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(Toronto Star)   Simpsons geeks upset that 300th episode is really 302nd   ( divider line
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24169 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Feb 2003 at 2:59 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-16 03:01:23 PM  
Big whoop.
2003-02-16 03:01:43 PM  
I want all 302 on DVD!!!
2003-02-16 03:02:11 PM  
Comic book geek in 5...4...3...
2003-02-16 03:02:58 PM  
This week the celebrity guest will be that ass packer Ben Afleck
2003-02-16 03:04:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Innn-correct tally, gentlemen"
2003-02-16 03:07:17 PM  
Gee, that was ? surely an interesting ? article. I wonder what was ? up with all the question marks ? though. Eh, whoe knows, maybe it ? was just opera rendering the page ? wrong, or a ? random ? glitch. ? I?f I'm ? the? o?n?l?y? on?e ? wh?o noti?ced ? the ? n ignore? me. ?
2003-02-16 03:08:06 PM  
SIMPSONS 4r3 1337 j00 411 d0n+ kn()w wh4+ j00r +41king b0u+
j00 411 4r3 My biatch3s 14m 4 1337 l-l4><()rZ ph33r my 1337 j00 f00lz!!!1!

ok thats enough...
2003-02-16 03:10:06 PM  
I think I first realised I was a Simpsons Geek about a year ago. I went into a store that had all sorts of posters, and found one of the Simpsons. It had about 300 diffrent characters on it, many from brief appearences in single episodes. I stood there for about half an hour and identified them all. Please help me.
2003-02-16 03:10:09 PM  
yeah, protest by watching "Touched by An Angel" instead
2003-02-16 03:10:51 PM  
*bows before MadIVIan3001's 13371+\/d3*
2003-02-16 03:11:34 PM  
I hope this race delay doesn't disturb the hour and a half of simpsons we were supposed to get tonight.
2003-02-16 03:11:53 PM  
Jesus must be rolling over in his grave right now.
2003-02-16 03:12:29 PM  
blah blah blah blah blah blah. Who the fark cares!
2003-02-16 03:13:28 PM  
/\/\4l)/\/\4/\/3001, j00 l)0 /\/07 |</\/0\/\/ j00r l33t. 1 4/\/\ j00l2 /=47|-|3l2. l317(|-|
2003-02-16 03:13:47 PM  
Everyone knows its all Ian Maxtone-Graham's fault.
2003-02-16 03:14:57 PM  
Race delay? If a race delay threatens Sunday night of the simpsons, I'll go out there and crash them myself. That's also why I hate baseball season. Fox has to show every damn baseball game on Sunday nights. Baseball's fun if you're into that kind of thing, but shiat, don't show a sport prone to overtime before the most popular decent show on your line-up. Sorry, I hate it when good shows get pre-empted.
2003-02-16 03:15:47 PM  
I declare Shinanigans.
2003-02-16 03:18:10 PM  
second the shinanigans
2003-02-16 03:18:21 PM  
Poe01: You are not alone.
2003-02-16 03:18:28 PM  
I also declare Shinanigans.
2003-02-16 03:19:57 PM  

j00r 1337 f4r sUrp45535 m1n3 j00 d0 n()+ U53 1 133+3r 1n j00r T41k3n bU+ <4n j00 Ph()+05H0p b3773r 7h4n m3 I 7h1nK n07!!!1!!!
2003-02-16 03:20:25 PM  
Financial panther, eh? Get 'em, Simba!
2003-02-16 03:20:31 PM  
His time would be better spent complaining about the lack of a DVD set for the third season. I'm dying over here, release the damn thing already.
2003-02-16 03:20:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

i miss this most of all. Thank god there is a reunion show tonight after the simpsons.....
2003-02-16 03:22:07 PM  
"Ben Who-fleck?!?!?"

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-16 03:23:17 PM  
I second the second declaration of shinanigans.
2003-02-16 03:23:48 PM  
I also call shenanigans on Fox and the Simpsons.

If only it were still funny without having to resort to boner jokes and stupid pop culture references.
2003-02-16 03:24:35 PM  
i didnt realize how much Simpsons i watched until i aced the quiz of random facts in the paper this morning
2003-02-16 03:24:58 PM  

Does anyone know why I get IDed when I try to buy duct tape?
2003-02-16 03:25:27 PM  
I call shenanigans on all this 1337 l-l4><()r talk.
2003-02-16 03:27:54 PM  
Wow, Fox has really been upping their jackassery quota as of late. American Idol, Joe Million, and now this. I can't help but wonder what they do to the news...
2003-02-16 03:27:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Hey, I like the potato scallops at that place!

2003-02-16 03:29:27 PM  
Seems like a good 'nuff excuse to bring these girls out for a show.

Click on it for the NSFW version
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-16 03:29:36 PM  
Id'ed for duct tape?? Cause you damn kids would just abuse it!
2003-02-16 03:29:52 PM  
Moonman, maybe only adults are allowed to not die a painful death when the terrorist come for us?
2003-02-16 03:30:41 PM  
just watched these 300th and 301st episodes .
Not as funny as the other ones this season.
however the viagragain comercial homer did in the end was funny!
2003-02-16 03:31:04 PM  
It must mean there is some way I can get high from duct tape. Time to research the issue...
2003-02-16 03:31:11 PM  
Can I get a litre of cola?! ALL I WANT IS A FRIGGIN LITRE OF COLA!!!!
2003-02-16 03:32:06 PM  
Moonman9j9: you aren't carrying around your AK in the store, are you? My guess it has something to do with that terror alert we had, which was caused by some guy at Camp XRay filling his "interrogator*"'s head with nonsense. Also, there are only four lights!

*READ: torturor
2003-02-16 03:32:40 PM  
Me fail mathematics? That's unpossible!
2003-02-16 03:35:08 PM  
Dear Miss Hoover, you have Lyme disease. We miss you. Kevin is biting me. Come back soon. Here's a drawing of a spirokeet. Love Ralph
2003-02-16 03:35:57 PM  
Moonman9j9:Does anyone know why I get IDed when I try to buy duct tape?

Because kids are abusing it. They've been "ducting off" in my hood for a while. What's that? They tape over their mouths and nose until they feel euphoric, then when they're about to pass out, a buddy rips the tape off.

The additional adrenalin rush from the pain enhances the high.

Man, what some people will do to avoid rolling a spliff.

2003-02-16 03:36:09 PM  
No, no, no...I was IDed long before 9/11. I assume there is some law on the books for it. If no one knows why it's cool, I was just wondering.
2003-02-16 03:36:59 PM  
Are you kids out there smoking the duct tape?
2003-02-16 03:40:39 PM  
'no, there were 72 original star trek episodes! the menagerie counts as one episode!'
'no, there were 73! the menagerie was a two-parter!'
'god, you are such a NERD!'
2003-02-16 03:40:45 PM  
The show went into the crapper after I died.
2003-02-16 03:41:05 PM  
I used to work at a home depot, we had no policy about The Holy Tape that involved ID...At least, nothing I was told about.
2003-02-16 03:42:25 PM  
it really is the 302nd. what's wrong with
2003-02-16 03:42:45 PM  
Maybe it's a Florida thing.

2003-02-16 03:43:14 PM  
Pity me, all who know HTML. Then, go here:

Every good simpsons quote from all time is in there.
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