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2001-09-06 11:13:08 AM  
When will there be a boobies filter?
2001-09-06 11:13:22 AM  
Good work
2001-09-06 11:15:47 AM  
It's in already
2001-09-06 11:16:20 AM  
The person who complained about BEARLVR knew way too much. I'd say that person has some issues to work through.
2001-09-06 11:19:36 AM  
Read the one for "U LOSER".."As a Logistics Specialist for the uyallup School District for more than twenty years, and the owner of a 1983 Plymouth station wagon,..." I can just imagine the gov. worker reading these complaints sifting through all of them going "crackpot...crackpot...crackpot...1983 plymouth station wagon owner?!?! I'll get on this one right away"
2001-09-06 11:24:26 AM  
I live in Washington and here are two plates I'll never forget: The first was on a Corvette convertible (top down) being driven by a beautiful young woman. The plate read "BTOPLES" The other was on a Beemer in the yuppie area east of Seattle, also being driven by a pretty young woman. It read "NOTYGRL".
2001-09-06 11:26:24 AM  
2001-09-06 11:28:39 AM  
I assumed the "LEZ MIZ" one was just a fan of "Les Miserables".
2001-09-06 11:31:55 AM  
Baron: Caught that too. Sometimes I think it would be fun to have the job reviewing the applications for and complaints about personalized plates. At other times I think it would be maddeningly frustrating.

The "U LOSER" complainer might want to lighten up a bit.

"...superior arrogance..."
"...arrested development..."
"...economic differences..."

This person is reading way too deeply into it. Was he/she picked on alot as a kid? I think the reactions of the complainers say more about themselves than the personalized plates say about their owners.
2001-09-06 11:34:02 AM  
I thought the emails to this 'KayCee' were even funnier. Both of them said have a nice day, but only if you want to. Only if you want to???
2001-09-06 11:34:56 AM  
I saw a plate in Bethesda on a nice new BMW. So typical: bad driver, cell phone in hand, oblivious to everyone else, with a personalized plate that said, "MY FEE". I wouldn't write to complain about his plate, of course. But I did have to resist the urge to ram his fee and push it off the road.
2001-09-06 11:36:23 AM  
WAAAAAAAH!! I'm offended!!! WAAAAAH!

whatever. these people have WAY too much time on their hands.
2001-09-06 11:39:27 AM  
I think this is proof that some people need to get a life. For years a plastic company in my home town (Giger plastics, or maybe Gyger platics) had "FOQUE" as its license plate. People laughed about it, it even made an appearance in the local paper in an article on vanity plates.

If I were in Washington DC I'd have a riot calling in complaints over non-vanity plates. IFB could be "I fark blondes" etc. The most challenging part would be to not eject whatever fluid I'm drinking out my nose due to laughter.
2001-09-06 11:52:17 AM  
This goes to show if you give them an outlet, people will complain about anything. And what the hell was offensive about CNLNGS? Are they really trying to say someone is supposed to look at that license plate and see "cunnilingus?" I couldn't even spell that word without looking it up!!
2001-09-06 11:54:29 AM  
I liked the rebuttals.

"UZI 4U" said that the work UZI is based on a anchent Hebrew word and said that critisizing it was antisemitism.

"CNLNGS" said his plate ment Chemical/Nuclear Lungs. Now that's the most creative lie ever. GO CNLNGS!!!
2001-09-06 12:29:26 PM  
FLATCAT - i need to see if i can get that in my home state here ;)

stupid people are so amusing...
2001-09-06 12:32:03 PM  
"what next, red nek 1, red nek 2, 4 red neks"

She missed out red nek 3, red nek 4, red nek 5, red nek 6, red nek 7, red nek 8,red nek 9, red nek 10 red nek 11, red nek 12, red nek 13,red nek 14, red nek 15 red nek 16, red nek 17, red nek 18, red........
oh never mind!
2001-09-06 12:34:37 PM  
Hell, I've been having fun just checking out the regular plates here in Florida...They really must make the plates in a prison, I have one on my website that reads E47 MUF , and rotten_com hass one that is A55 RGY (keeping in mind that Florida plates have a big orange in the middle...Oh hell, here's a link:


And TC is right, the rebuttals were great, GOLFBTCH is golf butch? Sure, if you so say, but who can argue?

The LEZ MIZ was funny just because the whiner stated that they might be making a big assumption (trying to get sympathy)...Well no shiat....

2001-09-06 12:36:01 PM  
Two years ago our ginger tom got run over.
My six year old daughter was first to see it and exclaimed "Jasper's a flatcat"
2001-09-06 12:39:49 PM  
hehehe yeah my favorites were CNLNGS and FLATCAT
2001-09-06 01:00:29 PM  
why is it that in this country EVERYONE is forced to conform to the "moral standards" of the MOST CONSERVATIVE portions of the population?
Does this make ANY sense at all???
2001-09-06 01:24:40 PM  
I saw one in Maine that said MAD ISM

Listen to enough Wu-Tang and you'll know this is the same as Lots of marijuana...

I knew one guy whos plate said "HO-Hop N" (what girl would get in a car that said that?
2001-09-06 01:32:19 PM  
It's kind of a self fulfilling prophecy to write in and complain (while simultaneously bragging about your shiatty station wagon) about a license plate that says U LOSER

I want the DMV to issue me my 'BLOW ME' plate
2001-09-06 01:34:22 PM  
Plates in my state only allow 7 letters, so if I got my last name on a license plate, it would end up being: HOFCKER
2001-09-06 01:44:54 PM  
Here's one a local guy tried until they figured it out. Write it down, then hold it up to a mirror. It's meant for rear-view mirrors...."3M TA3".
2001-09-06 01:51:45 PM  
2001-09-06 01:58:48 PM  
Good one Dunnski. These people that complain really do need to get a life. And stop trryig to portray your morals on me, you ignorant bastards!!!
2001-09-06 01:59:17 PM  
Freddy: Beasty Boys "License to Ill" 1985?

2001-09-06 02:03:33 PM  
A few years ago in Georgia, someone had a van with country and western bumper stickers and decals all over the back. The vanity plate was KUNTRY. Someone must have been asleep at the switch when that one was issued.
2001-09-06 02:04:28 PM  
THIS JUST IN: Vanity license plates STILL gay!
2001-09-06 02:41:26 PM  
Let's hear it for David Gilmore, 360-902-3776 for forwarding the "LEZ MIZ" license plate when he could have just blown it off thereby allowing the owner to not be scrutinzed by JayCee. Fascisti of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose if you controll all with an iron fist!
2001-09-06 03:14:39 PM  
[image from acme.com too old to be available]
2001-09-06 04:05:13 PM  
In my state somebody was driving around with
KAJ 305 what gall of this person.

K obviously stands for K, A stands for All, and J well Jews, I mean really! Should I have to be subjected to such hate mongers on my road?!?!?!

I called the DMV and they explained to me that they made that one and get this over a 1000 of them were on the road now!

Time for a letter to congress my friends!
2001-09-06 04:29:04 PM  
I assume K is for Kookie.
Thats good enough for me!
2001-09-06 04:31:50 PM  
Having a RED NEK plate promotes racial seperation?Umm,some people are proud of being rednecks,and not all of them are KKK members.Basically,they were stereotyping,which is a frm of discrimination in itself.So much for being a PC moronican.
2001-09-06 04:32:41 PM  
Notic the UZI4U person never mentioned what UZI means in Hebrew?Hmm,oh well,Uzi's are l33t.
2001-09-06 05:59:53 PM  
I laugh as I look out of the window at my own car... (UK plates) BEG 4 1T

Sad, I know, but it makes me smile.
2001-09-06 06:06:51 PM  
you know what's stupid, some these people probally had bumper stickers too, (esc the redneck) and i bet they were more offensive then the plate. now, if go as far as to write in on this shiat to get them to change it, they will still have the stickers(i.e. calvin pissing on the world)

2001-09-06 06:25:19 PM  
There used to be a guy around here who had SPLIFF as the numberplate on his Mercedes (this is in the UK BTW). And not only that, but he had it on his little detachable trailer as well. I haven't seen it for ages, so I don't know if it's still around.
2001-09-06 07:34:56 PM  
God what a bunch of farkin anal assholes. Who cares if someone wants to put CNLNGS on their plate, it's pretty damn funny if you ask me.
2001-09-06 10:35:24 PM  
That's a crock of shiat about "Chemical/Nuclear lungs" though. Good story though
2001-09-06 10:44:35 PM  
I like this one "cumdrnk"... saw it while on Vacation... LOVE IT......
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