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(Some Guy)   Wish the world's fastest octogenarian, Chuck Yeager, a happy 80th by checking out his new website   ( generalchuckyeager.com) divider line
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2003-02-13 01:51:43 PM  
Happy birthday old fark. Your website sucks.
2003-02-13 02:30:46 PM  
Challenge: Photoshop site picture to make it look like he's taking a dump.
2003-02-13 02:42:48 PM  
Never heard of the guy but happy 80 years young...
2003-02-13 02:43:03 PM  
[image from hill.af.mil too old to be available]

Here's to ya', Chuck - One of the ballsiest Americans alive today.
2003-02-13 02:44:57 PM  
Just one of his less glamourise accomplishments would be enough to satisfy most pilots.
2003-02-13 02:58:56 PM  
I'll drink to that!
2003-02-13 03:29:20 PM  
Happy Birthday Chuck!

Despite a youth in the poverty-stricken backwoods of West Virginia, Yeager became a fighter ace, a legendary test pilot, a leader of men, and an icon for generations, all while doing what he loved: flying.

And go Mountaineers!
2003-02-13 03:30:08 PM  
Happy b-day, Chuck!

Stephenv... doesn't look like much of a challenge to me, but I'll pass because I've always liked the guy
2003-02-13 03:42:04 PM  
The problem with just scanning the headlines is that you see stuff like "...the world's fastest orgasm...".
2003-02-13 04:36:45 PM  
Happy B-Day to one of the bravest people in history! This dude really knew how to push past the limits.
2003-02-13 04:46:13 PM  
God, I used to live next door to Chuck Yeager. He was such a dick!! I once saw him hit a kids dog with his cane! JESUS!!!
2003-02-13 04:47:00 PM  
hey it's my birthday too...and Henry Rollins
2003-02-13 04:47:03 PM  
Yet another West Virginia boy done good.
2003-02-13 04:47:42 PM  
Cutting-edge doesn't even begin to describe the stuff this guy has been involved with. Maybe bleeding edge but even that seems to fall short of doing him and his career justice.

I would suggest having his balls bronzed when he passes on but I believe they are already made of brass.

Happy Birthday Mr. Yeager! Many more.
2003-02-13 04:47:51 PM  
Chuck Farking Yeager. Happy B-Day!
2003-02-13 04:47:54 PM  
So, wait, we're gonna wish him a happy birthday by farking his site?

2003-02-13 04:48:18 PM  
Read about his best friend of 60 years: Bud Anderson

Those boys kicked some serious ass in the 357th.
2003-02-13 04:48:25 PM  
Snizwilk I agree, Happy B-Day, Your site sucks , get drunk and land so we can really talk!
2003-02-13 04:48:32 PM  
Jesse, I bet he did it really fast though.
2003-02-13 04:48:38 PM  
A salute to the General...
2003-02-13 04:48:48 PM  
Happy Birthday Chuck.

The post made it look like Yeager was actually made it to 80 the fastest, which confused me because I thought it took everyone about the same time to reach 80. Right around 80 years I think.
2003-02-13 04:49:17 PM  
Im writting my thesis paper on this guy for my aeronautical studies minor, and as a pilot I think that the industry would be in a sad state if it wasn't for him. He's the best american hero ever
2003-02-13 04:49:20 PM  
Happy Birthday Chuck. You rule.
2003-02-13 04:49:41 PM  

General Chucky Eager?
2003-02-13 04:50:32 PM  
2003-02-13 04:50:49 PM  
General Chuck, Ye Ager.
2003-02-13 04:50:57 PM  

Totally! He has broken:
1 speed of sound
1 cane
1 dogs back.
2003-02-13 04:51:03 PM  
Happy birthday, Chuck. Keep showing up that upstart John Glenn...
2003-02-13 04:51:09 PM  
Good on Ya Chuck you got screwed when they wouldn't let you be an Astronaut.
2003-02-13 04:51:29 PM  
what the fark? Well. I guess I should say happy 80th. Still dunno who tho.
2003-02-13 04:51:31 PM  
"General Chuck"

Sounds like a regular spewing session to me!
2003-02-13 04:51:49 PM  
Happy 80th birthday to Chuck "Mr Supersonic" Yeager! And I didn't forget your birthay present either:

[image from electroease.com too old to be available]

2003-02-13 04:52:02 PM  
BillDarryl, that's great! Never noticed that before.
2003-02-13 04:52:19 PM  
02-13-03 04:46:13 PM JesseAndTheRippers
God, I used to live next door to Chuck Yeager. He was such a dick!! I once saw him hit a kids dog with his cane! JESUS!!!

LOL That made me laugh so hard! Safe to say that that was a joke?

Happy Birthday Chuck!
2003-02-13 04:52:20 PM  
Ge'Neral Chu Ckyea Ger
2003-02-13 04:52:25 PM  
02-13-03 02:42:48 PM FLA Chickie
Never heard of the guy but happy 80 years young...

Never heard of Chuck Yeager? Surely you jest.
2003-02-13 04:52:37 PM  
I saw the Greatest American Hero on TV once. I think he only lasted a couple seasons though.
2003-02-13 04:52:42 PM  
Anyone else check out the Yeager Experience?

It is nothing like the Jimi Hendrix Experience...
2003-02-13 04:52:46 PM  
He was the guy in the 'Right Stuff' movie!

That movie was long but neatorific!

Shame he missed out on the space program. :(
2003-02-13 04:52:54 PM  
Your Serious Fla Chickie?

I believe he was the first man to break the sound barrier.
2003-02-13 04:53:10 PM  
Hey Chuck! Your online store is busted in Netscape 6. Tell your web monkey butlers to make your crap cross browser compatiable. Thank you for your time on this matter
2003-02-13 04:53:50 PM  
[image from mobygames.com too old to be available]
Chuck Yeager's Air Combat
2003-02-13 04:54:13 PM  
I see JesseAndTheRippers is still practicing that oh so cool "Make up shiat about someone people admire so they won't look up to them anymore" cynicism that's so popular with the kids today.
2003-02-13 04:54:43 PM  
i have a general question that doesnt really pertain to this thread, but here it goes anyway. does anyone know how i can contact the US government, lets say a commanding general or even Dubyah himself. i was sitting around thinking the other day and thought of something really awful Saddam could do if theres a war. basically its infect some of his troops(making an exception with republican gaurd units who are far less likely to surrender en masse) with bio agents without telling them and so when they surrender they will in turn infect numerous american personell far behind the front before anyone becoming aware of a general threat ever existing. this could lead to contamination being spread through all ranks, lets say an officer interogates a POW, and can then be spread to the States. incubation for some of these diseases is up to a week, and during that time no overt signs can be detected that the person has the disease, but can still spread it among others.

maybe im just thinking to much......
2003-02-13 04:56:13 PM  
Oh wait, it was the Yeager Adventure, that explains it...
2003-02-13 04:56:40 PM  
Ultra Hal:

I swear to god! It was Grass Valley California, 1 hour from Sacramento. He lived on Green Horn drive. He always wore this sh*tty green net cap, and would stare at people like he wanted to kill them!
2003-02-13 04:56:54 PM  
ANy Farker who has kids it would behoove you to save the link to Chuck's website and go through the timeline of Chuck's career. It's interesting and you kid will probably have to do a report on an American hero someday. Chuck would be a fine subject.
2003-02-13 04:56:59 PM  
Oh man... Chuck Yeager's Air Combat...Damn, that brings back memories. That was the first flight sim I ever had, and it was actually pretty good, too.
2003-02-13 04:57:17 PM  
"Happy birthday, Chuck. Keep showing up that upstart John Glenn..."

Good one Nick. Made me laugh.
2003-02-13 04:57:53 PM  
It's like he would focus his rage from not being an astronaut into hitting dogs!
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