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(CNN)   Splitting "Survivor" contestants into separate teams for men and women had unexpected benefit of promoting nudity   ( robots.cnn.com) divider line
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2003-02-11 07:42:23 PM  
Yeah, but'll all be blurred out. Who cares?
2003-02-11 08:11:42 PM  
/me predicts cable commercials: Too Hot For TV: Survivor Girls Gone Wild! Except it would suck b/c of all the saggy old people they always put on.
2003-02-11 10:24:23 PM  
They had to talk to each other to work out men could be manipulated with string bikinis?

Won't help them if they die of hypothermia, of course.
2003-02-11 10:24:33 PM  
That show is still on? feh.
2003-02-11 10:25:21 PM  
Nudity? On TV? Isn't nudity the main reason the Internet exists?
2003-02-11 10:27:52 PM  
Chicks on survivor are ugly.
2003-02-11 10:28:11 PM  
While not physically as strong, the women realized they had certain other advantages in competing against men stuck together for weeks in the tropics -- including the strategic use of a string bikini. "The women knew they could manipulate them," Probst said, "and the men were ready to be manipulated."

Ha, jokes on them. Most of us men are already well trained in manipulating ourselves. Heh.
2003-02-11 10:29:35 PM  
Nudity? On TV? Isn't nudity the main reason the Internet exists?

Yeah. Nudity and Fark. Lord knows my browser history won't say otherwise. :)
2003-02-11 10:29:42 PM  
Hopefully it'll promote lesbian sex-romps.
2003-02-11 10:31:40 PM  
a million years from now when aliens land on earth they are gonna be digging up our old computers and instead of hints about how our species lived, all they're gonna find is boobies and Fark.
2003-02-11 10:34:07 PM  
Speaking of boobies - where are they today? I've submitted some in case there was a world shortage or something...!
2003-02-11 10:35:20 PM  
How bout some boobies on Fark tonight. We be in a boobies drought.
2003-02-11 10:35:37 PM  
Personally I am a big fan of survivor, Never saw the first season, but have seen all the others rather religiously. Its a thursday night ritual for me and my buddies to get together and chill, smoke a bowl and watch the antics unfold.

And I am more interested from an anthropological point of view and a social study point of view than simply for entertainment values. It should be interestesting to see how men and women instinctually fit into their "natural" roles. Not to mention the huge amount of sexual tension that will be present simply from the segregation of sexes.

And when the merge happens, we are truly in for a treat. I see sex. And And perhaps quite a bit of it. All those repressed hormones for so long it will no doubt play on just about all the single survivors minds. Especially since the majority are young and nubile moreso than any previous cast.

All in all, this should be one hell of a season.
2003-02-11 10:36:36 PM  
I don't believe it...prove it to me with pics :D
2003-02-11 10:36:37 PM  
Survivor girls in bikinis SFW
2003-02-11 10:37:31 PM  

OK, cut and past then.

2003-02-11 10:39:34 PM  
I really don't care to see the men nude. Thanks, though.
2003-02-11 10:42:10 PM  
In other News
EW uncovers the white lies behind reality shows
Producers behind ''Joe Millionaire,'' ''High School Reunion,'' ''Survivor,'' and other faves stretch the truth a bit -- in the name of entertainment (1/17/2003)

another link on the same CNN page
2003-02-11 10:54:07 PM  
I say the winners should eat the losers.
2003-02-11 10:57:01 PM  
The mental image there is interesting Sneech
2003-02-11 10:57:32 PM  
Just wait. Survivor Gone Wild comeing soon. Developing...
2003-02-11 11:01:35 PM  
"The old ones taste like jerkey!"
2003-02-11 11:03:32 PM  
Jeez, people still watch Survivor?
I'd like to see a version of it whereby they dump all the contestants on an island with absolutely no food and supplies, and give the money to the last one left alive.
I'd watch it then.
2003-02-11 11:04:12 PM  
So the men got all "cocky" when they found out they were going to be apart from the women. Hmmm...
2003-02-11 11:07:13 PM  
For those who want bOObies...

May I present Miss
Josie Maran!
2003-02-11 11:11:39 PM  
Make sure you have your pop-up stopper of choice turned on.
2003-02-11 11:12:52 PM  
Echoing what Killbot_Factory said,

I want to see a Survivor where they get hungry enough to cannibalize each other.
2003-02-11 11:15:40 PM  
If I was on survivor, I would rape, pillage, and kill the other contestants. If the other team won some farking chickens to eat, I would raid their camp in the middle of the night and kill anyone who tried to stop me, then eat those sons a biatches. Mmmmmmmm, chicken.
2003-02-11 11:20:48 PM  
Do Survivors taste like chicken?
2003-02-11 11:23:16 PM  
Nordburg you are absolutely the kind of contestant that show needs pleeaase apply for the next series!

If I may suggest, your personal item should be a meat cleaver.
2003-02-11 11:28:06 PM  
Who cares? I mean there are camera MEN there, there are cameras. Separating the "men" and "women" didn't cause nudity to happen, hype and $$ caused it to happen.

Survivor is on its last legs and they're about to jump the shark.

Now if they want to make it interesting, make it Survivor death match, use bums and homeless people and film it with a 8mm FILM (not video) camera.

That would be kewl.

2003-02-11 11:39:41 PM  
Crapweasel, Josie's hot
2003-02-11 11:46:35 PM  
About to jump the shark?



excuse me.
2003-02-11 11:48:02 PM  
If they really wanted to get the show going, may I suggest: Survivor: Death Row, where 30 Death row inmates with no appeals left get to duke it out on a remote tropical island. No holds bared and the single remaining 'Survivor' gets a pardon.

For immunity challenges and stuff, you can win a shank, or a gun with 5 rounds, or something to make things a little more interesting.

Or maybe they could add people on the Law Enforcement side to hunt down the criminals, and the survivor gets a pardon. They could even call the Law Enforcement people "Stalkers"... wait, this is starting to sound familiar...
2003-02-11 11:50:10 PM  
Why do they say "of course" we woin't be able to show it

big brother showed people farking on tv and that was fine
2003-02-11 11:50:39 PM  
p.s. for boobies go here.

ok well there's only a few boobies.
2003-02-12 12:02:16 AM  
"unexpected benefit"

Right. I'm sure all the producers didn't think of that when they came up with the idea months ago.

Boobs = ratings
2003-02-12 03:49:24 AM  

Because you're in Australia and as well all know, Australia has no laws.


I agree with everything you said.
2003-02-12 04:00:53 AM  
And I'm in Canada, where typos live freely.
2003-02-12 04:10:52 AM  
Eat the Meek
2003-02-12 06:27:40 AM  
Thanks Lalalala . Don't get me wrong, I love boobies as much as the next guy, but only two of the survivor bust shots on the site for the female side are attractive to my eyes...Course they could be bad pics and they dont show the full body...but hey :)

Still, its' an interesting show for research in its own right, showing how men and women naturally go to their roles without thought...with a few exceptions to the general populace such as the totally lazy folks...but once you get the dynamics of the tribes sorted out after the first couple voted off are gone, things get interesting. Personally I love it when a tribe becomes a family and you actually get INTO the show becaues you feel for them as a group.

Last one is a good example. Initially I hated the chuaygan simply because of Ghandia being there....ugh....what a wench. But after that they were interesting to watch. Likewise the other tribe was the opposite. Whining persisted far too much and eventually killed them all off. Though I was sad to see Robb go just when he became a human being instead of a stupid child.

But in any case, this time around should be a truly interesting thing to watch as such social interations are intriguing to me.

Think I have rambled enough.

Oh yea, I think it would be a nice one, with the deathrow inmates as well. I mean, they gonna die anyway, may as well make it worthwhile. Think of the moolah the prison systems could rake in from THAT. And I would LOVE to see the televised death of Paul Bernardo. That bastard needs to die like nobodies beusiness. For you that don't know who he is....a VERY bad Canadian killer. He and his wife kidnapped two girls, videotaped BOTH girls being defecated on, cut into pieces, encased in cement...generally, not nice folks.

Oh, and he and his wife killed his wifes sister together, just for fun.

Too bad we dont have a death penalty here. Such crimes should require it. While I dont advocate it in all cases, in some ways it is jsutified, especially if you have irrefutable PROOF that the crime was commited by said individual.
2003-02-12 09:07:47 AM  
Just a plot to sell the "unrated" DVD at the end of the show.
2003-02-12 09:09:17 AM  
the worse thing about survivor is the host. He pisses me off to no end. How can anyone stand it when they start playing that dramatic music while he explains (with a straight face) that they have to crawl over a wall and retrieve a coconut in order to gain immunity. Sometimes, this show and others like it make me yearn for the end of civilization.
2003-02-12 09:24:33 AM  
02-11-03 11:20:48 PM King_Nothing
Do Survivors taste like chicken?

No one knows. The non-survivors do, though.
2003-02-12 11:13:24 AM  
Take if from someone who went to an all boys high school, nothing could be less fun.

blaah! skip it.
2003-02-12 12:03:24 PM  
Iscariot~ "Chicks on survivor are ugly"

I beg to differ.
2003-02-12 12:06:50 PM  
Let's try that again.

I beg to differ.

[image from survivorfoxes.com too old to be available]
2003-02-12 02:15:09 PM  
Ghandia was a complete psycho. She would of devastated the team had she stayed.

I've always been a Survivor addict. I remember getting drunk and watching the first Survivor finale and falling off my couch when Richard Hatch won.
2003-02-12 09:27:42 PM  
A bit late, but here goes...

[image from survivorfever.net too old to be available]

More here.
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