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12458 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Feb 2003 at 3:41 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-11 12:30:52 AM  
The criteria for being signed up is that you have to be in a relationship already, but sexuality doesn't matter.

What about lesbians?
2003-02-11 12:48:46 AM  
Quick1 apparently hasn't seen the final scene of Requiem For A Dream.
2003-02-11 12:49:34 AM  
(kidding, Quick1 ;-) )
2003-02-11 03:33:31 AM  
Oh, for the love of....I just read the headline as 'condom tasters'
2003-02-11 03:44:38 AM  
There are flavored ones, you know. Not so farfetched.
2003-02-11 03:51:21 AM  
If you want to participate in the survey but don't have a partner, will they assign you one?

Probably NSFW
2003-02-11 03:53:18 AM  
Wldncrzy14: You and me both. ick.
2003-02-11 04:03:26 AM  
Pills kicking in. G'night folks.
2003-02-11 04:08:27 AM  
i'm in the holiday spirit, what with the pending Easter and all, and I said to myself "yo dawg, you should donate your time to a charitable function." so i'm gonna do this, in hopes that it promotes world peace. Ya know, charity can be hard work, but it feels good to know that you are helping the needy.
2003-02-11 04:10:39 AM  
I was in Scotland over Xmas and came across whiskey flavour condoms (no pun intended). I'm not sure what's going on there as I don't know too many women who like whiskey.
2003-02-11 04:17:53 AM  
And how exactly are they going to 'measure' success?
2003-02-11 04:30:16 AM  
They should have advertised for volunteers here on Fark. There's many a Farker who would work for free.
2003-02-11 04:33:52 AM  
Rightmindx: That's what I wanted to know. Can we pick em, like that scene in Total Recall? "Voluptuous." "Sleazy." Thank you, please drive through...
2003-02-11 04:35:38 AM  
Oh and Purple_Jack: It's supposed to go INSIDE the condom... just thought you should know before something terrible happens.
2003-02-11 04:39:48 AM  
Uh Uh...
/not a student
2003-02-11 04:41:44 AM  

i wonder if thats real. If so -

Fark off communityu college
2003-02-11 04:44:52 AM  
Don't worry Abdul, I'm pretty sure it's medically impossible for my blow-up doll to become pregnant. She has a puncture at the moment so I took her back to the shop. I complained that she had 'gone down on me' but they just laughed at me.
2003-02-11 04:56:40 AM  
/once "murdered" a love doll w/a blow dryer
(don't ask, just don't do that if ya want the doll to survive)
2003-02-11 08:31:41 AM  
Only joking, you think a firm called Condomi would make bed side lamps?

Why not? fark make clothes, Siemens and Wang make computers.
2003-02-11 08:47:48 AM  
that was one rude Discovery advertisement. turn down your speakers if you havent read the article.
2003-02-11 08:57:22 AM  
I'll try the extra-extra-large ones.

hangs head in shame for having a micro penis
2003-02-11 09:13:59 AM  
I can't be a condom tester, my duties as Bikini Inspector and my volunteer work with the Beaver Patrol keep me too busy...

/with a nod to Kids in the Hall
2003-02-11 09:28:53 AM  
Glad I am not theonly one that read that as condom taster

2003-02-11 09:47:42 AM  
Just give me the time and place. It'll be more fun than a FARK party!
2003-02-11 09:49:14 AM  
Of course, I didn't read the article, but the headline got me all worked up.
2003-02-11 09:54:23 AM  
I would fail the test...because my wazerd would instantly bust the rubba.
2003-02-11 09:57:35 AM  
2003-02-11 10:59:13 AM  
I think they need to set people up with testing partners... You know, because different combinations would give different results... So they could get a guy.... let's say me, then a bunch of attractive girls (who of course I would have to approve, because if not, the experience might not give good results), and then commence with the "testing."
2003-02-11 11:34:09 AM  
The act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman; the man's penis is inserted into the woman's vagina and excited until orgasm and ejaculation occur = coitus

Sincerely, Mike Jackson
2003-02-11 11:45:22 AM  
Think they can make one strong enough for even Fb-?
2003-02-11 11:54:16 AM  
New headline: The most annoying pop-up ad ever
2003-02-11 02:13:09 PM  
blah blah blah
2003-02-11 02:15:43 PM  
2003-02-11 02:16:05 PM  
I'm glad I'm not the only one who read it as "tasters" ... *shudder*
2003-02-11 02:33:19 PM  
Testicleus I'll try the extra-extra-large ones.

True story:In 1998 I walked in to the clinic on Camp Red Cloud in Korea and there were two boxes of condoms there for soldiers. Both boxes contained the same ones (obviously) but one box was labeled 'small' and one box was labeled 'large'

Those medics always have a great sense of humor. Not to be outdone, I loudly proclaimed
"Hey, don't you have anything smaller than this? Could you maybe cut the fingers off a surgical glove for me? Thanks.
2003-02-11 02:34:51 PM  
Sos I think they need to set people up with testing partners

and as the control group, I will not use a condom.
2003-02-11 04:20:31 PM  
Sign up for being a condom taster? Woo Hoo!
2003-02-11 04:42:19 PM  
How exactly is a condom tested? How often it breaks, how many of the test subjects become pregnant, how many guys use them as water balloons and hve unprotected sex...
2003-02-11 04:55:29 PM  

[image from robisworried.com too old to be available]
2003-02-11 06:11:21 PM  
Enave as the control group, I will not use a condom.

That's ok with me... I don't need more mouths to feed or women to pay child support to. I'll just take the no-strings-attached approach.
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