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(Philadelphia Inquirer)   When trying to help out a friend, don't lead police to the house where they are growing pot   ( philly.com) divider line
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2003-02-15 01:18:30 AM  
Dude, that reminds me, I should smoke some pot.
2003-02-15 01:18:49 AM  
Boobies! oh Yeah!
/loves playing with filter
2003-02-15 01:19:58 AM  
Damn! Brand you go to Hell! You go to hell an you Die!
leaving with Mr. Hat
2003-02-15 01:20:09 AM  
Others stupidity is my job security.
2003-02-15 01:20:44 AM  
[image from the-head-shop.co.uk too old to be available]
2003-02-15 01:20:58 AM  

They deserved what they got. Only tards get busted.

F*cking dopes. BWHA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!
2003-02-15 01:21:04 AM  
That is just wrong. And on that note...
*picks up phone*
"Hey man, where are you? Mesa need some."
2003-02-15 01:21:12 AM  
She LET the officer come in?!? It's her own damn fault for consenting
2003-02-15 01:22:08 AM  
No choice. By that point he had probable cause.
2003-02-15 01:24:14 AM  
drugs are bad, you should'nt do drugs, and if you do them, you are bad, cause drugs are bad...mmmkay?
2003-02-15 01:28:05 AM  
Well what do you expect? She didn't cover her ass...woulda gotten busted/turned in sooner or later...
2003-02-15 01:32:05 AM  
bummer. Get an ozone generator for the basement and an ionizer for the upstares biiiaaatch. Or learn the hard way.
2003-02-15 01:34:11 AM  
No pity whatsoever for stupid people who let the cops into their house knowing they're growing illegal substances.

But one question and maybe someone can answer this, why was the guy also charged for growing pot? Did he live at the house as well or did the cops just want to charge him with stupidity and booked him with that instead?
2003-02-15 01:36:56 AM  
...or did the cops just want to charge him with stupidity...

no no no, in pennsylvania, stupidity isnt a crime, its common.
2003-02-15 01:43:17 AM  
Does probable cause apply to home searches? I always thought that was only in public. I know that if something is in line of sight they can walk in and place charges.

Any idea?
2003-02-15 01:45:24 AM  
Always a shame. Next one's for you, boys.
2003-02-15 01:48:53 AM  
What the hell kind of name is "Quindel" anyway?

I see a lot of non-consensual sex in this guy's future...
2003-02-15 01:56:56 AM  
What the hell kind of name is "Quindel" anyway?
I don't know...maybe it's like Moonbeam. Maybe he'll end up changing his name..as if that'll prevent non-consensual sex.
2003-02-15 03:15:21 AM  
haha spoon said he was a drug dealer.
2003-02-15 03:16:36 AM  
i don't know if brand was kidding....but there's an unlit phatty in my fingers that i kinda forgot about.

thanks for the rminder.
2003-02-15 03:36:02 PM  
Macker, it happened in New Jersey.
2003-02-15 05:38:27 PM  
CashMoney03: "after Medina consented to a search . . ."
2003-02-15 09:43:40 PM  
bad boys bad boys
whatcha gonna do
whatcha gonna do when they come for you
2003-02-16 03:02:30 AM  
I keep the badgers in my basement. really.
2003-02-16 07:39:23 AM  
2003-02-16 11:21:08 AM  
I wonder if they're still friends...
2003-02-16 07:12:11 PM  
What about all of these
2003-02-16 07:54:25 PM  
2003-02-16 09:33:43 PM  
[image from soap.50g.com too old to be available]
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