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2003-02-10 08:53:59 PM  
I'm actually for parents being required to get licenses before they can even have kids! We license people to drive - having a kid is a lot more complicated and has a bigger impact on society.
2003-02-10 08:54:48 PM  
You live in PA. Obviously, you're a dumbass.
2003-02-10 08:57:15 PM  
How is this asinine? Sounds like a great idea to me. A lot of parents suck, a program like this would call them out on it.
If the parents find it demeaning and insulting, it's probably because they deserve to be demeaned and insulted. Too many parents just don't take their responsibilities as parents seriously.
2003-02-10 08:57:23 PM  
I think this is a great idea if they could come up with a punishment for the parents!

I know mine are a BIG problem in my life, both with school and at home. My dad's a total ass and my mom's a total biatch. I can't do anything right, and you know, I don't care any more. I accept failures more readily than I do passing grades simply because even if I pass, I get yelled at.

I hardly think I'm the only one with this problem. The taste of success is just as dull as the taste of failure, which just gets blunter every passing day.
2003-02-10 08:57:36 PM  
Sure, go ahead, be the one mother that shows up at school and ensures that your little Jonnie gets labeled a momma's boy and has his pubes shaved.
2003-02-10 08:59:34 PM  
It's an excellent idea.

In the case of the Columbine murderers, it would be interesting to see what their parents grades where and what value that would have against them in the civil lawsuits.

All kinds of correlations could be drawn.

Parents definitely need a wake up call.
2003-02-10 09:00:16 PM  
I think this is a GREAT idea.

You can see the kids in a classroom, and tell who has the pathetic parents. They have the kids that are rude, obnoxious, and generally a PITA for the teacher to deal with while trying to teach the rest of the class. Yet, the parent of those kids all exclaim that there is nothing wrong with there little Billy, he's an angel. Feh, give those parents a wake up call, just because they go to school doesn't mean your job parenting them is over.
2003-02-10 09:01:30 PM  
It could solve a few problem parent. Not all, by any means, but hell, a little bit is worth it, I think.
2003-02-10 09:01:59 PM  
OK. Everybody who has a teacher in the family, raise your hand. Everybody else, place both hands over your mouth.

Also, of course, everybody who is a teacher raise your hand.
2003-02-10 09:05:01 PM  
Another thought: This program was obviously spawned because of parents who can't get involved with their kids' education. Previously they couldn't care less about what happened at their kids' school, but now that they know they're being judged, NOW they care?
It's sad that it takes something like this to get a response out of them. Unfarkingbelievable.
2003-02-10 09:10:11 PM  
Ah, Nhurley, thank you. I did not think of self-referentials. You could, of course, consider that "in the family."
2003-02-10 09:15:48 PM  
Taco_x: Funny how you right wingers scream "personal responsibility" at welfare recipients, tort complainants and all and sundry, but you aren't in favour of it when it comes to your parenting.
2003-02-10 09:16:12 PM  
It's sad that it takes something like this to get a response out of them. Unfarkingbelievable.

Nah, that's nothing. Kinda like most unpleasant business decisions, it takes a kick in the ass to get any sort of response.
2003-02-10 09:18:59 PM  
Go Lebanon!

I have family who live in Lebanon city and I grew up very close to it. (For those wondering, I had a Lebanon address but lived closer to Jonestown).

One of the problems there is lack of parent involvement. I saw it in my school as well. I knew many kids in my classes who's parents really didn't care. As long as they stayed out of trouble and fail everything was fine.

One of the other problems isn't that the parents don't care, but they either don't know what to do or can't do anything about it. That area doesn't have much in the way of jobs.. It used to be a steel town. But Bethlem Steel closed the plant during the 80s and the town really hasn't adapted to the lose of jobs. Most of the people were forced to look for work in either the Harrisburg area or Lancaster. And what work was available isn't the highest paying either.

I can say this, people talk badly about teachers and how much they suck. But when I was in school, most of them were really good. Yes I had a few bad ones (And if you are wondering, one of them had been there for 20 years and we got him removed simply by complaining to a few other teachers), but the majority were really great.
2003-02-10 09:21:11 PM  
I love this idea. Although, from my experience, the parents receiving the bad grades will unfortunately never actually SEE the report card, as they tend to never look over anything that goes home with the child anyway.
There have been times when I have personally handed papers to parents, only to have them tell me later that they never got it.
You wanna know why the kids act the way they do? Nine out of ten times it's due to the f*ckups they call parents.
2003-02-10 09:36:47 PM  
if the parents receive bad grades, does this mean the social workers can take over the child?
2003-02-10 09:40:23 PM  
Ishidan, you are my new hero.
2003-02-10 09:48:21 PM  
I think this is a good idea. Maybe some people will realize they have raise their children, not the school system.
2003-02-10 09:50:20 PM  
You think teachers don't judge parents with or without a grading system? I beg to differ.

What exactly does this accomplish anyway? Its another way of passing the blame for poor student accomplishments onto someone elses plate rather than taking the bull by the horns so-to-speak. Do you really thing apathetic parents will change their ways because of this?

LadyLazaruss, I believe teachers do judge parents. I think a report card for parents might help some of them understand that their shiatty parenting is being noticed. Maybe they'd rectify it.

To be honest, the system proposed in this article is toothless. Parents should be required to spend at least 20 minutes each night (or morning if they have a night job like I do) with the child talking exclusively about schoolwork. If little Johnny throws some 'tude the parent's way, said parent should punish little Johnny.

Too many parents think they don't have to help school their child. I see the public school like Social Security (to the elderly) -- it'll help your kid get by, but without your own savings/effort, you're farked.

If you're a parent, and you thought some system was going to teach your kid for you without you having to do more than show up at a few conferences and sign a few report cards, you're a damn fool.
2003-02-10 09:50:56 PM  
Having worked in education, I would have to agree that one of the most frustrating things that a teacher has to combat is the attitude of some parents towards teachers and towards the importance of education. This seems to be especially true during the child's early years of education.

I do not however, propose that a parental report card is the answer to addressing these problems, rather observation and communication should always be used.

Example .

Kim has failed to do his homework 3 times. Kim also has a homework diary of which his parents are supposed to sign each time he does his homework; this has not been signed. In the proposal for Lebanon City the teacher would give this parent a negative mark, which in my opinion would more than likely annoy the parent, and reduce communication avenues between the parent and school. In my proposal the teacher would ring Kim's parents and point out that the homework has not been done. He/She would also point out the diary and on average how many times they should expect Kim to have homework. She would also insure the parent knew that he/she does not need to wait until report time if they feel that Kim is having problems. Also that he/she will not wait until report time if Kim is having problems that there will always be communication between the teacher and the parents.
2003-02-10 09:55:59 PM  
Can students raise their hands too? :)
Being a student, I am so very, *VERY* pissed at what the administration is doing to some of our teachers. One of the best teachers I have is being harrased, and constantly, because: Some of his students don't get X% on a standaradized test. Nevermind the fact that said teacher will often take in the 'problem' students and work hard to help them, nevermind the fact that he is a wonderful teacher, nevermind the fact that he actually makes the subject interesting. No. Apparently, his teaching skills are bad. Because the Tests Say So.
And this year will be the last year that our school's US history classes shall be able to do something that has become school Tradition: A speakeasy. Generaly organized at the time the students in the class are learning about the prohobition, the speakeasy is put together by teachers and students (no, there is no alcohol). A password is created, and a dresscode of the period enforced. By bouncers. It kicked *ASS*. (Especially trying to sneak in.). But no more. This, too, is slain by the Quest for Tests.
On another note, parents are not always the problem: When the administration starts giving some of my teachers a hard time, she asks my teachers where she should go to start raising hell...
2003-02-10 09:59:10 PM  
I apologize for the long, rambling post, and the aparrent lack of spacing between the paragraphs. It's late, and I'm tired and rambling.
2003-02-10 09:59:39 PM  
Felgraf That's a shame, but there has to be some way to evaluate employees.

Teacher's unions scuttled all other methods for rewarding good teachers and evaluating performance when I was in high school.

I guess job security for the crappy teachers is biting the good teachers in the ass.
2003-02-10 10:03:18 PM  
Yeah, it does suck. Fortunatley... most of these teachers will be getting tenure soon. I can only imagine the hell they're going to raise once they do. Too bad I'll have graduated...
2003-02-10 10:06:35 PM  
Woah, i'm from this town, not only that but i attend this school.

We were told not to speak out about it if we are against it. Too bad we aren't grading the administration on First Amendment Rights.

I personally don't think it's a good idea, but don't tell Mrs. Bartley I said that that.

If you want to tell her what you think, here is her e-mail address:
2003-02-10 10:07:24 PM  
Coming from a broken home where there was NO parental involvement in anything....I think what this school is doing is exactly right.

Put the burden of education on BOTH teachers and parents.

Who cares if it's accurate?! Who cares if it has teeth or not!?

The point I think the school system is trying to achieve is that it's not just a drop off daycare. They want to raise awareness that it's not just the schools' responsibility for education.

If even a little bit of interest is taken, it will show.
2003-02-10 10:07:33 PM  
Tenure? In high school. Zoinks. Whatta terrible idea.
2003-02-10 10:07:42 PM  

Mrs. Marianne T. Bartley is our super-intendant if i forgot to mention that in the above post
2003-02-10 10:08:28 PM  
Good idea, I'm so glad this is being presented. The majority of problems in education come from teachers being blamed for shortfalls in parenting skills.

When kept to a strictly education basis, schools can provide guidelines to parents to possibly help them from even before-school years.

Parents are the first and ever-lasting teachers, and it's about time they are recognized as such.
2003-02-10 10:08:41 PM  
It's not perfect, but it's a start.

Even at my school, a private Catholic institution, where parental involvement is on average incredibly good, we get the asshats. The ones who ignore teachers' repeated requests that they send a snack every day so the poor child isn't begging from friends or starving by lunchtime. The ones who send their kids to school in the shorts version of the uniform and coatless, when it's 40º and the kids wait outside at the curb to be picked up and have a recess unless it's actually raining. The ones who think *not* checking to see if little Johny or Susie did their homework will encourage them into independence. The ones who want to yell at *me*, a lowly specials teacher, because I dared to give their little angel the grade they deserved for effort or conduct. I thought honesty was a commandment as well as a job requirement, you hypocrites!.

As someone else said, parental involvement is the key. Parents are the role models from birth up, 24-7. Friends don't come for several years and teachers only get the kids about 6 hours a day weekdays. Good parental involvement can overcome language barriers, learning disabilities, and behavioral disorders.

Why yes, we did just send report cards home last week...
2003-02-10 10:16:20 PM  
Blamedbore --

I'm from a town called Jordan. My Japanese professor would always feign incredulity when we were supposed to talk about where we were from. "You from Joh-daan? Far away!" Surprisingly, it never got old.
2003-02-10 10:23:18 PM  
The idea drew some criticism. Some parents didn't like the prospect of being judged by their children's teachers.
Funny though how parents blame the school and 'the state of education' when their children turn into flaming idiots, thought.

Wake up whiny meat-parents. Parents are and should be judged by how their children turn out.
Not asinine, but not enough.
2003-02-10 10:38:16 PM  
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2003-02-10 10:47:23 PM  
Great idea. It would be a nice research tool to prove what most people in any education system already knows.

Crappy parent = crappy kid.

A GENERAL rule to be sure but one that such a study would prove reliable. Exceptions will no doubt exist. As for putting teeth, I think parents with poor parental grades should be advertized on billboards and TV. Will they change? Nah. But at least the rest of us will know who the asshats are in our town.
2003-02-10 10:47:52 PM  
Well, it's different from the other side of the fence. Take my mom - she taught in an inner-city school... Then had me. I'm one of those annoying, lazy, apathetic bastards that fark up the schools with B.S. because I don't care enough about my grades to cheat, but still manage to make out O.K. in the end. Sometimes it's impossible to instill discipline. Yes, there are some asshole parents - but what the fark is grading them going to do, piss them off even more?
2003-02-10 10:49:12 PM  
Thank you, Fiona_Applet, for doing your job. As a parent of two boys in Catholic school (three in September), I have the utmost respect and gratitude for the people who teach in them. You sure as heck aren't doing it to get rich (though I seem to be sending my boys there to get poor!). My wife works as a substitute teacher in elementary and middle schools in the same town as my sons' school, and the difference between the students' performance and general attitudes is striking.

All you parents out there: getting good grades for your kids isn't going to make them ready to be intelligent adults. When they grow up, no one is going to care how well they scored in 5th grade math. Get off your asses and raise your kids!
2003-02-10 11:00:08 PM  
only if they let someone grade them
2003-02-10 11:06:36 PM  
"Time is definitely short for some people," said Heist, whose three children attend Lebanon schools. "I think some parents will take it as a rude gesture that they're not doing a good job."

Uh-huh. And maybe, just maybe, those people who are short on time have the habit of taking just enough time out of their day to piss and moan about how the teachers aren't doing their job for them well enough. I mean, it's not like the teachers in question get paid jack shiat or anything. Oh, wait...

I love how when basic accountability, even on a purely symbolic level, is "enforced," how outraged some people get. If you're a good parent, there's nothing to worry about. If not, then consider it a wake up call.

Considering what they're being paid, I applaud these teachers for taking on this added responsibility in an attempt to improve the educational situation where it only truly matters in the end: the parents. How in the Hell can these parents expect their kids to give a shiat about their grades when their response to a Mickey Mouse version of the same thing is met with outrage? Just another example of how America wants someone else to do their work for them while they go out to make as much money as humanly possible, whatever the cost.

"But...but...but...NOTHING is my fault! I'm a voter!"

Richly undeserving of the "asinine" tag, IMHO.
2003-02-10 11:23:23 PM  
This is definitely deserving of a hero tag. Teachers have to work so hard, and they have little recourse when parents don't do their part. Teachers can't be the parents for 30+ students. They can't keep them from going outside when they need to do their homework. They can't read to them at home. Parents have a duty to do something to help raise their kids. Otherwise, they really don't have much they can reasonably argue about when they end up with morons. I went to one of the lowest funded school districts (2nd to last) in one of the lowest funded states, but many kids succeeded because teachers got the parents involved. Funding and even teacher quality affect a kid's performance less than parental involvement. Even parents that work all the time can be involved. They can call teachers or just simply ask their kids how they're doing. They can still sign report cards (which means bothering to find out enough about the kid's education to know when report cards come out). And, heck, if a parent has to work 2 jobs because they didn't graduate, they can use that as motivation for their kids. No parents are perfect, but they should be required to try to raise their kids.
2003-02-10 11:27:17 PM  
"I think some parents will take it as a rude gesture that they're not doing a good job."

News flash! If you're not keeping up with your kids' education, YOU ARE DOING A BAD JOB, YA FARKTARD!!!!

2003-02-10 11:34:23 PM  
Great idea. It would be a nice research tool to prove what most people in any education system already knows.

Crappy parent = crappy kid.

You are absolutely dead on (in a general way)...

An example: I never had any involvement by my parents and yes I was the 'bad seed' growing up. Even had a preacher's son tell me he couldn't play with me anymore because I might be a bad influence on him -- like he couldn't have been a good influence on me -- but I digress...

crappy parent = crappy kid.

Imagine my shock when they were looking for me all over the school so I went into hiding so I wouldn't be found. Turns out, they just wanted to let me know I made the honor roll.

The what!?! You mean I'm not being punished for something?

Parental involvement is CRITICAL to everything. It cannot be overstated
2003-02-10 11:37:44 PM  
I think this actually makes a lot of since due to the fact that alot of the problems facing the education system in every state is irresponsible adults who have bred without thought for the consequences, or care for their spawn's well-being.
2003-02-10 11:39:07 PM  
I think this actually makes a lot of sense due to the fact that a lot of the problems facing the education system in every state is irresponsible adults who have bred without thought for the consequences, or care for their spawn's well-being.
2003-02-10 11:40:44 PM  
are irresponsible adults
2003-02-11 12:07:46 AM  
ill give my parents an A-. all that matters is that they try, they dont have to perfect.

i give those teachers in penn. a C for being such a Chach.
2003-02-11 12:29:00 AM  
02-10-03 09:40:23 PM CBorgia
Ishidan, you are my new hero.

Thank you, I try.

Felgraf: Yes. You are experiencing the mania for standardized tests that has become completely idiotic. No Child Left Behind, as it depends solely on standardized tests, will make this even worse.

I'm from Hawaii, where teacher abuse has reached idiotic proportions. My father retired two years ago at the top of the pay scale for teachers. This is $50k/yr. After 30 years of service. In one of the most expensive states in the nation to live, topped only by New York and some parts of California. He was going to keep at it for a few more years, but when the legislature declared that they were going to CUT teacher's pay(many people don't even know about this), he got while the getting was good. Just last year, it got so bad that the grade schools AND the University professors held a united strike; effectively crippling the ENTIRE public education system STATEWIDE, for several WEEKS. Even after the Governor said he'd step in and resolve the contract disputes, he did not: he continued to dink with them after the strike ended and all the way until his term of office ended.

I was working during the strike. I got to hear lunchroom talk about the strike, from parents. One total twat who sends her kids to private school(who, oops, just also happened to be the general manager of the office) said the teachers ought to just shut up and go back to work, the strikes were irritating her. It was VERY difficult not to go off on her.

This is why I'm so bitter about anybody mouthing off about teachers.

Sure, are there some poor ones? You betcha. I heard stories about idiot teachers as much as idiot parents. The trick is to catch the idiot teachers before they get tenure. There IS no vetting process for idiot parents.
2003-02-11 12:32:00 AM  
My mom read to me daily, and by the time I got to kindergarten, I could read fourth grade books. She continued to encourage me, and by fourth grade, I could read college books. She also made sure I knew how to do math, and I was the only student in my third grade class to complete his multiplication tables.

Unfortunately, my sister wasn't so lucky. My parents got divorced when she was just a year old. My mom didn't have much of a way to make money, so she decided to go back to college to get a B.S. in Elementary Education. She also had to work so that we could have food. While my mom went to school, my sister had to stay at day care centers. My mom wouldn't get home until very late at night. This went on until my sister was in second grade.

My sister still made good grades. In fact, she made very high grades. Then in second grade, my mom discovered that my sister couldn't read. This was right before a parent conference.

At the parent conference, she tried to bring up the issue. The teachers insisted that my sister was doing fine. My mom decided that she was going to make sure that my sister could read well.

She pushed my sister, making sure she read every day for over a year, working up to harder books, and my sister eventually caught up and passed most of her classmates.

During that time, my mom had several parent conferences with those teachers and my sister's third grade teacher. Each time my mom brought up that my sister couldn't read well, and the teachers always said she was doing fine.

I understand that there are a lot of good teachers out there. I had many good teachers. I also had some very bad ones. I don't think any bad teacher should have the right to assign a grade to a good parent. My sister's second and third grade teachers were worthless; my sister would have learned more had she stayed home.

This story deserves the asinine tag more than any I've seen within the past few days.

jbc [TotalFark]
2003-02-11 12:37:57 AM  
It doesn't go far enough. Any parent who gets a D or worse over, say 4, consecutive semesters should be spayed or neutered. Shape up, or they're getting out the scissors. (And not the good ones... those cheap plastic ones with the rounded edges.)
2003-02-11 12:41:32 AM  
Unfortunately, it would only help some parents but that is better than none at all. Some parents on the fence would get a wake up call that they are f'ing up, and they might pay more attention to the most important thing they will ever do in their life. Others will be crappy parents no matter what anyone anywhere ever does.

It a good idea anyway you look at it.
2003-02-11 12:47:49 AM  
I like the spay or neuter idea. It's unbelievable that people can pump out kids without any reasonable expectation that they will be a decent parent or even any required guidance. The child and the rest of the world pay for it.
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