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(   Racist or just afraid of vampires? Rep Davis says, 'hispanics are going to suck us dry'   ( divider line
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1653 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Sep 2001 at 9:07 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-06 09:14:23 AM  
Why do we elect so many bigots?
2001-09-06 09:16:09 AM  
His other incident was pretty blatant (two things made this country great, white men and christianity), but did he even do this one? It seems equally likely that somebody grabbed his business card, printed out the email and photocopied the card onto it.

He's a racist, but this one is quite possibly a frame up.

2001-09-06 09:45:13 AM  
I wouldn't mind being sucked dry by a hispanic. As long as it's Jennifer Lopez.

Just a guess, this guy's a republican, right?
2001-09-06 09:48:24 AM  
We elect them because racism is an 'murican famlee valyooo' and the christian right wing believes the solution to our problems is to force 'murican famlee valyooos' on everybody.
2001-09-06 10:01:41 AM  
What the hell is he apologizing for?
2001-09-06 10:04:20 AM  
Hispanics "suck us dry." My ex Wife is hispanic, and well I'm broke now. Yet I doubt it has anything to do with her being hispanic more like because she's just a money grubbing biatch!
2001-09-06 10:06:43 AM  
it's politically incorrect to speak the truth :p
2001-09-06 10:48:20 AM  
"Davis, who is white..."

No, really? I thought he was a Haitian prostitute.
2001-09-06 10:49:00 AM  
Amen, brother Baracus.
2001-09-06 10:56:16 AM  
Dumbass, it's those damn negroes that suck us dry! The spicks and wetbacks work their asses off mowing my lawn and washing my dishes.
2001-09-06 11:06:56 AM  
Sucking us dry? What is this biatch talking about, hispanics do most of our grunt work, when he wants to go out there and pick potatoes and what not, be my farking guest.
2001-09-06 11:42:54 AM  
"The e-mail - which was sent to Davis, then copied with his business card and placed on House members' desks in July - criticizes a Spanish ballot instruction initiative approved by lawmakers."

Okay, wtf? Am I reading this correctly? How the fark can you be an American citizen if you can't even read the ballot in the English language.
2001-09-06 12:32:55 PM  
Albert's World

No speak english? No Job? No vote!
2001-09-06 12:35:28 PM  
my thoughts exactly Ian! I hate to say it, but the Rep. does have a point, in a round-about way. Where I live the population is increasingly becoming hispanic. Which wouldn't bother me except that they don't speak english! I was at the store the other day, asked an employee for some help, he didn't speak a lick of english. If they want to live in america, learn to speak the offical language dammitall.

Granted I can speak spanish fairly well, because I lived in Mexico for three months. I went there, and while I was there, i made an effort to learn to speak their language! I didn't rattle on in english and expect them to understand. I didn't expect to see street signs in english and spanish. It was mexico, it was spanish! This is america, it should be englishia

that's my viewpoint... we now return you to your regularly scheduled rants.
2001-09-06 12:46:35 PM  
I've been waiting at my desk all day and I still havn't been sucked dry yet.
2001-09-06 12:47:59 PM  
I may be wrong, but I don't believe the U.S. has an officially declared language. English is a de facto standard, not a de jure standard. There's a significant difference.
2001-09-06 12:52:42 PM  
i like this guy....
did he really apologize!?!
i hope not!
2001-09-06 01:19:14 PM  
Come to the People's Republic of California, where we spend over 1 billion a year on pre-natal care, health care, education (to say nothing of wear'n'tear on our infrastructure) for illegal aliens, the majority being hispanics.

As for that politico twit, feh.
2001-09-06 01:37:08 PM  
And Connie Chung noticed this:

"...for forwarding to his colleagues an e-mail that complained Hispanics "suck us dry."...The e-mail - which was sent to Davis, then copied...The sender was identified in the note as Gary Haynes of Fuquay-Varina.."

Which means that this bastard was simply forwarding the thoughts of another person - he never said shiat. Christ, doesn't anyone READ these articles? This is Connie Chung, signing out.
2001-09-06 01:50:00 PM  
Why should he apologize? He didn't WRITE the email. He FORWARDED it. Connie+Chung's right- mayabe he just wanted to let his colleagues read what his constituents had to say? Maybe he forwards all unusual emails to them?

As for "Hispanics sucking us dry", it should have said "illegal aliens from Mexico are sucking us dry". There are 1000's of people from other countries desperate to come to America (and willing to work those same menial jobs that Mexicans do) and these people cut to the front of the line by sneaking across the border, then expect the USA to make them citizens since they're already here.

How would you feel if you were in line to see a movie and suddenly 50 people cut in front of you. You finally get the the entrance and are told the movie is now sold out. When you explain that all those people cut in line, the manager shrugs and says, "Well, they're already here so I might as well let them stay. Tough luck for you. Come back some other time."

That's what the six million illegals already in the United States are doing to those who are patiently waiting their turn to come here legally.
2001-09-06 02:29:33 PM  
While I can understand why people want to come here for the opportunity to build a better life than they have in their country, I still get royally pissed off when I think of the many friends and colleagues I have who did it the LEGAL way. It took my best friend five years of applications and interviews before he and his family could get immigration visas and green cards to enter the US. Both have always held good jobs, paid their taxes, never sought government entitlements of any kind and became US citizens. Eight years after arriving here, he built a thriving business of his own, employing a dozen people, all US citizens. We need MORE of these type of people and less of the illegals. If the US government had any balls at all, they would enforce our immigration laws. The spineless, wimpy Republicans won't do it because they're worried they would be made out to be 'insensitive' or 'mean-sprited.' The socialist, politically correct Democrats won't do it because they want to be seen as 'compassionate' and they want to woo the illegals' families/ethnic groups to vote for them.

(And please, no one give me that old, tired mantra of ..."Well if we enforced those laws, who would do all the crap work that Americans don't want to do or won't do?")
2001-09-06 02:49:51 PM  
Flip, actually, you have things backwards on the political parties. The Republicans being led by Senor Shrub want a blanket amnesty that would grant legal immigrant status to all MEXICAN citizens in the US illegally.

The Democrats are willing to go along with it, but only if it isn't nationalaity specific, i.e. immigrants from any nation would be granted citizenship.

What I find most laughable, is that they're saying that businesses are behind the measure...Oh yeah, suuuure...As if these companies are just jumping at the chance to start paying migrant workers minimum wage and benefits packages...

2001-09-06 02:56:35 PM  
Hey Flip:

Well if we enforced those laws, who would do all the crap work that Americans don't want to do or won't do?

Doh! - you asked us *not* to give you that.....

Don't think that all immigrants don't learn English - I work with a Korean and a Bulgarian who are fairly decent speakers of English (but you should see the spelling of some of the file names) - on the other hand, I do see a *lot* of Mexicans who do not speak any English at all - that pisses me off. Guess you don't need to know English to mow. Wait till the bleeding hearts make it a crime to make speaking English a requirement for writing textbooks in English.
2001-09-06 02:57:52 PM  
Moreover, guess who gets to pickup the hefty price tag(in dollars and societal problems)for these slave laborers? You & I. All for what? Votes for greedy Republicrats and Democans.

2001-09-06 03:04:11 PM  
That is it Walljasper. It is not like we are gaining a bunch of well trained and highly creative individuals. Many of the Mexicans who are here illegally take more from our society than they contribute.

Many do contribute, but many do not. Let's take the ones that contribute - no blanket amnesty.
2001-09-06 03:08:05 PM  
Backwards, schmackwards. What's the diff? Both parties are full of miserable bastards who govern by wetting their fingers and sticking them into the wind to see which way the wind is blowing today. Both parties ought to combine and call themselves either the Democans or the Republicrats. We need a Second American Revolution.

As for Senor Shrub, I'm not particularly enamored of him and his stand on amnesty. Of course, we could have had Al Gore, who has to put a pork chop around his neck to get his dog to play with him. Or how about Herr Pat von Buchanan? Comrade Ralph Naderovich?

We are fark e d !

(I'm in a particularly nasty mood today! I'm going for a beer. Bye.)
2001-09-06 03:10:20 PM  
my 2¢:

People who are here illegally should be given 1 chance to leave. If they fail to do so, then they are shipped home in a body bag. They didn't come here through the proper methods, and do not deserve the privilege of 'the american dream'.

If the amnesty passes in any form, I'm getting the fark out of the country, because w will have completely sold out.

That or start target practice.

These people come here, make no effort to take part in society other than get a job, most of which are 'under the table' jobs, and then get pissy about stuff. I'm sorry, but I speak English and German. I don't speak Spanish. Oh, and you aren't in mexico any more, you need to learn the common language, and not get mad at me because you have such a thick accent that I still can't understand what you farking say, even though I've asked you to repeat it for the 5th time.
2001-09-06 03:13:03 PM  
It really sucks that Fox, the Mexican president immediately asked Bush to make it 'legal' for 'immigrants' to just come on over.

I'm pretty sure I can count on Bush to hold out, but I really hope some lousy bleeding heard liberals dont persuade him to just open the floodgates and let 'em all rush in.
2001-09-06 03:15:02 PM  
I think Bush should hold out until Vicente Fox promises us that we'll get all our hubcaps back.
2001-09-06 03:15:35 PM  
mine the borders?
2001-09-06 03:16:59 PM  
Oh, and don't get me wrong, if we had a flood of educated, enterprising, innovative illegal aliens, then I'd not be complaining. But we get the people who have never had an education, don't know how to read and write, etc etc.

Besides, all of these illegal immigrants (is that politically correct for trespassers?) are taking the jobs away from the red necks etc.
2001-09-06 03:17:40 PM  
Connie Chung wonders... just what exactly is a "bleeding heart liberal" - anyone care to back up their statements with a well thought out definition?
2001-09-06 03:19:44 PM  
And they like taco bell 'cause they think they will get to eat that talking dog.

Farkin' Chihuahua eaters!
2001-09-06 03:26:50 PM  
It is a known fact that immigrants, illegal and legal, contribute more in taxes than they recieve in benefits.
2001-09-06 03:28:31 PM  

bleeding heart - a person who shows extravagant sympathy especially for an object of alleged persecution

liberal - someone who believes in liberalism, which is a political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties

A bleeding heart liberal is someone who strongly believes that they should pour all of their efforts into promoting the inherent 'goodness' of humanity, and does so for the benefit of the persecuted.
2001-09-06 03:30:24 PM  
Hey Connie+Chung,

You are the only person who has used "bleeding heart liberal" in this thread. so why don't you explain yourself.

I used "bleeding heart".

has a pretty good definition, and I will accept it as an impartial source. Will you?
2001-09-06 03:31:55 PM  

Merriam Websters Online has a good definition of both bleeding heart and liberal.
2001-09-06 03:38:53 PM  
Connie Chung wishes to thank Blackvampyr for his well balanced response. Connie Chung also wishes to refer SnipDaddyDad to ChillyWillies above post which included the statement:

"...lousy bleeding heard liberals..." - thus, I was not the first, nor the only post the phrase.

Hey, Snip? Read before you accuse, darling ;)
2001-09-06 03:41:11 PM  
Hehe, I just find it funny, that people keep expecting the "liberals" to be the ones pushing for the amnesty of illegal immigrants, but in reality it's Bush who wants it...


Remember when the Republicans were the fiscally respnsible party?
2001-09-06 03:49:49 PM  
SnipDaddy bows in discrace, muttering "...but he said 'bleeding heard liberals' not 'bleeding heart liberals'".

Sorry Connie+Chung. Will 50 lashes suffice?
2001-09-06 03:52:13 PM  
Connie Chung wishes no ill will, SnipDaddyDad - no lashes at all ;) Besides, what kind of bleeding heart liberal would I be if I didn't forgive and forget (and let all the immigrants into the country - and our daughters' beds!), eh?
2001-09-06 04:08:55 PM  
Thanks Connie+Chung!

And don't forget about letting them into *my* wallet ;-)

really I have no problem with immigrants, let 'em all come, as long as they get no govt benefits. They don't even have to speak English, as long as businesses have the right to refuse employment to them for not speaking English. Even if it does not matter. Bring 'em on in.
2001-09-06 04:18:46 PM  
Phillyguy, it doesn't matter what illegals contribute to this country. They don't belong here.
2001-09-06 05:42:06 PM  
Sorry about the typo. Bleeding HEART liberal.

Chilly Willie ‚ Bleeding heart liberal.
2001-09-06 05:42:53 PM  
That little square was supposed to be a 'not equal to' sign.
2001-09-06 05:45:04 PM  

2001-09-06 05:46:29 PM  
2001-09-06 05:54:20 PM  
Political correctness = "modern sensibilities" = fascism.
2001-09-06 06:25:15 PM  
Being PC for the sake of being PC, is to stifle one's true feelings. We are too pussified in this age, and we are afraid of offending someone to the point where we have to go into detail about how it wasn't meant to be an insult, just an insight or opinion. Damn you walljasper for making me talk about being PC :)

Here's the solution to our problems - ship them home. Yes, that's right. Take some money from that war on drugs thing that isn't worth the costs we pay for it, and use a portion to get the illegals out. If you didn't put EFFORT forth into becoming one of us, you go bye-bye. It's an exclusive club, but everyone has the chance to join.
2001-09-06 06:28:29 PM  
And don't give me the "who will do the manual labor" crap. This country is overpopulated in most areas, so there would be no problem finding people to do the labor. LEGAL people. People that contribute to the system. People say "let them stay, they deserve it since they are being farked three ways from sunday in their homeland" yet manage to neglect the way they are being farked over here, too. What's the difference of being farked over in this country and their homeland? Well, for one, in their homeland they don't strain the system...
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