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2003-02-13 09:48:54 PM  
Dig UP, Stupid!
2003-02-13 09:50:12 PM  
perhaps they could call someone from one of the other 49 states.... nah that would actually help.
2003-02-13 09:51:30 PM  
2003-02-13 09:51:44 PM  
hmmm couldn't they dismantle it and take it up portion by portion... or if they felt like wasting money use a crain and pull it up?
If I'm being stupid tell me. :)
2003-02-13 09:53:12 PM  
People actually name their kids 'Carmine'?
2003-02-13 09:53:22 PM  
they need bigger cars to fill that big hole they should try some SUV's or at least some family sedans instead of those Japanese compacts
2003-02-13 09:53:38 PM  
Pour dirt on it pave over it and buy the schmuck a new car.
2003-02-13 09:55:39 PM  
heh, "Just let it go"
2003-02-13 09:56:12 PM  
make it a state monument. to stupidity.
2003-02-13 09:56:39 PM  
I think you have the right idea Rad-Dude
2003-02-13 09:57:34 PM  
How prophetic. Mother named son Carmine, later she loses her car in a mine.

Ok, so that's a bit of a stretch. And the kid tried to hold the entire car out of the hole. pfah!
2003-02-13 09:57:38 PM  
Now if the whole state will open up and swallow everyone but FlaChickie.
2003-02-13 09:57:44 PM  

I'm more concerned about women being nicknamed "Rusty."
2003-02-13 09:57:47 PM  
use magic.
2003-02-13 09:57:54 PM  
I like RussianRoulette's idea.
2003-02-13 09:58:03 PM  
Use a giant magnet. Or enlist the help of the Kool-Aid man.
2003-02-13 09:58:30 PM  
Typical female driver.
2003-02-13 10:00:03 PM  
If Strom Thurmond had been elected President, we wouldn't be having these problems.
2003-02-13 10:04:25 PM  
"Carmine got behind the car and tried pulling on the bumper, hoping to pull the car out of the hole."

Yep, gotta be Florida.
2003-02-13 10:06:48 PM  
Sinkholes are pretty damn scary though. Just a little south of me there are still fires burning in the coal mines and every once in a while someone will park their car, go shopping, and come back with it sticking half outta the ground.
2003-02-13 10:08:32 PM  
Shouldn't they be trying to figure out how to get George Bush's head from out of his ass?

Ooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhh, no he did not go there!
2003-02-13 10:09:49 PM  
Umm ... put up a "No Parking" sign and have it towed away, maybe?
2003-02-13 10:10:18 PM  
Pardon, there was supposed to be a very clever (troll)(/troll) tag between that...you know, because I am clever...but the fark stripped it...didn't know....

Please don't send government agents to kick down my door.

ah nuts. I am nothing.
2003-02-13 10:10:37 PM  
Further proof that Florida sucks...
2003-02-13 10:11:27 PM  
We all know this wouldn't have happened if Lois Lane had been in there.
2003-02-13 10:11:32 PM  
where is our complimentary ackbar "it's a trap!" photoshop?! this is only thing i've seen in a while where that would actually be appropriate
2003-02-13 10:13:01 PM  
"Wait until Radar's postman finds out he mailed a jeep home, he'll have a delayed hernia."
2003-02-13 10:14:03 PM  
I think I have the best sinkhole story ever ;)
When I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter I was getting out of my car and the ground gives way. I was half in the car and half in a sinkhole. My husband thought I had just fallen down. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! The next day the city crews started digging up the street. A water line had broke and I was unlucky enough to fall in. Needless to say there was many jokes made at my expense.
2003-02-13 10:15:17 PM  
To quote some deep thoughts by Jack Handey...

"If you ever drop your keys in a stream of hot lava, forget it, because buddy, they're gone."

Now here is mine...

"If you ever hit a pot hole so big it begins to swallow your car, just let go of the bumper, because buddy, it's gone."

-i slay me
2003-02-13 10:19:33 PM  
Scape: Carmine Depasto

/Animal House
2003-02-13 10:21:42 PM  
my street is lookin pretty shiatty as well...
2003-02-13 10:25:56 PM  
It's a TOYOTA!! why do people waste their times on Japanese tin cans? Leave it where it belongs!
2003-02-13 10:25:56 PM  
"They felt whiplash"

Yeah, sure, they felt the need for a large lawsuit.
2003-02-13 10:27:01 PM  
They should use explosives to get that car out of there. Explosives can fix any problem.

Annoying neighbours? Explosives!
House is a mess? Explosives?
Too many explosives piling up? Explosives!
2003-02-13 10:28:40 PM  
Tosh is right. I use explosives for all my household chores. You'll never see me with a messy rug as long as I'm well stocked in explosives. It is also good for clogged drains and disciplining children.
2003-02-13 10:39:19 PM  
Tosh, OMG thats the best thing I have read in a while.
2003-02-13 10:41:36 PM  

"Honey, there's a time in every father's life when he blows up his little girl's bedroom..."
2003-02-13 10:43:08 PM  
[image from statiknet.wd1.net too old to be available]

2003-02-13 10:43:37 PM  
Explosives are the new duct tape.
2003-02-13 10:48:20 PM  
[image from peoplecards.net too old to be available]

Fire clenses all.
2003-02-13 10:49:06 PM  
Now if they could figure out how to get California to fall into a sinkhole....
2003-02-13 10:54:20 PM  
This town needs an enema.
2003-02-13 10:57:53 PM  
He tried to...pull it back out of the hole? -_-*
2003-02-13 11:00:36 PM  
You know, this wouldn't be a problem if they had that monorail done already.

"But Main St.'s still all cracked and broken!
Sorry, Mom, the crown has spoken"
2003-02-13 11:02:11 PM  
Being Florida and all, I'm pretty sure the officials are busy arguing about which one's friends will be hired to do the job.

/born'n'raised in fl
2003-02-13 11:03:07 PM  
The bang they make is hard to beat,
Acme explosives, the good for you treat!
2003-02-13 11:20:49 PM  
Sorry, Mom, the crown has spoken

Didn't realize the royals had that much pull in Springfield...
2003-02-13 11:21:19 PM  
Hey, Iknow her!
2003-02-13 11:22:04 PM  
Bynes had just finished putting $9.30 worth of gas in her car about 5 p.m. Tuesday, and drove forward about 25 feet. She was on her way to KFC in Dunnellon with her 18-year-old son, Carmine, in the passenger seat and brown dachshund, Tiger, with them up front.

Do we really need to know how much gas she put in the car? Or the name and breed of her dog? Or which KFC they were headed to?

Then Bynes, 44, tried twice to gun the car in reverse. It wouldn't move.

Okay, why do most female drivers not understand that when you get stuck, gunning the engine will almost certainly make things worse!
2003-02-13 11:25:09 PM  
Maybe she can sue Toyota since the Camry doesn't have a low enough gear ratio in reverse to back out of the sinkhole.
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