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(News24)   Elderly couple with combined age of 159 arrested for public sex   ( news24.com) divider line
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2003-02-13 01:09:54 PM  
Watch and learn, young wipper-snappers. See One, Do One, Teach One....or two...or three.
2003-02-13 01:38:56 PM  
I guess the old guy still had a little ink in the ol' pen.
2003-02-13 01:46:23 PM  
85 years old and evaded police - having sex in public - What a guy!
2003-02-13 02:37:59 PM  
Thank you Pfizer.
2003-02-13 02:52:41 PM  
"The man, 85, and woman, 74, were arrested after schoolgirls in Italy spotted the pair in a rocking car with misted windows."

hehehe....Kudos to them!
2003-02-13 03:37:25 PM  
Despite being naked from the waist down, the man managed to jump out of the car and evade police, but they caught up with him later after the woman gave his details.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I douched out my nose with Sprite when I read that paragraph. Gave his details, indeed!

"Be on the lookout for a guy with no pants, no hair, around 85 years old, and an erection."
2003-02-13 04:22:04 PM  
Nice to see old folks have a hobby to keep them pumped up in the retirement years.
2003-02-13 04:23:02 PM  
I'm praying that there're no pictures of the subjects in this article before I click on the link....
2003-02-13 04:31:13 PM  
I figured it'd be a 141 year old man and an 18 year old girl. I guess I'm wrong.
2003-02-13 05:28:26 PM  
[image from rawfood.com too old to be available]
See what juice can do for you!
2003-02-13 07:51:20 PM  
[image from toonman2.bizland.com too old to be available]
Looks like he's takin' the old skin-boat to Tunatown!
2003-02-13 07:59:58 PM  
2003-02-13 08:00:40 PM  
Well thats just... Yuck
2003-02-13 08:00:49 PM  
WickedWanda, if I had liquid in my mouth, I would've been in the same boat as you. That's just too funny.
2003-02-13 08:00:59 PM  
The man, 85, and woman, 74, were arrested after schoolgirls in Italy spotted the pair in a rocking car with misted windows.

Schoolgirls? Rocking car with misted windows? This whole article reads like cheesy porn.
2003-02-13 08:01:18 PM  
This is exactly the sort of thing I don't really want to hear about.
2003-02-13 08:03:50 PM  
Finally, the sort of police action I can agree with!
2003-02-13 08:03:50 PM  
Good for them.

Too bad for the witnesses though.
2003-02-13 08:03:59 PM  
Damn grandparents, whats next an orgy during knitting hour?
2003-02-13 08:04:18 PM  
Ya know, I'm really glad they caught the guy. I think if I saw an 85 year old man with no pants or hair, and an erection running from the police, I think I probably would have to sit down and wait for the hallucinations to stop.
2003-02-13 08:05:29 PM  
One Word: Viagra
2003-02-13 08:05:56 PM  
This goes beyond icky.

I'd go as far as to say that's downright ishy.
2003-02-13 08:06:56 PM  
well, atleast fiery passion isn't neccessarily lost with old age, and if it were my beligerent grand-dad, i'd say

2003-02-13 08:07:07 PM  

That is the kind of thing that is scorched on your retinas for ever. See it once, and you will be seeing everyday for the rest of your life.
2003-02-13 08:07:48 PM  
At least they weren't naked on the cover of Time Magazine...
2003-02-13 08:08:26 PM  
How sweet. =)
You've really got to love someone to have sex with them when they're all wrinkly and smelly and don't have any teeth and probably don't move around much, either.
Either that, or you're just into that sort of thing, which would be kinda creepy.
2003-02-13 08:09:12 PM  
Make Viagra illegal. It is scourge causing old people sex all over the place.
2003-02-13 08:09:43 PM  
Anybody who thinks old timers getting it on is gross has issues with their own sexuality.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to see them do it, either.
2003-02-13 08:10:36 PM  
Xkenny13 has a point.
2003-02-13 08:10:52 PM  
"The Italians are coming! The Italians are coming!"

[image from gfisk.com too old to be available]
2003-02-13 08:11:47 PM  
My Grandparents are straight freaks too! And I have yet to find a counselor who is willing to hear my story for ANY amount of money.
2003-02-13 08:12:11 PM  
Fifty day sentence?...Hell...give them a fifty dollar reward.
2003-02-13 08:12:14 PM  
its so nice when something you see on the internet aside from Aria Giovanni makes you smile...
2003-02-13 08:12:20 PM  
When I'm that age, I would rather be like them than . . . well . . . just about anything . . .
2003-02-13 08:13:21 PM  
Well, as great as it would be to still be doing it at 85...

~~let's do this like brutus~~
2003-02-13 08:14:55 PM  
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2003-02-13 08:15:34 PM  
shut up and pass the spumoni.
2003-02-13 08:16:15 PM  
I thought it was funny that a google image search for "old people" brings up a picture from this site... the name of the picture is "old people and family." I just thought it was funny that this law firm for the elderly just calls them old people in the long run.
2003-02-13 08:16:57 PM  
What, no one else reads "Senior Fantasies"? Pfffttt..
2003-02-13 08:17:07 PM  
My eyes! The goggles do nothing!
2003-02-13 08:17:13 PM  
One word:

2003-02-13 08:17:39 PM  
Mom Dad! Oh no! The humanity!
2003-02-13 08:18:12 PM  
old people need love too!!
2003-02-13 08:18:14 PM  
okay first of all, that is gross, sick, and disturbing.

But my question is.....

how in the HELL does an 85 year old man, with his pants at his ankles, elude police?

Now either the police were vomiting from the sight, or they are the slowest cops in the world.
2003-02-13 08:18:36 PM  
Did'nt trouble myself reading the article but I am pretty damn sure I can say - Should have been Hero(s).
2003-02-13 08:20:18 PM  

Well, now you know why the Europeans are afraid to go to war. If their armed forces can't catch an 85 year old running with his pants around his ankles, god help them against untrained, poorly equiped and unmotivated Iraqis...
2003-02-13 08:20:22 PM  
How about some of Granny's special sauce, little boy?
2003-02-13 08:21:32 PM  
What gets me is that they're described as "occasional lovers"

Nan and Pa, still in love and affection I can deal with - although not bear to look at directly, lest my eyes be burnt.

But rauchy Ol' Horny MacWack-Wack and his festering slut is just..viewable for $24.95 a month through a german site.
2003-02-13 08:21:56 PM  
true, very true Danlbrau
2003-02-13 08:22:38 PM  
While I can't say I'd want to witness this, ya gotta give the dude some credit-- 85 and still getting some action. And with a "younger" woman, too. Rock on.
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