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(Boston Globe)   Rapper 50-cent, who has been shot 9 times, says it is funny to be shot   ( divider line
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19902 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Feb 2003 at 11:18 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-09 06:38:07 PM  
He has scored recent success with hits ''In Da Club,'' and ''Wanksta.''

Cant people come up with better song titles these days? Gahhh..
2003-02-09 07:21:04 PM  
Dying tickles!

2003-02-09 09:52:37 PM  
One shot in the head would be hilarious.
2003-02-09 10:45:09 PM  
Funny? Funny how?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-09 10:51:43 PM  
2003-02-09 11:21:40 PM  
2003-02-09 11:22:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-09 11:23:02 PM  
Best use of "Dumbass" tag ever. Someone want to make it 10 times for this guy? See how funny it is THEN.
2003-02-09 11:23:24 PM  
Would someone who is a better shot finish this dipshiat. And feel free to take out any other rappers you want.

//back to listening to Lemur Voice
2003-02-09 11:23:36 PM  
Yea, but does it tickle?
2003-02-09 11:23:40 PM  
Maybe if his assailants could AIM, we wouldn't have this problem.
2003-02-09 11:24:16 PM  
Sounds like he's a few cents short of a dollar. Oh, wait...
2003-02-09 11:24:25 PM  
Well, I guess he knows better than I do...
2003-02-09 11:24:41 PM  
How sad.
It seems that due to the over-abundance of rappers and rapper-wanna-bes, all the good rapper names have been used up and they're scraping the barrel.

/my .02 on .50
2003-02-09 11:24:57 PM  
I heard he was shot soon after the interview...

2003-02-09 11:25:22 PM  
hmph....where do we line up for our turn?
2003-02-09 11:25:58 PM  
I wonder if getting hit a few times with a Desert Eagle .50 would still be funny.
2003-02-09 11:27:00 PM  
Heeey, buddy. I gotta joke to tell youse....
2003-02-09 11:27:14 PM  
Well anyone who can't figure out that it's 50 cents is a dumbass anyway, you know? Tool.

Yes, yes, it's funny to be shot. I guess it's funny to be run over by a Mack truck too. Perhaps he should try it?
2003-02-09 11:27:27 PM  
50 Cent is the best rapper out there today.
2003-02-09 11:27:32 PM  
2003-02-09 11:27:40 PM  
you would think that if he has been shot NINE times, at least one person would have been able to PUT US OUT OF OUR MISERY!!!!


maybe he'll get lucky with the tenth...
2003-02-09 11:27:59 PM  
bah to my bad html. I meant to say it's 50 centS.
2003-02-09 11:28:35 PM  
Two things:
1) You all sound like 30-somethings suddenly turning into their parents. Chill out, or else, the terrorists, have already won! Or something.

2) I bet he's right. I would find it funny afterwards as well - none of you thought he might possibly be describing "funny" in a philosphical way (unlucky or lucky, why me, etc) but can't express it any better.

3) I'm stoned.
2003-02-09 11:28:55 PM  
I like 50cent.
2003-02-09 11:29:56 PM  
Being a rapper is pretty funny too, for the rest of us anyway.
2003-02-09 11:30:05 PM  
what a douche,......
2003-02-09 11:32:06 PM  
How do I know this guy sucks?

I went into a record store yesterday to see a friend that worked there and this guy's new cd is the hottest thing going. It's not even supposed to be released until Tuesday, but they're already selling them because it's all over the internet,already. So they said.

They had a pile on the counter they were selling to all these kids that came in wanting it. It was the only thing anyone was asking about all day long.

The latest made-by-MTV creation. Add him to MTV's oh-so-stellar list of accomplishments.
2003-02-09 11:32:30 PM  
1) You all sound like 30-somethings suddenly turning into their parents. Chill out, or else, the terrorists, have already won! Or something.

Translation please..
2003-02-09 11:32:38 PM  
Maybe they will get lucky with number 10...
2003-02-09 11:33:01 PM  
This is why rednecks don't have drive-bys. They hit what they aim at.
2003-02-09 11:34:08 PM  
Guns the size of Li'l Bow Wow, indeed. This idiot couldn't protect himself from a stormtrooper with a flintlock pistol. Hysterical laughs for everyone involved, though.
2003-02-09 11:34:12 PM  
Translation please..

see reason #3.
2003-02-09 11:34:29 PM  
Has anyone noticed the proliferation of the "Tupac, Biggy Smalls" (or whatever it is) video ads lately? What's with the rap/shooting link?
2003-02-09 11:35:15 PM  
It's all fun and games till someone looses an eye,then it's time to have fun and play games with the eye.
2003-02-09 11:35:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-09 11:35:58 PM  
I've listened to rap my whole life, what the hell is a Wanksta?
2003-02-09 11:36:24 PM  
Translation: You were hip and loved rock and roll, now you're getting old and bagging on rappers. You hate the same things sorry old men like John Ashcroft, Preserver Of All He Deems American, hates.

2003-02-09 11:36:55 PM  
Ku_No_Ichi: I think he means the ability to identify craptacular, but inexplicably popular, forms of "music" makes people un-cool.
2003-02-09 11:37:22 PM  
50 Cent actually used to be a boxer is what I've heard. He has the nose for it.
2003-02-09 11:37:35 PM  
The first part is just filler material - the real meat of the thought lies in the "or something."

Erstwhile, I do concur with JohnHolmesStuntDouble.
2003-02-09 11:38:29 PM  
Hey Brand, maybe you're not quite high enough. This guy actually sucks bad enough that I didn't call the cops when I busted some high school kid trying to lift this cd from my store on Friday. A big part of me didn't want this douche to get paid.
2003-02-09 11:38:49 PM  
Word, indeed! Are you stoned, as well? Seriously though, it wasn't that hard to comprehend, folks.
2003-02-09 11:38:59 PM  
million dollar record contract, 50 cent head.
2003-02-09 11:39:34 PM  
Q: What's with the rap/shooting link?

A: All rappers should be shot.
2003-02-09 11:41:32 PM  
On another note, I recently went on a cruise, and the big song was "Cent, five cent, ten cent, dollar," - can't imagine why 50cent wasn't represented.
2003-02-09 11:42:03 PM  
Dunno about the rap/shooting link, but it's too bad about the Jam Master. Almost deserves it after spawning this retard, though.
2003-02-09 11:42:36 PM  
getting shot in the head tickles


reminds me of the bumper sticker "abortions tickle"
apparantly saying that at a highschool run by uptight republicans in nebraska wont score you popularity points with the faculty, oh wait, this thread is about a half dollar, man the economy sucks! (lays off the crack)
2003-02-09 11:43:19 PM  
Chz668: I grieve deeply for your lost. While we can never agree on the grounds that taste is entirely subjective, the quality of the music/product is not quite relevant - people think it would hilarious to watch the dude get his brains blown out. And to that, I raise the question - what the fark?
2003-02-09 11:43:36 PM  
So he's been shot 9 times...what does he except a cookie?
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