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4038 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Sep 2001 at 4:58 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-06 05:00:55 PM  
These guys think anyone will actually pay this?

Although I noticed the .com sale has been canceled
2001-09-06 05:01:03 PM  
Is this a rerun?
2001-09-06 05:01:50 PM  
We even tried to GIVE it to his royal fu*king highness, but since his pu**y hurts so much lately from all of his fame

2001-09-06 05:03:39 PM  
stile has no cojones
2001-09-06 05:20:48 PM  
Hmm, the article above this was deleted.
Someone mind telling me why things get deleted off Fark.com?
2001-09-06 05:21:59 PM  
Because they are to boring to even consider.
Who cares what the muslims do?
2001-09-06 05:22:48 PM  
I've noticed things get deleted too... I think the official explanation is something like "Drew spilled beer on the keyboard again" or something.

Oh, and how many people are going to type in stileproject.tv? I could see someone going for a .net of this...
2001-09-06 05:28:25 PM  
why does everybody hate stile anyway? it's not just the content of the site, right...?
2001-09-06 05:28:58 PM  
sorry the article above this was my fault. i convinced drew to post something really boring for five minutes just to see how you guys would react. the reaction was boring.
2001-09-06 05:29:29 PM  
Hardly, it's more like:
Phil thought it was a good article, Drew thought otherwise.
2001-09-06 05:33:04 PM  
Toldja so Jaxom. grin
2001-09-06 05:36:23 PM  
What a bunch of assholes... I hate people who sell domain names
2001-09-06 05:46:39 PM  
LOL!!!! Fugly.com bought it! ROTFL!!
2001-09-06 05:46:50 PM  
2001-09-06 05:48:36 PM  
auction ended, no sale.
2001-09-06 05:58:00 PM  
SoylentGreen - you hate ppl who sell domain names? Than you must not own one ;)
2001-09-06 06:04:18 PM  
Why are you all so gullible? He does this once a month to get more hits.
2001-09-06 07:48:12 PM  
I still like stile - O.k so you get sick of the pop up shiat and crap porn links but you have to give credit to some of his content.
2001-09-06 07:50:10 PM  
LOL, nice, obviously somebody is upset at Stiles. A couple of nice jabs.
2001-09-06 07:51:31 PM  
I don't really hate stile, however, his content has been lacking in the last few months. He's not original and *shocking* anymore.
The FNN interviews featuring stile was probably the last *good* stuff he came out with.
Too bad really.
2001-09-06 08:15:45 PM  
People hate Stile because they expect his site to live up to the hype, and end up disappointed. It's their own damn fault, really. I don't expect anything good from Stile, so I never get disappointed. I visited stileproject a few times, wasn't impressed, and stopped looking back, expecting some sort of great content. No disappointment, no expectations, no hate.
2001-09-06 08:29:53 PM  
Ethyx -the FNN wasn't even him. It was Freakfarm. On an unrelated note. I met that homeless bum in NYC and started asking him if his name Stile. Even got a picture of him. 'Twas funny.
2001-09-06 08:33:21 PM  
Jax: I knew that it wasn't him, but it was funny nevertheless. On his site, in my opinion, that was the last good content.
So you met that bum? No kidding, did you scan that image? I would bust a nut if I saw that.
2001-09-06 09:06:07 PM  
Say what you will, I'll hold out for stileproject.edu, thank you kindly.
2001-09-06 09:39:30 PM  
Why are you all so gullible? He does this once a month to get more hits.

Aeonite, EXACTLY. It's so overdone and boring.
2001-09-06 10:34:13 PM  
Stileproject Television

All shiat eating all the time.
2001-09-06 10:46:01 PM  
ethyx: you ask and I deliver. Me and Stile from StileProject (Actually his name is Anthony).

[image from thesatyr.com too old to be available]
2001-09-07 02:39:42 AM  
That's fan-farking-tastic.
Unreal. I love it.
2001-09-07 07:32:09 AM  
Jax, I didn't know you were in a wheelchair....
2001-09-07 10:13:49 AM  
Yeah - fortunately I have a cable modem in my box on the corner of Lexington and 32 so I can check Fark between handout requests.
2001-09-07 12:47:19 PM  
People want to buy the weirdest domain names. I've got maculated.com and someone contacted me to use it for their business. Like, the whole reason I have this name is because its so rare no one will ever use it as a username. I don't see the market value.
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