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2003-02-16 01:03:43 PM  
My hats off to him.
2003-02-16 01:05:57 PM  
The decapitation shocked people who work in the neighborhood.
2003-02-16 01:06:04 PM  
Now that's what I call loseing your head! Badum bum. ...What???
2003-02-16 01:06:09 PM  
I wonder if it was one of those fences with the spikes on top and his head got skewered while his body continued to fall another twelve feet or so?
2003-02-16 01:07:23 PM  
Welcome to the drug war.
2003-02-16 01:08:04 PM  
It was a heady escape.
2003-02-16 01:08:06 PM  
Cops now out looking for a little head.
2003-02-16 01:09:25 PM  
2003-02-16 01:09:54 PM  
You gotta keep on top of these things, and stay ahead of the pack, or you'll find yourself coming apart.
2003-02-16 01:11:29 PM  
Now that's usin' your head!
2003-02-16 01:12:16 PM  
2003-02-16 01:12:26 PM  
whatta head case
2003-02-16 01:13:03 PM  
jumped or fell off, hes still beign a dumbass
2003-02-16 01:13:17 PM  
The rush of the chase went straight to his head.

/Don't hate me
2003-02-16 01:13:26 PM  
Kinda puts that Rodney King thing to shame
2003-02-16 01:13:35 PM  
Not very head-strong.

Probably won't be the 'head' of a major corporation.

Picked a bad time to lost his hea....
Ahhhhh you've heard them all before.

Thanks, I'll be here till Thursday.
2003-02-16 01:13:47 PM  
Why administrative leave? Are they suggesting that he was pushed?
2003-02-16 01:14:14 PM  
Not a good time to loose one's head....

That's not the way to get head in life...

It's a shame he wasn't more head strong....

He'll never be the head of a mayor coporation...

Ok, that's enough!

Heh, love that movie...
2003-02-16 01:15:07 PM  
Big McLargeHuge

Damn... you...! :)
2003-02-16 01:15:26 PM  
Did you see where he went?

Well he was "heading" that way, but the body of evidence is over there.
2003-02-16 01:16:14 PM  
"If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you..."

2003-02-16 01:17:08 PM  
"This is not something normally covered under the [standard operating procedure] of the department."

C'mon. You mean they don't have a procedure for when a man falls off an overpass and gets decapitated by a wrought iron fence? Get with it Atlanta Police Department.
2003-02-16 01:17:19 PM  

If you had only been just a little bit a-head of me...
2003-02-16 01:17:19 PM  
Darn you, Phosphorous, ya beat me to it!
2003-02-16 01:17:33 PM  
Dumbass should have quit while he was ahead!
2003-02-16 01:18:05 PM  
I'll head him off at the overpass!
2003-02-16 01:18:07 PM  
Oops! I mean Big McLargeHuge also!
2003-02-16 01:18:53 PM  
2003-02-16 01:20:25 PM  
We gonna see this one on COPS?
2003-02-16 01:20:32 PM  
Big McLargeHuge

Hey, dont get a big head now :)
2003-02-16 01:21:25 PM  
Look I'd really like to stick around and get arrested, but I gotta split!
2003-02-16 01:22:22 PM  
This reminds me of a paragraph from American Psycho..anyone know what i'm talking about?
2003-02-16 01:22:30 PM  
There can be only one.
2003-02-16 01:23:11 PM  
Hi, I'm Troy McClure! You may remember me from such films as "The Decapitation of Larry Leadfoot" and "Alice's Adventures Through the Windshield Glass."
2003-02-16 01:23:11 PM  
I remember when they used to just fire a warning shot.
2003-02-16 01:23:14 PM  
i love the smell of bad pun in the morning
2003-02-16 01:23:43 PM  

I'm just getting started. Wait till a get a full head of steam.

Oh yea... that's right there went another one.

I'd better stop before this thing comes to a head.
2003-02-16 01:24:24 PM  
The term 'bad pun' is redundant.
2003-02-16 01:24:33 PM  
Sometimes to get ahead in the drug game you gotta know when to cut your losses. Sever your ties. Loose the dead weight.
2003-02-16 01:25:01 PM  
"It's Hedley!"

Taggart: "We'll head 'em off at the pass!"
Hedley Lamarr: "Head them off at the pass? I hate that cliché!"

I love that movie, quotes for all occasions.
2003-02-16 01:25:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-16 01:26:55 PM  
Dammit, all the good 'head' jokes are taken now!
I got noggin.
Er, I mean, uh, nothin'. I got nothin'.
2003-02-16 01:28:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-16 01:29:01 PM  
Read the New Scientist article to find out if beheading hurts. (Opens in a new link)

If you want, here's the
Fark Comments Thingee about it.

Wonder if he blinked.
2003-02-16 01:30:31 PM  
Hey, if this guy was a narcotics dealer, does that mean his head was full of brain candy?
Mmm... Illicit pinata...
2003-02-16 01:31:35 PM  
"The decapitation shocked people who work in the neighborhood. Gary White, an income tax preparer, came out of his office when he heard the commotion. "It's surreal," White said."

Right.. head decapitation is total bliss, baby.

sorry to interrupt your phunny games.
2003-02-16 01:32:51 PM  
Looks like he went on the King Henry the 5th diet.

Person 1: You want to loose 10 pounds of ugly fat?

Fat Person 2: Ya?

Person 1: Cut off your head.

Ha Ha Ha
2003-02-16 01:35:10 PM  
"Quick, spray that with 'Bactine' ! "
2003-02-16 01:35:33 PM  
2003-02-16 01:35:49 PM  
The drug dealer's head fell to the ground and rolled like a doobie.
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