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(YouTube)   Greatest impromptu piano duet by a 90-year-old couple in the Mayo Clinic lobby you'll hear today. Cool tag because there is no AWESOME tag   ( divider line
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281408 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 May 2009 at 4:20 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2009-05-03 2:15:27 PM  
Oh wow, that made me smile.
2009-05-03 2:29:17 PM  
I wonder how long they've been playing "Put on Your Old Gray Bonnet" together?
2009-05-03 2:37:32 PM  
Nice one!

Made me smile!
2009-05-03 2:48:20 PM  
Thanks for my Sunday smile.
2009-05-03 3:24:03 PM  
I came in here to snark, but that honestly did put a big smile on my face.
2009-05-03 3:25:45 PM  
My favorite part when when they smack each other's butts as they pass.

I hope my gal's up for that when she's 90. :)
2009-05-03 3:39:33 PM  
That old dude reminds me of my grandpa...only less dead.
2009-05-03 3:46:51 PM  
img8.imageshack.usView Full Size
2009-05-03 3:48:54 PM  
If that didn't make you smile I would suggest you check your pulse.
2009-05-03 3:50:38 PM  

Pocket Ninja: I came in here to snark, but that honestly did put a big smile on my face.

Me too. Looked to me like they were really enjoying themselves.

Nice find subby

I give this video 5 awesome hearts

awesomebackgrounds.comView Full Size
2009-05-03 3:57:15 PM  
The Mayo on the keyboards...The Mayo.
2009-05-03 3:58:11 PM  
2009-05-03 3:59:33 PM  

DarthBrooks: I wonder how long they've been playing "Put on Your Old Gray Bonnet" together?

Since it was written, looks like.
2009-05-03 4:02:44 PM  

2009-05-03 4:17:28 PM  
also, my rendition of chopsticks on that exact piano a couple of years ago wasn't nearly as well received. but i had fun and needed the comic relief after some disappointing news. i think it's awesome they have the piano there
2009-05-03 4:22:29 PM  
That kicks ass. Now I want a piano.

And a girlfriend.
2009-05-03 4:22:35 PM  
that is so cool
2009-05-03 4:23:43 PM  
That was cute. It put a smile on my face.

Thanks for posting.
2009-05-03 4:24:39 PM  
2009-05-03 4:24:45 PM  
Well, I'll be slotting that in to my Aggregate Role Model. Fantastic!
2009-05-03 4:24:55 PM  
It's like I'm playing Bioshock
2009-05-03 4:25:31 PM  
I especially like her lil 'aw shucks' wave at the end.

Ham, cheese and Mayo. Good combo.
2009-05-03 4:27:20 PM  
yay clappityclapclapclap
2009-05-03 4:27:32 PM  
That was adorable. I sent it to my parents (young whippersnappers of 67 who have only been married 38 years.)

Now back to our regularly scheduled loneliness and despair of ever finding someone to grow old with...
2009-05-03 4:28:02 PM  
That made me smile. How freakin' adorable are they?
2009-05-03 4:28:25 PM  
Amazing. The only thing missing was the dancing frog.
2009-05-03 4:29:45 PM  
This does deserve an awesome tag.
2009-05-03 4:31:10 PM  
gallery.mtbr.comView Full Size
2009-05-03 4:32:12 PM  
Thank you sooo much, Subby, for this find. Truly awesome!

2009-05-03 4:32:20 PM  
True love.
2009-05-03 4:32:28 PM  
They've been married for over 60 years. Aren't we supposed to make fun of them for that?

Between this and the first kiss on wedding night thread, I'm so confused.
2009-05-03 4:33:13 PM  
Some people lose their vigor at a young age.

Others, sometimes forget they're too old to have it.

/I wish I age with such keen wit
2009-05-03 4:34:20 PM  
A few hours later they paid an impromptu visit to the middle of a grocery store, while still in their Buick regal.

/the screams!
2009-05-03 4:34:20 PM  
Best YouTube Ever
2009-05-03 4:34:53 PM  
Great find, subby! I'll be forwarding this one all week!
2009-05-03 4:35:06 PM  
Absolutely WAY WAY WAY too much fun!!! WOW
2009-05-03 4:35:24 PM  
ohiocitizen.orgView Full Size
2009-05-03 4:36:45 PM  

El_Swino: Amazing. The only thing missing was the dancing frog.
2009-05-03 4:37:52 PM  
wow! senior citizens, while slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose.
:) :) Nice!
2009-05-03 4:38:35 PM  
There's a couple who knew how to party back in the day. Drinking nights at their house must have been wonderful.

Thanks for the link.
2009-05-03 4:39:03 PM  
Fark needs more of this.

Subby gets a gold star.
2009-05-03 4:41:44 PM  
This is why the intartubes exists. God bless. *wipes a tear*
2009-05-03 4:41:51 PM  
So great. Music keeps you young.
2009-05-03 4:42:31 PM  
Support music education in schools.
2009-05-03 4:42:37 PM  
I hope I'm that awesome when I'm 90. Liter +1
2009-05-03 4:43:24 PM  
Old dude is a pimp!
2009-05-03 4:44:39 PM  
That was cool.
2009-05-03 4:45:04 PM  
Great find! Put a smile on my face AND a tear in my eye! I don't doubt ya, subby! I submitted something that needed an AWESOME tag as well. DAMMIT, DREW GET ON THE STICK!!

And this makes me miss my all my grandparents SO HARD right now! Hubby still has one pair, but his Gpa has bad Alzheimers and the only thing he can play on the piano now is "Two by Two" (I think that's what it's called?)

/They're a sweet couple...they'll be married 66 years in July
2009-05-03 4:47:10 PM  
The old man is wearing his pants pretty high.
Probably has something to hide.
2009-05-03 4:48:14 PM  
Well, I'm still smiling.

That was pretty neat even if I my heart skipped a few beats when she fell.
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