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(WBAL)   MD Governor outlaws driving   ( divider line
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10387 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Feb 2003 at 8:22 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-16 09:45:43 PM  
Dying_one_day_at_a_time Nah no prostitution, just those that had bought all the milk at the grocery store trading with those that had bought all the bread, and toilet paper.
2003-02-16 09:47:12 PM  
The bastards here were gonna have us go to school on president's day, but lukiley mother nature stepped in ;) Anyway, there's also a driving ban where I live( not sure if it's statewide, not that i care though), but it's not like anyone could get anywhere. The retarded neighbors tried to leave and their car got stuck on the hill, Bwahahahahahaha!!!!! Pwn3d!
2003-02-16 09:53:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-16 09:53:46 PM  
None of my munincipality's (Pop 8,462-Census 2000 data) equipment does much for my private road, but I was mostly just going for humor, not flames...

3 feet of snow is a lot here too, and the schools, etc did close 3 days last week, but since I drive for a living, and living don't wait for no snow, well, I'se gotsta go...
2003-02-16 09:55:58 PM  
02-16-03 09:41:51 PM Bohomianchicka
Masturbation baby, masturbation. That's it, that's the list...(stolen from Tony Kornheiser. All rights reserved. Or something. Feh.)
2003-02-16 09:57:14 PM  

Here's the sad thing, I'm out of alcohol except for the 3 bottles of Pilsner in my fridge. It was all drunk the other night at a party....
2003-02-16 09:58:15 PM  
Psh anybody can drive through 3 feet of snow with a 4x4.
I've done it many times myself.
However I've also driven in a foot of snow with a 2x4.
Now that takes a little skill.
Also don't hurt to be slightly crazy.
2003-02-16 09:59:58 PM  
Thanks JoeLlama for the PCU pic.

Sucks to be you Bohomianchicka! I got plenty of hard stuff, but no beer :( You should call that number that gives to those in need and tell them you are in need of alcohol.
2003-02-16 10:02:11 PM  
I might have to get to know my neighbors tomorrow if I get really bored and desperate. The goal is avoid doing any of the work they say I'm suppose to do for my classes. Crazy world thinking I read for class!
2003-02-16 10:06:28 PM  
This wouldn't happen to be the blizzard we're supposed to have had is it? We would have got it except it's been below 0 F (-20 C) here the last few days which has kept snow away from us.

One good thing about more snow, the parking meters would be completely buried. Woohoo! Free Parking!
2003-02-16 10:08:38 PM  
That "Renewed Hope" Closed thing is HILARIOUS!
2003-02-16 10:10:11 PM  
18 inches and climbing. This in a state were most pepole seem to think the thing to do on ice is to go faster. (My apologies to the fine citizens from the western end of the state.:) The fine isn't anything to be sneezed at either. One thousand dollars !!

Thank God I'm off tomorrow (Monday).
2003-02-16 10:10:53 PM  
Right idea, wrong state... They ought to do this in California, except we don't get enough snow here.
2003-02-16 10:16:14 PM  
Hagerstown- We got 22 in. so far... Hoping to get to 3 feet.

I thought about going to DE to get snowed in with m girl, then that farker put the ban in, my question is, had I gotten on the road and was jammin out with my in dash mp3 player, what could the cops *really* have done?

And I could have made it to Wilmington in my Cavalier... might have taken 4.5 hours, but I'd have made it.
2003-02-16 10:17:42 PM  
Bohomianchicka.. hey dont wanna read but need to???? GO TO THIS SITE... its the best... I passed thre books in the passed three years... using it... one of them i think i read an actual page.. but i dont have time for it.. here u go feel free to use it.. and its free to sign!
2003-02-16 10:18:45 PM  
Does the whole East Coast just collapse into chaos every winter? God.

</Calfornia native>
2003-02-16 10:19:45 PM  
damn ud believe me if i could spell correct wouldnt u.. ok three* and past* for the second passed...ok im done with that shiat!
2003-02-16 10:20:32 PM  
Jwrebholz, your roads had only potholes every FIFTY feet?
Whose nob did you have to suck to get those high quality pittsburgh roads? I'm living in the pothole in front of my house that I fell in and I havn't been able to crawl out of since november.

2003-02-16 10:22:58 PM  
And to all of the NON Central Eastern Atlantic seaboard loud mouths. I invite you to sample our fine rush hour traffic when the weather is good. After that then you can complain about our Governor telling the entire psychopathic state to stay home.
2003-02-16 10:23:17 PM  
Thanks Bark! I'll check 'er out.
2003-02-16 10:25:40 PM  
Speaking as a MD farkette, I've been getting pleasurable laughter all day out of watching people get stuck on the road through the window of my comfy, warm home.
2003-02-16 10:27:31 PM  
sample our fine rush hour traffic when the weather is good

I commute 30 miles into Montgomery county everyday. I honestly think, and by no means am I racist, that a lot of it has to do with persons driving that came from countries without much traffic. They scare me.
2003-02-16 10:35:14 PM  
Rush hour on 695, 95, and 495 sucks.... I take the backroads to work. Planning on moving closer to work, unlike the rich wannabee yuppie slobs in this state who move hours away from work. If you live in Bel Air or Frederick and drive to Baltimore or DC every morning I am talking about you!
2003-02-16 10:37:01 PM  
I got enough snow from the blizzard of '96. That's why I moved the fark out of MD and am now happily in TX.

To all my family and friends struggling through the snow right now:

2003-02-16 10:38:08 PM  
What in Hell. They are closing funeral homes here in PA tomorrow. Weird shiat.
2003-02-16 10:39:57 PM  
I am in Fairfax County, which is just across the river from the Maryland state line. I decided to walk outside and take some photos since this has been the biggest snow storm in the 6 years I have lived here: I lasted 15 minutes outside because it switched to sleet and it stung like hell. Hell, I saw a lady in cross country skis (she was tired as hell but told me she was having the time of her life. Most of the cars parked out in front had a foot or more on top and the roads are pretty much useless.

Here are a few of my pictures:
2003-02-16 10:42:26 PM  
The mayor of DC was vacationing with his wife in sunny Puerto Rico for the Valentines weekend. He just flew back in via Newark, and took a train back down to DC because the airports down here are all closed. From 75, and sunny to 15, and snowy, now that's dedication. His wifes probably gonna be pissed at him though.
2003-02-16 10:45:07 PM  
Twinxor: Does the whole East Coast just collapse into chaos every winter? God.

No, only when we get 3 feet of snow.

Does California collapse into chaos every time there is a 8.0 earthquake? :P
2003-02-16 10:47:08 PM  
I, too, have been watching idiots attempt to drive around here. I doubt my teachers will make it in for class on Monday, and most of the students probably won't try. I also live on a hill with a cobblestone street with unused trolly tracks in them. Man, I *love* Pittsburgh roads.
2003-02-16 10:53:57 PM  
First high school lacrosse practices in MD were supposed to be tomorrow.
2003-02-16 11:17:45 PM  
I'm from Buffalo living in Queens. I love laughing at people running away from 2" of snow. Then again, when I lived in Pittsburgh, 1/4" would close the roads. So it's all relative I guess.

Go Bills! I mean Jets!
2003-02-16 11:18:01 PM  
If it wasn't for the 30 pack of beer I bought Saturday morning I would be dead. Close call...

Snow is cool and all but 22+ inches is a pain in the ass! Doesn't help when your shoveling and the wind is blowing it right back to where you just did either. Pretty crazy, especially when this state ussually goes nuts over 4 inches.
2003-02-16 11:18:46 PM  
It's weird that they outlaw driving... because everybody here drives like they're already running from the cops
2003-02-16 11:23:02 PM  
In Balto. City it looks like over 2 feet now, what with the snow drifting, I can't see my car anymore it's totally buried.

E-mailed my boss and told him I probably won't even attempt to try to go to work Monday. He replied that he's gonna try it, then again he's got a Jeep and he's a Moron!
2003-02-16 11:23:32 PM  

"...Near the Frank's Pizza where Belair rd meets Kenwood ave. It used to be ALL-STAR Video."

Dude- that's like 6 blocks from my house and my sister-in-law worked at Frank's too. Who needs porn shops anymore with the internet and all?

And yup, we just got out the old yard stick and measured an even 20" on the hood of a truck. And it's supposed to keep snowing until tomorrow afternoon!

w00t! Bring it on! No way in hell I'm going to work tomorrow.
2003-02-16 11:30:57 PM  
If you don't have broadband, pron on the internet isn't cool at all. Of course I have broadband...

Frank's is ok... Haven't been there in years. Ever since the Roy Rogers disappeared I have only been the that shopping center twice.

/misses Roy :~(
2003-02-16 11:36:06 PM  

02-16-03 08:34:49 PM Jwrebholz
We get hungry, I break out the equipment and do a little hunting. Draw, aim, release, eat.

Fed my old girlfriend like that.
2003-02-16 11:57:48 PM  
I live right next to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway in Greenbelt. I can see it from my house and its completely empty. When I went outside, there was just silence. It was kinda creepy cuz it was as if I was the last person on Earth.

And btw, screw all you rich yuppies in Montgomery County!

"Tonic water is for PG County"
2003-02-17 12:07:38 AM  
There is something just wrong going on here. This same storm went over CA and dumped like 8-9 inches of rain on parts of L.A. Then is got to Denver, CO (you know, like the Rocky Farkin Mountains) and we got a mind blowing 2 inches. Two Farkin Inches! Everyone who lives in Denver is looking forward to never being able to water there lawns again.

Now the same storm is shutting down the East Coast under three feet...Three Farkin Feet, of snow!!!!

I blame the Democrats. They're suppose to be the environmentally friendly ones. Where the Fark is our snow.
2003-02-17 12:16:42 AM  
I live right across the river from MD. I have a new mustang and its going NOWHERE. I can see a car out my window that looks more like an antenna sticking out of the snow. Right now a ban on driving seems ridiculously irrelevant from my vantage point. Fine by me. What will anger me is if they dont get this stuff plowed. This area is notorious for bad snow management.
2003-02-17 12:19:19 AM  

Frank's is OK for pizza, their subs are good.

For the best pizza in town go to Dominic's on Harford Rd. in Parkville.
And for the best wings in town, Dead Freddie's on Harford Rd. (closer to Hamilton).
2003-02-17 12:19:56 AM  
And I was supposed to fly into Philly tomorrow. Looks like I won't get there for a day or two.
2003-02-17 12:22:46 AM  
I actually went out in this &%*! this morning, and had to leave where I was because I was afraid I would never get back home.

Then again, I drive a Tercel.

For all you who have been calling us wusses- it's pretty insane out there right now- and I grew up in the North. They just... gave up.. on plowing. There's two feet of snow on my street. ON THE STREET.
2003-02-17 12:45:36 AM  

Already ahead of you man. Every Saturday I take advantage of Dominic's 2 for $9.99 large pizza deal.
2003-02-17 12:51:56 AM  
AS I sit in my warm apartment in Buffalo (it is zero here now), I do laugh at you all in MD, not because I think you are wimping out (you have fewer snow resources than we do up here), but because, for once, we aren't getting any of it.
2003-02-17 12:57:39 AM  
SaintPeabo- I don't know where up North you grew up, but the plowdrivers around here don't stop ever. You would have to pry that triple overtime out of their cold , dead hands.
Two feet really is nothing. I had two feet of ice on my street (a main road) last CHristmas because after the whole EIGHT feet fell in 28 hours or so, they couldn't get all of the compressed snow up.
2003-02-17 12:58:17 AM  
Hey Pvera your in Reston too? I live off Soapstone and I havent seen a car on any of the roads I can see roads driving in about 8 hours...(looks out the window again) Nope... Oh wait there was that Jeep that tried and just ended up at the bottom of the hill..
2003-02-17 01:00:11 AM  
Mmmm... I love it. I got to drive in this great storm today on my way back to school here at PSU from Western MD. Sure it took me nearly four hours to go 160 miles, but damn... it was beautiful. No problem with the drive though. Good tires and a little common sense go a long way in weather like this. I only wish we could get as much here as they're gettin back home.
2003-02-17 01:10:56 AM  
woop tater tots are done
2003-02-17 01:19:56 AM  
I totally wish I lived out there. CO is sucking for snow this year. I might have to head up to the mountains to get any real snow time in on my motorcycle. Think 2X4 driving is shaky in deep snow? Try 1X2! Actually- it's a bit easier as long as the soccer moms aren't running you down SUV-style.

Ya spend all that time studding your tires and it snows 3 times...
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