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(SacBee)   17 yr old girl flops on ground and throws fit as part of her anti-marijuana message   ( sacbee.com) divider line
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2003-02-16 09:48:42 PM  
That girl needs to lighten up. Someone pass her a doobie.
2003-02-16 10:14:21 PM  
Someone pass her some powder for that shiny ass forehead too.

actual: "a senior in a Catholic, all-girls, college-preparatory high school and an honor student."
translation: "future weed smoker at a private university."
2003-02-16 10:24:06 PM  
She just needs a couple of bong hits to help control that epilepsy...
2003-02-16 10:40:57 PM  
I like the "stripper pole" backdrop.
2003-02-16 11:06:24 PM  
"My philosophy is (that) in order to have a strong stand on something you have to be educated, telling them straight about drugs, what it is and what it will do to you," she said.

And she does this when she acts crazy or falls on the floor or rolls her eyes back. for her role of a teen smoking pot for the 3-minute sketch in local schools

Irony perhaps?
2003-02-16 11:56:29 PM  
I still don't understand why they always refer to it as "drugs and alcohol." I guess they do it so they can later say that alcohol is good, but drugs are still bad. Oh well, the media brainwashes us again, go figure.

And that quote Impaler used is so amusing when applying it to modern anti-marijuana campaigns. They're absolutely pitiful. They don't even try to come up with good lies
2003-02-17 12:00:54 AM  
She should wrap herself in buds and let everyone smoke her.
2003-02-17 12:21:16 AM  
wow, she was spazzin on the ground? damn she needs to share her stash!
2003-02-17 12:22:20 AM  
Her problem is that she hasn't been hit yet....

Would some man-child under the age of 18 please hit it?
2003-02-17 12:23:28 AM  
Heck, she's legal for anyone to hit here in Ohio.
2003-02-17 12:24:06 AM  
Please - if they had just given you a picture you'd all be the same morons saying "I'd hit it".
2003-02-17 12:24:15 AM  
how about an underage bisexual farkette? I'd hit it.
2003-02-17 12:24:20 AM  
/Another one falls out of the stupid tree and hits every branch on the way down...
2003-02-17 12:24:58 AM  
bender! i'll do it!
2003-02-17 12:25:18 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
Her dream, she says, is to one day be in the cast of "Rent," her favorite Broadway musical.
2003-02-17 12:25:40 AM  
Impaler said waht I was going to. Making ridiculous caricaturish impressions are neither 'educated' or 'telling them straight'. I hope she gets raped by a middle schooler.
2003-02-17 12:25:42 AM  
It meant Montoya had to stay up until 3:30 a.m. Thursday morning to finish her homework. She doesn't mind the sacrifice. "I love it," she said. "It's such a phenomenal program, and it's so needed."

This kid is a brainwashed meat-puppet already. Sheesh. She's a catholic schoolgirl, ferchrissakes. She should check out what her classmates get up to. I bet they have a lot more fun.

Anyway, she could justify it as research. Method acting, so she can give a convincing performance, instead of the reefer madness bollocks she is currently doing.
2003-02-17 12:25:59 AM  
Where is she getting all the pressure to do drugs from? When I was in school I had the SEEK that crap out!

Anyway, I wouldn't hit it (too damn young) but I'd smoke her out anytime...
2003-02-17 12:27:04 AM  
DUDE!! She needs a Dell!
2003-02-17 12:27:06 AM  
She wants to help others? then help them get some weed.
2003-02-17 12:27:34 AM  
See kids, that's what Marijuana can do to you!
2003-02-17 12:27:49 AM  
"Drug dealers don't sell drugs. They offer drugs. You say no, and that's the end of it. Now Jehovah's Witnesses on the other hand...." -Chris Rock
2003-02-17 12:28:16 AM  
She's so stupid. If she doesn't smoke pot, then how does she think she is ever going to get pregnant ?
2003-02-17 12:28:16 AM  
She knows it all at 17, down the line she will either be an exotic dancer or a republican.
2003-02-17 12:29:07 AM  
Bah. Sounds like millions of other high school kids looking for dumb shiat to pad their college applications with. And I second everyone who said she's just a small private liberal arts college away from being a stoner herself.

Question: she says she's into theater and stuff, right? Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the theater kids often some of the biggest drug users at any college? I think there was a Fark thread not long ago where people talked about the theater parties.
2003-02-17 12:29:51 AM  
It looks like she has an absolutely enormous head just floating there, completely detached from her body.

That might be the lack of sleep speaking though...
2003-02-17 12:30:27 AM  
Hell, when I was in middle school, we would have laughed our asses of at this retarded skank flailing around on the ground, then we would have gone home and sparked some doobage, waiting for high school so that we could get shiat so good it made you a damn epileptic.
2003-02-17 12:30:36 AM  
Oh god, the theater parties....
2003-02-17 12:30:45 AM  
OK. This chick needs a joint bad. I feel bad for the people at her school she is responsible for busting.

Whoever said catholic honor roll = future pothead was right.
2003-02-17 12:31:55 AM  
I got ten bucks that says she'll have a fetal alcohol syndrome baby within 2 years.
2003-02-17 12:32:03 AM  
you had to seek that crap out?! Oh wait, you're probably a guy. I had alcohol and marijuana tossed in my face by guys trying to get some. Litte did they know that I was raring to go even without mind-altering substances!

hrmmmmmm...perhaps ScorpioSting has had a little too much to drink this evening...
2003-02-17 12:32:50 AM  
She's rather uptight, but I'd still do her.
2003-02-17 12:32:55 AM  
How does that go Virginia...

"I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints; the sinners are much more fun..."
2003-02-17 12:33:43 AM  
I wish I had worn a tinfoil hat when I was younger. I wouldn't believe a word they said and proceed to pelt them with 1kilo bags of cocaine.
2003-02-17 12:34:54 AM  
"even if she changes 1 mind, its worth it". What if they change in the opposite way after seeing how she acts, decide they dont want to turn out like her and start smokin up? Why is it the hardcore anti-drug farks are the ones who have never tried, only have second-hand knowledge of the dangers?
2003-02-17 12:35:35 AM  
For the advanced drama student...

...and that's all I need to hear, folks. When the Drama Queen reaches the real world (or college), she'll be tokin' up on a regular basis. There wasn't a sober theatre major at my school...and that's why they don't schedule department classes before 11am.
2003-02-17 12:35:46 AM  
Stupid b*tch. I hope she gets hit by a drunk driver.
2003-02-17 12:36:33 AM  
Vonapathy - you just help be realize that it was freaks like her that forced me to waste precious hours of my youth in shiat like "general assembly".

People like her should be fondled by a preist.... oops - sorry, sorry. Maybe that's a bit harsh...
2003-02-17 12:36:44 AM  
There were a group of these kids at my high school. They did stupid crap like this all the time. It was sad. I can't remember the name of the group to save my life...

**bong hit***

Anyway, most of 'em went to one of our fine state institutions of higher learning and became rampaging alcoholics, mind-farked drug users or some frat guy's dick puppet. Give this girl three years and they'll be dragging her off of a frathouse lawn at three in the morning.

Mirror Images...that was the name of that stupid group. Jesus, they sucked.
2003-02-17 12:36:46 AM  
She's obviously never smoked pot before, because that's not what happens. Sounds more like she's on heavy acid or something.
2003-02-17 12:38:03 AM  
Ten bucks says that in a year she'll be going down on crack whores for a fix. Isn't that what happens to all theatre students?
2003-02-17 12:38:26 AM  
thats one hell of a cluster f a drug program if you ask me
2003-02-17 12:39:06 AM  
Flops around on the ground..? Throws fits...?

Her stuff musta' been laced with some realy nasty shiat.
2003-02-17 12:40:27 AM  
a senior in a Catholic, all-girls, college-preparatory high school and an honor student.

mmmmmm... I saw that movie. After she starts rolling around on the ground, 2 members of the football team- well, you'll just have to see it yourself.
2003-02-17 12:40:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-17 12:40:50 AM  
DaCricket, nasty shiat or REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD shiat? >=D
2003-02-17 12:40:55 AM  
All the good artistic people do drugs. Duh.
2003-02-17 12:41:03 AM  
Theater student? Oy vey, she's going to be so out of her "some drugs are bad, mmmkay?" league when she gets around some real actors. Biggest potheads I knew were in band or theater in high school.

And in related news, I'd proudly hit it so hard my man juice would be flying out her nose.
2003-02-17 12:41:06 AM  
Gee, I wonder if she is planning to be a pre-med, too...? I want a follow up of this story in 1 year. $10.00 says she will be one of the biggest lushes on whatever private university campus mommy and daddy are paying for.
2003-02-17 12:42:30 AM  
By the way, I too wouldn't mind having her kneel at my man-altar.
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