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(Some Guy)   Cliff Yablonski buys Stileproject (not safe for work)   ( stileproject.com) divider line
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5564 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Sep 2001 at 4:58 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-06 05:02:20 PM  
Ahaha, like we couldn't see this coming...
2001-09-06 05:02:21 PM  
i hope so
2001-09-06 05:02:22 PM  
bah. no cojones
2001-09-06 05:03:05 PM  
There goes the neighborhood. Oh, wait, no, it was already gone.
2001-09-06 05:06:04 PM  
Stile is stile is stile. WTF?
2001-09-06 05:08:05 PM  
I don't get it
2001-09-06 05:10:45 PM  
See Ya stile. we will miss you.

Wait no we wont.
2001-09-06 05:14:05 PM  
why is it whenever i try to read both SA and Stile it seems like i need half a bag of ritalin to understand what's going on on the page?
2001-09-06 05:16:04 PM  
Ritalin makes it worse, you need ADD just to understand it
2001-09-06 05:19:16 PM  
...and no one cared
2001-09-06 05:24:10 PM  
publicity stunt? maybe Jeff K will hack it again

well, all the subpages still exist
2001-09-06 05:30:42 PM  
Well Jeff K and Cliffy B at http://www.somethingawful.com are hilarious at times. I think, though, that this is just temporary downtime for stileproject.com... a prank, that's, after all, what somethingawful.com does!
2001-09-06 05:42:16 PM  
Complete work. (wrestling lingo..whoa)
2001-09-06 05:55:14 PM  
So, stile is letting a friend borrow the site while he dodges all the media whores and peta psychos. Makes sense really.
2001-09-06 06:01:05 PM  
It's just like his "HANGING" stunt he pulled off, which I thought was the funniest thing he has ever done. It's just like the "HACKING" stunt, that someone supposedly hacked his page. He's full of stunts. I'm just waiting till he pulls off a Palestinian prank ..
2001-09-06 06:09:41 PM  
i didnt read this, but stile is boring. dont dog sa though, they come through with quality humor for the most part.
2001-09-06 06:55:50 PM  
Does anyone else think this might just be a spoof between two well known spoof sites, or is it just me?
2001-09-06 07:26:45 PM  
Funny either way. Maybe drew can buy the goatse_cx site.
2001-09-06 07:27:35 PM  
There's a filter for goatse . cx to goatse_cx
2001-09-06 07:39:27 PM  
The goatse guy kicked the bucket a couple days ago. The obituary in his hometown even mentioned his site. That was a surprise.
2001-09-06 07:47:44 PM  

The guy who ran the site or the guy with his ass spread? If it's the former, what a trajedy.
2001-09-06 07:50:34 PM  
Not the guy who ran the site. The spreader himself died
2001-09-06 07:56:44 PM  
Stile is back. It was all a publicity stunt.
2001-09-06 07:59:22 PM  
Wow, atomic. It's me JD.
2001-09-06 08:02:15 PM  
I don't understand Stile's constant publicity tactics. Still don't believe his site was really hacked last month. The old 'crying wolf' thing applies.
2001-09-06 08:09:47 PM  
Stiles o.k cliff can get a bit boring jeff k is a laugh but his humour can drag on a bit. None of it is nearly good enough to be high quality humour - although cliff has had his days where hes just hit the nail on the head.
2001-09-06 08:11:55 PM  
Finally! Cliff'l breathe a little life back into the project.

Really, though. This is one of the more amusing stunts in awhile.

I did dig the nazi threats, though. Too many racing games..
2001-09-06 08:25:43 PM  
Someone needs to have his Prozac dosage upgraded!
2001-09-06 08:41:04 PM  
Blah how many times can 1 person be amused by listinging to some smelly old fark rant about how he hates retards and fat chicks.

I hope one of those retards picks up a stick and wacks him special olympics old-sk00l.
2001-09-06 10:58:59 PM  
OK, call me sick, but I thought that was funny. Then again, I'm weird enough to think Rich K. is funny.

Fark is still the most amusing of all these friggin' sites. And the most read. Why, when I posted the URL of my lame-ass Web site in the comments thingie, I got, like, five hits within a day!
2001-09-06 11:21:50 PM  
I think the Stile hack was real, it was a real security hole
2001-09-06 11:39:58 PM  
Maybe that's why Stile chose to use a hack, because it was believeable.
2001-09-06 11:41:27 PM  
Drew - As a owner of a isp you should know there is always a new exploit to own a server. No one knows if it is true.
2001-09-06 11:42:06 PM  
except for Stile and a unknown script kiddy
2001-09-07 01:06:25 AM  
It is so obviously Stile, his rants are exactly the same he's just made the page look messy... wow!

I used to go there a reasonable bit a fair while ago when he said it had been bought by some media company for 2 million or some shiat. I stopped visiting when most of the links started going to advertisers instead of what they suggested they did and his rants just bored me.
2001-09-07 01:21:49 AM  
Um, is nobody noticing the URL for this? It's a satire, created by Stile, with a little help from Something Awful.


Wake up!
2001-09-07 09:26:33 AM  
Interestingly enough, it looks like stile closed the auction... I'm not surprised.
2001-09-07 10:43:42 PM  
"The goatse guy kicked the bucket a couple days ago. The obituary in his hometown even mentioned his site. That was a surprise."

That wasn't legit, people sure are gullible...
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