservatives are hypocrites.

The conservative platform of 'morality and family values' as they have portrayed it is simply unattainable, even by its most staunch supporters, because it goes directly against the grain of human nature.

Of course, most conservatives will argue, "That's not true, I'm a good ole' righteous Christian, and I'm a morally intact human being". Hey, that may be true for a couple hours on Sunday, but on the other 6 days of the week, you're just like the rest of us: Thinking with your cocks, and screwing over anyone you have to to get ahead.
2001-09-07 02:48:06 PM  
Kgf, why are you always riding my nuts, biatch? Does it make your day to insult me every chance you get? I wonder, do you ever have an opinion or just like to troll others for a rise.
2001-09-07 02:50:49 PM  
Sometimes I wonder why anyone ever expresses an opinion here at all knowing that they will be accused of hypocracy and any number of other things.

For instance, Chemmie's comment and the subsequent flames.
2001-09-07 02:51:25 PM  
"Conservative writer bad mouths Clinton, then proceeds to get his girlfriend's daughter pregnant"

here's an interesting nitpicking of English skills:

Conservative writer bad mouths Clinton and then gets Clinton's girlfriend's daughter pregnant?
2001-09-07 02:51:29 PM  
Note: I don't agree with Chemmie, it was just a comment, hehe.
2001-09-07 02:51:44 PM  
"He is a hypocrite because he biatched and biatched about the lack of morales in Democrates like Clinton, and then he goes and does something MUCH WORSE morally than Clinton ever did."

Hmm. . . I personally would put rape ahead of this.
2001-09-07 02:52:33 PM  
Woody, Clanjade and company are doing what they excel at...applying stereotypes in a way they would find deeply offensive if they were on the receiving end. "Conservatives are all hypocrites, blah, blah..." This guy was a sleazoid for what he did, moreso for throwing rocks in his glass house. Slickmeister was a sleazoid for the same reason, but these people conveniently forget that Willie was in trouble for lying under oath, not for screwing under the desk. The a-hole committed felonies while in office, which 30 years earlier would have resulted in the same fate that befell Tricky Dick. The all-too-common view that "Hey, as long as I've got a job, he can do whatever the hell he wants. Private life is none of our business, anyway!" Once he purjured himself, it was private no longer.
2001-09-07 02:53:48 PM  
Try not to confuse the religious right and conservatives.
2001-09-07 02:59:10 PM  
What's a Libertian?
2001-09-07 02:59:56 PM  
WoodyTX: unfortunately you are the victim of circumstance. Liberals are so used to being attacked after 8 years of Clinton in office, many will often strike out against anyone who doesn't like him. It's poor judgement perhaps, but certainly understandable. The right-wing extremists that have hijacked the GOP are to blame. With all the attacks they've launched, it's quite easy to overreact. The party began its downward slide in 1994 with the likes of Newt Gingrich, and just keeps spiraling downwards.

How anyone can continue to identify with a party that preaches such hate and negativity is beyond me. To those of you that do: your challenge is to respond intelligently to these accusations. Anything that begins with "Oh yeah, well the Democrats.." is avoiding the issue.

2001-09-07 03:04:16 PM  
Are you threatening me? Are YOU threatening ME? I don't see nobody else here?

I think John Fund feels threatened. Like someone is threatening him. with threats.

He feels... threatened. as if someone is... threatening him... with... threats.

He's squirmin in slime kids. gotta keep a check on them secrets buddy!
2001-09-07 03:04:53 PM  
Primus is correct.
2001-09-07 03:06:08 PM  
RevBrianUDM: these days they are very difficult to tell apart.
2001-09-07 03:06:14 PM  
Why does it even have to be a politics thing? Come on, it's simple.

Guy rags on everybody for being morally inferior to him. Guy then does something that is in direct opposition to what he was preaching, and now looks like a jackass.

Hypocrites come in all flavors, folks.
2001-09-07 03:13:13 PM  
FArkeater: No , I don't like trolling. I just find your comments to be conspicuous by their lack of thought, so you stand out. As for opinions, I post them often. If you ever have a cogent argument to make against one of them, please post it. This, however, does not qualify: "99 % of Americans are hypocrites and all women are whores." It's just plain stupid. Of course, I take into consideration the fact that the only women you probably know are your mother and maybe some sisters, so we can all draw conclusions from that about your lineage.

What started all this was your comment of several days ago, and I can't remember what it was, that was also a ludicrous generalization which clearly showed that your little world is obviously in distinct shades of black and white. The real world is not that way, so when you stop drawing my attention to you by posting idiotic statements, I will stop riding your ass.
2001-09-07 03:13:25 PM  
What's a Libertian?

I gurantee that he was trying to say Libertarian. As much as I like seeing holier-than-thou conservatives get smacked down, I have to hold a hugle type grudge that this nimrod couldn't even spell Libertarian Party correctly.

Damn you all! Libertarians forever!!

2001-09-07 03:18:50 PM  
KGF: I'm with you. And accusing you of trolling? Gosh, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
2001-09-07 03:20:27 PM  
Rodney King?
2001-09-07 03:20:32 PM  
Well said, Big Tuna. I have to disagree with one thing though. I started hating the Republicans long before Newt Gingrich... try Ronald I-don't-recall Reagan and his prissy biatch wife. What fires me up about conservatives is that most have this arrogant "if you don't think like us you don't deserve to live here" attitude. They think they're the ultimate in American patriotism when they are, in fact, the very people that the Constitution was created to protect us from.
2001-09-07 03:23:14 PM  
I honeysty do not belive there is a GOOD or a BAD, I guess when I am around my friends we just joke about it. It leakes over hear. I voted for many Converitives last election. I just say it as fun :P. I laugh at it, I put it short and sweet usally means a joke. I guess I should have explained better.

What I do believe is correct is:

Republicans tend to preach "Family values" alot more. That is a good thing....

But Republicans are no better then Democrates and upholding them. Or visa versa... I do get sick of many conservitives pointing fingers... when they point 4 are pointed right back....

No offence ment about the earlier comment should have explained better....
2001-09-07 03:24:16 PM  
Oh yeah one more thing:

Rape how did Rape get intot this?
2001-09-07 03:32:19 PM  
Actually the all women are whores statement is scientifically correct. Several studies have shown that while men look for an attractive woman to mate with, women tend to look for men who can provide for them and their children. Maybe I should say all women are hookers, some are just more honest than others. Why else would these young, attractive girls sleep with old men?

Although I have give 1% of the American population the benefit of the doubt it is probably a much smaller percentage that is not hypocritical. People judge others by their actions but judge themselves by their intentions.

BTW, people usually insult others when they aren't intelligent enough to respond with a logical argument.
2001-09-07 03:33:02 PM  
speaking of conservatives and irony...anybody else think it's funny that homophobe Jesse Helms, by virtue of his prostate ailments, has probably had more men's hands up his butt than a lot of gay guys out there?
2001-09-07 03:34:27 PM  
Hey Gwinny, wonna make a buck?
2001-09-07 03:44:32 PM  
A short list of big wigs that cheated on their wives (that were caught that is)

Billy Graham

Sorry It's been a long day.... I know there's more and more
2001-09-07 03:50:08 PM  
Farkeater: Actually the all women are whores statement is scientifically correct.

You pick up a lot of chicks with that line?
2001-09-07 03:52:33 PM  
Why, in the purported land of freedom, do we let a party of people who claim moral superiority and inflict personal ethics on others have so much power? For example, I believe the human institution of marriage to be far more unnatural than premarital sex but because I realize that every person is unique with unique views I will not condemn or persecute those who think or act differently than me. Frankly, I don't give a steaming dog turd about where somebody sticks his pecker or the repercussions of said pecker-sticking; I only ask that he not force his values on others. Only the fact that he went against what he preaches to others makes him a HYPOCRITE, not his christian, conservative, or right wing views.
2001-09-07 03:58:43 PM  
Clanjade - I guess people think the Clinton Monica thing was rape... when it was just an affair. An affair.. wow, he is horrible. Much worse than sleeping with both mother and child. Of course, if not for the mother, he would have never been set up with the child, so it's obviously her fault (but the logic on this board...).

Yeah, I guess this guy wasn't MUCH OLDER than the girl he slept with (the daughter, not the mother of course), and he wasn't in a position of power.. except for all the money he had that she did not. Now what has happend? Well, he put her on an allowance to go live with him. Good 'ol hypocrites. Got to love them :)

Of course I'm not so narrow minded to judge all Republicans by his actions, as stereotypes in any situation are a bad thing. It's an excuse for hate, and it's both political parties main weapons.

Chemmie was stating his opinion, so why shouldn't we? Seems people stick together because of their political slant ALONE, instead of how intelligent they are (not an attack against anyone, btw). No, he didn't do anything illegal, but this isn't about legality. It's about morality.. you know, that stuff the people that went after Clinton talked about. This guy went after Clinton too, but he took it one step further and became a real hypocrite by literally farking family over. Who knows what kind of shiat will now be between mother and daughter. He used the mother to get the daughter in bed... nah, nothing unmorale about that.

This is not about legality. It's about morales. Lets try to keep the conversation on track.
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