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(WAVE3.com)   1800 gallons of tequila flowing through streets of Louisville. Drew's birthday party in Louisville this past weekend. Coincidence?   ( wave3.com) divider line
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2003-02-10 05:01:16 PM  
oops tequila, i meant, on the last part
2003-02-10 05:01:54 PM  
LOL! so thats why no ones seen johndx!
2003-02-10 05:07:08 PM  
Hey Kerouac, you forgot

+ No Life in HS
2003-02-10 05:07:30 PM  
[image from arthurdaleheritage.org too old to be available]

The humanity!
2003-02-10 05:08:43 PM  

no, I said NO studying.

I didn't even know I was taking it til that morning.

ugh. I'd never advocate it as a method of taking your SATs, but it worked for me.
2003-02-10 05:12:37 PM  
2003-02-10 05:13:12 PM  
Pepe Lopez Tequila?

Feh... Maybe the employee was doing some vigilante quality control? In which case he should get a
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2003-02-10 05:25:53 PM  
Kudos to the submitter for using the tag to answer the headline.
2003-02-10 05:29:50 PM  
El Tesoro Paradiso

ummmm, sweet sweet nectar of the gods
2003-02-10 05:34:20 PM  
Xtrmyorick: Considering it was overflowing at a rate of 100 gallons/min, doesn't it seem strange to anyone else that it took 15-18 minutes before the river of tequila was noticed?

I was just wondering the same darn thing. What, the first 100 gallons wasn't a tipoff?
2003-02-10 05:42:41 PM  
Drinking tequila is like getting head from a woman with 2 teeth...sooner or later, it's gonna get ugly.
2003-02-10 06:01:11 PM  
In other news, 1800 gallons of regurgitated bourbon flowed
through the elevator of the Shelbyville Holiday Inn Express.
2003-02-10 06:12:11 PM  
Would you call a tequila and sewer water a "Montezuma's Revenge"?
2003-02-10 06:16:51 PM  

...of delishesness....
2003-02-10 06:17:31 PM  
Native Kentuckian myself, but whiskey (be it bourbon, irish, etc) of any kind is one thing I just can't stand to drink. Rum is the other but that's beside the point. I've drank plenty of tequila in my day, though, and I've got to say it's by far the drink that agrees with me the most--even cheapa$$ tequila is better on my constitution than the most expensive whiskey.

"And she said 'relax, honey, you know I'd never do you wrong.
And she poured me three fingers of that old number 7.
She said 'rest assured darling, we're drinking it down in here in Dixie.
That's because they're pouring it in heaven.'
And I said 'your hospitality is well-intentioned.
And I know you mean to treat me well.
But where I come from, born and raised Arizona don't you know.
Me and my friends would be more likely to be drinking what they serve down in hell.'
And she said 'Son, why don't you just take a look around and tell me what you see.'
I saw a lot of furrowed brows in to them white felt stetson hats.
And every southern man that had a lady on his arm was lookin' kind of angry.
I said 'I do not wish to be out of order, gents, I'm not a tramp or a bum.
But the dusty Mexican borderlands are where I've just come from.
And with all due respect and deference, tequila is my preference.'"

-Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Jack Vs. Jose
2003-02-10 06:22:08 PM  

Anyone who disagrees with me on this ultimate drink does not realize the ultimate stealth nature of this drink.

I've drank a LOT of this so far today. My roommates don't know.

Tequila, kiss my ass. Go Vodka! Behold, the power of potato.

(Mods, I will make five good posts tomorrow for this one farked up post, I swear!!!!!)
2003-02-10 06:25:28 PM  
Local news station figured monetary losses by sending out a team to the local liquor store to do some price research. $115,000 was their estimate.

Also, I posted this, and put an tag by it. But apparently I got put down by the man, hence the
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tag. Don't blame the poster...
2003-02-10 06:27:22 PM  
OK, so the
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tag isn't in the same directory as the
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tag. Sue me...
2003-02-10 06:48:05 PM  
my bad.
2003-02-10 06:50:45 PM  
So that's where Lord Crank ran off to this weekend. I swear he can drink his weight in tequila... (not saying much, but hey...)
2003-02-10 06:58:15 PM  
Skyy vodka. Also known as the "no hangover vodka". It's true, I've tried it and boy is it smooth. Next morning, presto! No hangover.

It had gone down so easily that I was still extremely drunk. No hangover, though!

With tuhkillya, on the other hand . . . *shudder* . . .
2003-02-10 07:25:05 PM  
teh-killa is nasty.
2003-02-10 07:32:22 PM  
Pepe Lopez "Tequila " belongs in the sewer. Don Julio or Patron; that's tequila.
2003-02-10 07:47:03 PM  
More like "Dumbass" if it took up to 18 minutes to realize hundreds of gallons of tequilla were flooding out of the tank.
2003-02-10 07:58:31 PM  
i watched my college roommate push a RA away from the sink he was brushing his teeth at so he could puke in that sink.

roommate was 5'7" 165lbs
RA was 6'5" 250+lbs

if i remember correctly, he was drinking 2 Fingers ta-kill-ya.
2003-02-10 08:10:50 PM  
Ha! Jeff beat me too it! That little guy carried that bottle of tequila everywhere with him! Even to wafflehouse for 3 am waffles! LOL

2003-02-10 08:26:00 PM  
Who ever posted this needs to get of this Drew dudes NUtZZZ

let keep the browne points to a minumin
2003-02-10 09:26:52 PM  
Wasted away in Margaritaville.
2003-02-10 10:06:22 PM  
One Tequila
Two Tequila
Three Tequila
2003-02-10 10:27:10 PM  
Genuinely scary. If it had been anything other than tequila, I might be sad. I'd rather drink Sudden Discomfort than that crap. (Enjoying a Moose Drool at this point)
2003-02-10 11:58:11 PM  
For those of you who don't understand the unlikely tag I'll explain it to you..

The fark headline reads "blah blah blah. Coincidence?" and the tag says "Unlikely". Get it? "Coincidence? Unlikely."

Damn. "Unlikely" is a weird work.
2003-02-11 12:31:04 AM  
Hell, just pump it out of the sewer and rebottle it. No one would taste the difference...
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