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(CNN)   From 1 to 10, Jordan says it's a 7 he'll return   ( sportsillustrated.cnn.com) divider line
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2001-09-05 11:54:53 AM  
I hope he breaks both legs as soon as he steps on the court.
2001-09-05 11:58:28 AM  
2001-09-05 12:00:29 PM  
2001-09-05 12:05:21 PM  
I say it's a 1 I'll give a shiat.
2001-09-05 12:20:17 PM  
Time to make my debut appearance on Fark and assure all farkites that this is indeed obvious.

2001-09-05 12:30:34 PM  
"he's unconscious"
2001-09-05 12:32:23 PM  
How can he return if he won't GO AWAY?
2001-09-05 12:34:14 PM  
From 1 to 10, sadly Bo Derek has dropped another notch to 3
2001-09-05 12:47:37 PM  
And there is an 8.6 out 10 that he will make Space Jam 2
2001-09-05 12:50:29 PM  
Fie on you nonbelievers! (It does mean I have to make time to watch basketball again though, I suppose.)
2001-09-05 12:53:24 PM  
Jordan playing b-ball again..no
Jordan in Space Jam 2.. sure. and my kid'll love it, too.
2001-09-05 12:54:05 PM  
So, does this guy play some kind of sport then?
(Confused English guy)
2001-09-05 12:56:53 PM  
I hope he comes back and looks like a fool. Maybe it will be a lesson for others has-beens
2001-09-05 12:59:29 PM  
I think he should fight George Foreman.
2001-09-05 12:59:33 PM  
What a bunch of nerdy computer geeks you all must be. This is MJ we're talking about here folks...have some respect.
2001-09-05 01:01:58 PM  
Yeah, exactly. How bad will he be if he sucks when he comes back? His pal Mario Lemieux took that risk, and it paid off.

BTW, how sweet an image is that of him sitting in a Ferrari with 80 miles on the odometer?

2001-09-05 01:02:08 PM  
What a bunch of pimple faced pot bellied computer geeks you all must be.

This is MJ we're talking about here folks...have some respect you farking losers.
2001-09-05 01:03:21 PM  
Damnitallthegoodnamesaretaken-I have respect for him. He will come back and play for my hometown team, the Wizards, but do you want to know something, they will still suck.
2001-09-05 01:04:58 PM  
The NBA is pretty much going down the tubes, from what I've heard. I wonder how much MJ will be paid, to try and get viewers back...but this whole deal invokes little more than a "yawn"...
2001-09-05 01:06:36 PM  
oops. well at least I added the pimple face pot belly comment for good measure.
2001-09-05 01:08:07 PM  
Thank you Slacky and JayS.
2001-09-05 01:23:14 PM  
I just thank God he won't be playing in Chicago again. The hours of airtime, newprint, and jawboning I would have to endure might just push me over the edge.
2001-09-05 01:23:32 PM  
I think he should stay out and leave his career on a positive note. Although by his return, more people will wanna see the Wizards, thus driving up ticket sales, and the amout of $ in his pocket. (He owns part or all of the Washington Wizards). Then you ask, "Why the hell does MJ need more money?" Actually I think its the Wizards that would benefit most from ticket sales, I mean they're a pretty crappy team who nobody cares about, So to have MJ playing for them would be a huge benefit. Assuming he'd play good. Which he probably wouldn't. In fact he'd probably be an average to semi-good player by today's standards. He'd have much more competition than he did when he was in his prime. I'd be laughin at him tryin to put up a shot past Shaq. I can just hear the announcer now.

"Jordan goes up for the shot.... OH NO! He's be stuffed by Shaq and is now a crippled mass on the freshly waxed floor!"

"And here comes the clean-up crew!"

Anyway what I'm tryin to say is on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say Jordan's return would be about a 3 in terms of how appropriate it would be.
2001-09-05 01:25:03 PM  
I have absolutly no respect for the guy in the arena of leaving, coming back, leaving coming back. I have respect for what he has done, before all this bullshiat.

If you've ever had to sell his shoes thru a sports catalog, then you'll understand my frustration.

"When will deee newww jordensss bee cominggg out?" What's your zip code sir? "Hold on.. *rustle* MOOOMM!! WHUTS ARE ZIP KODE?!? 305..... 305.." No... that's your area code sir... GAHHHH ppl who buy his shiat could be so stupid sometimes..
2001-09-05 01:37:55 PM  
on a scale of one to ten, what's the likelihood jordan's about to be eaten by a grue?


2001-09-05 01:40:19 PM  
This is what will happen:

1. MJ is a business man first, he can not touch his stock in the team while plays. So all this speculation increases his investment.

2. As of at the end of yesterday, all Wizard fans who wanted season tickets had to pay a non-refundable $500. To ensure season tickets, even without knowing if he will come back.

3. He will play 1/2 a season, and sell his share of the Wizards with a 27% growth , after he re-retires.
2001-09-05 01:45:48 PM  

All this time I thought of you as singular force, but you mean there are more Grues? Are you like the Langoliers?
2001-09-05 01:45:50 PM  
Michael Jordan?
Never heard of him.
2001-09-05 01:46:04 PM  
I have to laugh at Damitall... Have respect? the guy played a farking GAME for god's sake! As well to say I should have respect for my cousin Mike because he got 9 keys on PACMAN, or finished Diablo in two weeks! WOOO HOO! And I may be a geek, but at least I am not a dumbass who follows the doings of an old man who used to be good at playing a game, and wants to come back and play some more, but is afraid he won't be as good. And as far as being pot bellied the people I know who WATCH sports have always outweighed me by 50 lbs. 8-]
2001-09-05 01:49:29 PM  
Is this the second time he plans on coming back??? When people retire they should stay retired.
2001-09-05 01:54:26 PM  
Rebbic: how 'bout this athlete then? He beat Cousin Mike's record, at least...
2001-09-05 01:54:35 PM  
Malinois: You lookin' to get eaten? :)

2001-09-05 01:59:49 PM  
What? He's gonna play for the Wizards? He's gonna play soccer?
2001-09-05 02:01:51 PM  
reading justintimberlakesux's comments, and wondering exactly how many times a shaq-led team has defeated a jordan -led team in the playoffs, and vice versa. seems to me that jordan's already shown he can take shaq to school......
2001-09-05 02:02:33 PM  
jordan cracked/bruised some ribs when someone posted up on him a few months ago, can't wait until he taints his career by coming back.
2001-09-05 02:07:57 PM  
Malinios There can be only one...
2001-09-05 02:10:37 PM  
Who the feck cares about the NBA, does anyone actually watch it anymore? The networks need to start focusing on "REAL" sports like darts, bowling, billairds, and figure skating (T&A appeal)
2001-09-05 02:11:06 PM  
Thegrue,(ahem, sorry;)

[image from wutsamada.com too old to be available]

I throw myself on the mercy of thegrue...should I tenderize first?
2001-09-05 02:21:27 PM  
there is an 8 in 10 chance that he won't be as good.
2001-09-05 02:47:29 PM  
there is a 10 in 10 chance that I like BOOBIES!!!
2001-09-05 03:04:30 PM  
Air Jordans flipping ruled.
2001-09-05 03:10:27 PM  
Shaq led the Orlando Magic over the Jordan-led Bulls in the Eastern Conference final once

just gettin' the facts out
2001-09-05 03:17:45 PM  
I think he should wrassle a Sumo Wrestler
2001-09-05 03:47:19 PM  
mj is god
2001-09-05 03:59:53 PM  
Malinois: Hehehehe. That's great.

Naw, I'll just slobber on ya a lot.
2001-09-05 04:03:26 PM  
Are those supposed to be cats?
2001-09-05 04:09:36 PM  
more crack for jordan
2001-09-05 04:17:01 PM  
If MJ returns I'll leave N'Sync.
2001-09-05 04:22:03 PM  
Maybe he should jump the Snake River Canyon on his Nike Rocket Cycle!
2001-09-05 04:47:01 PM  
Hulk Hogan's come back out of retirement several times... oh wait... he sucks, nevermind.
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