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(MSNBC)   Scientists drill volcano to find secret monster lair. Badly dubbed film at 11   ( divider line
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2003-02-13 10:02:13 PM  
"Welcome to my underground lair"
2003-02-13 11:33:02 PM  
Let me know if they find some sharks with friggin' laser beams.
2003-02-14 12:17:05 AM  
Waiting for the numerous Dr. Evil and "it's a trap"-related responses...
2003-02-14 12:17:13 AM  
Boring into the glowing magma at that level would normally be impossible, because of its fiery 1,292-degree heat. Thus, a slurry of water will be pumped into the drill shaft to cool the magma and allow the drill head to cut through.

Honestly, this gets me a little "hot"....
2003-02-14 12:17:42 AM  
Run for your lives!!!
2003-02-14 12:18:10 AM  
"Gassing is important because it controls the explosivity of eruptions," Nakata said after Thursday's launch party.

...said party included a great deal of beans and cabbage, one would assume.
2003-02-14 12:18:52 AM  
Japan should receive a reward for "Best Poorly Planned Idea of the Century"
2003-02-14 12:19:30 AM  
gotta get this in before someone beats me to it:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-14 12:20:33 AM  
are they going to be suprized to find anything other than molten rock? just remember...

"If you ever drop your keys into hot lava, leave them, because buddy, they're gone."

2003-02-14 12:20:47 AM  
Me Rikey
2003-02-14 12:21:25 AM  
Yeah, create a localized weakness in a magma high-pressure vessel.
2003-02-14 12:21:59 AM  
"Gassing is important because it controls the explosivity of eruptions."

amen to that! reminds me, i gotta take care of some business...
2003-02-14 12:22:04 AM  
Godzilla unavailable for comment!
2003-02-14 12:22:10 AM  
be careful guys! You have no idea what you might awaken!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-14 12:23:00 AM  
Must be some kind of publicity stunt for "Rord of the Lings"
2003-02-14 12:24:34 AM  
For an encore, they'll be geyser diving in Yellowstone.
2003-02-14 12:24:53 AM  
and this is related to boobies how?
2003-02-14 12:25:17 AM  
Gamera is really neat,
Gamera is filled with meat,
We've been eating Gameraaaaa!
Shells, teeth, eyes, flames, claws, breath, scales, fun!
2003-02-14 12:25:45 AM  
Yeah, good idea.
2003-02-14 12:26:14 AM  
I wonder how many liability-waivers were passed around before any money was shelled out for this one?

1200 degrees? enough pressure to blow the top of a mountain off? lots of water to make steam? Can I watch from *way* over there?
2003-02-14 12:26:32 AM  
great headline
2003-02-14 12:28:03 AM  
Ahahaha Wldncrazy
2003-02-14 12:28:15 AM  
Bad idea.
2003-02-14 12:28:42 AM  
Something like this was featured in a really, really, really bad made-for-TV-movie-of-the-week which was broadcast once and then burned. Anyone remember a plan to send a manned vehicle down into an active volcano, using a sonic blast to clear a path through the magma? Once they got underground, they encountered a hostile being who controlled an army of day-glo plastic stingrays, and in a surprise twist the hostile being was the father of the main character, who'd gone into a volcano x years earlier in a similar scheme.

I think it was a horrible mangled retread of Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
2003-02-14 12:29:49 AM  
One scientist was quoted as saying:
"Japan feels it hasn't seen a really good explosion since the second world war, so our idea is to introduce a lot of steam and heat into an already active volcano that could blow anytime, we figure that would do the trick"

.... in bad taste, moi?
2003-02-14 12:29:52 AM  
hmm lets put a hole in this giant bag a flaming poo and see what pops out
2003-02-14 12:29:52 AM  
Didn't Japan hve enough volcanos without drilling for another one?
2003-02-14 12:30:34 AM  
WOO HOO im back, laptop stolen.
2003-02-14 12:32:22 AM  
I like the word magma. I like to say it over and over.

magma, magma, magma, magma, magmamagmamagmamagma.

Of course, I also laugh when people lose limbs. Well, not right away, usually the first time they try to open a can of soup with one hand and their chin.

2003-02-14 12:32:28 AM  


2003-02-14 12:33:51 AM  

I remember that. They had a computer like Holly from Red Dwarf, but competent. And they encountered a peaceful Yeti-like creature, which became part of their crew. The last shot of the movie was something the class ring of the father on the hand of the hostile being.

That movie really sucked.
2003-02-14 12:33:59 AM  
And upon completion of the project, all of the scientists plan on throwing a bukakke party at the local gesha house.
2003-02-14 12:38:45 AM  
What if they found these guys??

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-14 12:38:56 AM  
"And upon completion of the project, all of the scientists plan on throwing a bukakke party at the local gesha house."

don't you mean the survivors?
2003-02-14 12:42:53 AM  
2003-02-14 12:43:06 AM  
I think I may have found it. There is very little in the way of plot synopsis, but I think it came out in 1993. Even then, I knew it was a bad movie. It has Tim Russ in it too. I know that if I were going on a journey underground, I'd want a Vulcan security officer. Alas, poor Tim, the privations you suffered before fame. Although seven years stuck on Voyager under Berman's leadership isn't exactly luxury.

Yes, it's cut 'n paste. If I try to code it, the only result will be endless posts of mistrials and me cursing my lack of HTML skills.
2003-02-14 12:43:45 AM  
And the creature they found looked like this:
[image from too old to be available]

Unit-03 to investigate. Unit-02 to provide backup.
2003-02-14 12:43:50 AM  
Liquefied rock begets menacing gas buildup, or so they say.
2003-02-14 12:47:20 AM  
here's a better look:

[image from too old to be available]

mmmmm...thermal expansion...
2003-02-14 12:53:43 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-02-14 01:00:39 AM  
You can cook a fish over a volcano.

I bet you didn't know that.
2003-02-14 01:00:50 AM  

Come on, is the concept of adverbs so difficult to grasp?

"Poorly dubbed".... POORLY!

2003-02-14 01:05:30 AM  
Su007 Aww shucks, you had me at LOL. Do they resize? If so, I must throw water at your crotch before an important meeting.
2003-02-14 01:06:55 AM  

It's good of you to notice the headline was poorly dubbed. :P
2003-02-14 01:11:21 AM  
Look at that poodle dog
Big as a blimp
With a rhinestone collar
Snappin' off the trees
Like they was
Bonsai trees on a
Dry water landscape

Keep it away
Don't let that poodle bite me
We can't let it reproduce
2003-02-14 01:15:19 AM  
Bedevere - I thought all of you grammer and spellang knotseas went to bed at midnight. No one cares at this time of night.
2003-02-14 01:18:27 AM  
You're doing real good, Bedevere.
2003-02-14 01:23:22 AM  
I found this article boring
2003-02-14 01:34:11 AM  
E Z 2 masturbate 2
2003-02-14 01:43:31 AM  

1200+ degree magma + high-pressure gas + steam + bunch of idealistic eggheads = BOOM.
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