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(Hartford Courant)   Elected state official sets dubious precedent: Pleads guilty to 3rd DWI, will represent constituents from prison   ( divider line
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2001-09-07 08:53:03 AM  
Was this election in Virginia by any chance?
2001-09-07 09:01:19 AM  
"I have always taken great pride in providing service to the good people of the 139th District and that will continue during my absence."

This sounds like the same drivel that my State Senator David Jaye said, right before his peers canned his ass! And, in case you haven't heard, he's running in the special election to try and get his seat back. And people wonder why we have such corrupt government when we allow fools like this to be repeatedly elected.

In a related note, I was going to run for his seat as an Independent, but I've got way too much going on right now to mount a proper election bid. Someday, though...

2001-09-07 09:05:05 AM  
This guy's a moron, plain and simple. He pushes for stricter DWI laws and then gets caught 3 farking times? He should be fired. Why are people so lenient on politicians and athletes? It makes me sick.
2001-09-07 09:06:16 AM  
"I have always taken great pride in providing service to the good people of the 139th District and that will continue during my absence."
He went on to say, "Unfortunately, I will no longer have honor of running them off the roads at night."

Good riddence.
2001-09-07 09:11:37 AM  
And by the way, this article cold have been over after 2 paragraphs. Why did it take 7? (not that I even counted, butit was much longer than necessary)
2001-09-07 09:24:52 AM  
"I will be advising Mr. Ryan while he's in jail. After all who knows more about representing constituents while being pissed to the gills?"

[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-07 10:33:01 AM  
What will we tell the chiiildren!!
2001-09-07 10:49:50 AM  
The state of CT is a farked up place. The mayor of Waterbury is in jail on felony child molestation and sodomy charges and the whole city's finances have been under federal investigation. Hartford and New Haven aren't much better.

This place blows so much I want to move back to New Joisey.
2001-09-07 11:24:07 AM  
Come to Mass-o'-two-shiats, where you can live the good life. Most of our legislators never even venture into western Mass, even the ones who represent us, so it's unlikely you'll be hit by a drunk Congressman.
2001-09-07 11:39:40 AM  
Oh my GOD! this is not true is it? Are you totally SH*TTING ME!?!
2001-09-07 11:43:10 AM  
Why aren't you Dems out there supporting him? This is his private life right? It's not like this happened 20 years ago or was his children.

Or could it be he's just like ALL the rest. Worthless..
2001-09-07 11:44:00 AM  
His only defense: biatch set me up.

(tell me that wasn't just local news, back in the day...)
2001-09-07 11:52:13 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-07 01:11:30 PM  
Bastard Democrats! All you want to do is fark interns, drive drunk, fark interns while driving drunk, and drink and drive while you're getting farked. farkin dicks.
2001-09-07 01:29:40 PM  
This doesn't really suprise me somehow. I am willing to bet he was pushing for the harder laws to cover his ass from the last arrest. Oh well, as long as the people that ellected him don't mind and he can only fark up Connecticut who cares?
2001-09-07 01:39:07 PM  
Heck, I'd vote for this guy again. He made the law, he broke the law, and now he's doing time for it. At least he's up front about it and plead guilty instead of being a weasle and appealing the charges for years. I think this might be seen as a dangerous precident though. Now other politicians who fark up can be expected to do jail time instead of getting off by special connections.
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