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(The Smoking Gun)   Duo jailed for pot sold to them by Uncle Sam   ( divider line
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16555 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Feb 2003 at 3:41 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-06 05:26:35 PM  
So, of course, their car was seized (again) when these two were arrested. I wonder if the Mexican authorities made a more thorough search of the vehicle this time around before selling it off.
2003-02-06 08:02:06 PM  
I'm gonna start taking my drug-sniffing dog to the police auctions. He might make me rich.

or busted...
2003-02-06 08:11:53 PM  
Yeah, sure they had the vehicle 5 months and never looked in the wheelwell.
2003-02-07 01:00:10 AM  
My uncle Sam used to sell the happy weed too... they should have known better.
2003-02-07 03:47:31 AM  
mental note: check wheel wells on bronco....
2003-02-07 03:50:19 AM  
Does anybody think it's fate that the story on all you can eat pancakes and pot are near eachother???
2003-02-07 03:52:32 AM  
"A friend" in college bought a car at a police auction. To make a long story short, that summer it got hot. The grass hidden in panels of the doors and trunk stunk. Upon closer inspection of the smell that hot summer day the friend found 8 "elbows". Guess the pigs missed it. That was a great summer. No, seriously...
2003-02-07 03:53:18 AM  
It's like that one Cheech and Chong movie.... I always wanted that car in high school!
2003-02-07 03:54:52 AM  
The relevant portion:

...a search of the Pathfinder turned up 22 packages of marijuana hidden near the Pathfinder's wheel well.

I find it hard to imagine that authorities and drug-sniffing dogs would not discover "37.5 pounds" of pot. That's a whole lotta weed just sitting there.
2003-02-07 04:09:19 AM  

At least first to say:

Legalize it. It's simply not true that marijuana has no medicinal value but does have a high potential for abuse. Thus it shouldnt' be on schedule 1
2003-02-07 04:13:22 AM  
I bet it was schwag anyway
2003-02-07 04:30:17 AM  
He sued for 18 million. Although they may have accidentally framed him, 18 million? Thats my tax money. I say let him slip through the cracks...
2003-02-07 04:44:21 AM  
I think the lesson here is clear: Stay Out Of Mexico!!
2003-02-07 04:58:35 AM  
When I read the headline, I thought it was going to be something similiar to the CIA crack shenanigans.

/pistol whip farva
2003-02-07 05:15:06 AM  
Must.... vote... Republican.... Republicans... protect... my freedom.... Mmmmmmmmmmmm.....
2003-02-07 05:20:35 AM  
K wait..
bought car from auction- busted when they found old weed in it...
Sucks to be them, but better them then me.
2003-02-07 05:25:49 AM  
Dude... they paid like $4.50 an ounce for the pot they got from the custom's service. shiat man, Uncle Sam's pot is cheap!
2003-02-07 05:59:25 AM  
2003-02-07 06:26:17 AM  
39 days for 27 Kilos!!

Then the people that were busted in Mexico did a year in a Ensenada pig sty! If I'm busted I want to do it in San Diego.
2003-02-07 06:28:50 AM  
Doesn't 27kg qualify as 'personal use' then?
2003-02-07 07:17:54 AM  
I wonder if Uncle Sam's got any kettles to sell them?
2003-02-07 08:33:48 AM  
i don't buy it. those dogs are everwhere.
2003-02-07 08:34:36 AM  
um, they're everywhere, too.
2003-02-07 09:54:50 AM  
Eat More Possum -

I've had a 93 Pathfinder for almost 5 months.

I haven't looked in the wheel well yet.

I don't even know what it is.
2003-02-07 09:58:08 AM the one dude had *59.5* POUNDS OF WEED and was busted here in the U.S., spent 20 days in jail here and 3 years probation..then the other dudes are busted w/37.5 pounds and go to prison in Mexico for 5 not that i'm complaining.. I think 20 days and 3 years probation is an awesome sentence and he got super lucky.. but come on
2003-02-07 10:03:34 AM  

You ever suck dick for marijuana. Get the fark out of here then.
2003-02-07 10:04:17 AM  
damn you bob saget. Damn you to hell.
2003-02-07 10:07:08 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

God bless this van.
2003-02-07 10:24:55 AM  
Don't buy the vehicle if you can't do the time!!
2003-02-07 10:28:46 AM  
My friend bought a car from a police auction and was doing some repair work under a seat when he pulled the seat out he found a gun holster mounted under the seat with a .45 caliber pistol in it. I buy the guys story. they sell alot of cars that have been seized I'm sure they can't catch everything.
2003-02-07 10:35:47 AM  
Can't believe they found that stuff. I thought I hid it real good!
2003-02-07 10:54:00 AM  
What I find really interesting is that some posters who say "no way" while others tell stories about "friends" who have had similar experiences.

It always amazes me how people on Fark are predisposed to believe one way or another. After you get familiar with some of them you can predict their response ahead of time.

For myself, I buy their story ;-)

The Reason:

I could see a guilty party claiming the pot was there when he bought the car. But I can not see a guilty party lying to the police, and then trying to sue the US when the MX police don't believe them. It seems to me that a guilty party would not think to sue just because the police did not believe their lie. The fact that they *are* suing indicates to me that they believe in their innocence. Follow all that?

Oh yes, and I also had a "friend" that found drugs in a car that he bought from a private party.
2003-02-07 11:07:36 AM  
All the drugs you farkers find in recently purchased vehicles was left there, accidently, by my close acquaintance who wishes to remain nameless. Please contact me with regard to ensuring the safe return of all cash, firearms, drugs and/or pornography you find in recently purchased vehicles.
Please note: This acquaintance has no knowledge about any bodies, parts of bodies or suspicious looking stains.
2003-02-07 12:32:18 PM  
Simple solution. While it's possible that the two were just making things up, the reports do indicate that the condition of the pot is consistent with it being stored for some time. The judge who sentenced them should be brutally tortured to death, as should any judge who upheld the convictions.

Do that enough times, and judges won't convict on such asinine "evidence".
2003-02-07 01:02:05 PM  
"I think the lesson here is clear: Stay Out Of Mexico!!"

Here here brudda..

Last time I was in Mexico, I walked out of the side door of a bar, and was immediately grabbed by a Federale and thrown into a back alley. They then stood me next to a guy I'd never seen before, and held a big bag of pot up in front of my face. The only thing that kept me from sure fire jail time was the dude next to me saying he had no idea who I was. When he said that, they pushed me back towards the bar.

I haven't been back since, and have no desire to enter that god-forsaken country.
2003-02-07 01:26:02 PM  
2003-02-07 01:46:37 PM  

Did your story happen in Tijuana? I have been to Mexico many times and am seriously thinking of retiring there. But I have always avoided Tijuana because of the stories I hear. I had a friend, an ex-Marine, who was knifed there once. He almost died.
2003-02-07 02:14:28 PM  
All those saying you don't believe it a couple of points, First off the weed wasn't just strapped to the wheel well it was hidden in a compartment MADE to hide weed. Secondly when they were arrested the weed was ROTTING in the compartment, if you're smuggling weed across the border you don't bring weed that's rotting you bring weed to sell or smoke. Lastly if those dogs are so amazing at finding EVERY bit of drug they can than where do all the drugs that keep flooding into the country come from? The dogs could EASILY miss a compartment, especially once they found the first stash the guards may have just figured they found it all.
2003-02-07 02:46:40 PM  
So if these guys win the lawsuit does Uncle Sam go to jail or something for dealing weed?

I hope these guys win, I know it is our tax money and all, but they did spend a year in jail and besides Uncle Sam will blow it on some lame horseshiat study or something anyways.
2003-02-07 03:22:25 PM  
Yes, that was in Tijuana. The only place where I have experienced actual memory loss (have no recollection of things people have pictures of) due to alcohol..

I hear other parts of Mexico are fine, but I'll never go there.

And as far as retiring there, do some thorough research on people who have been screwed out of property ownership down there when their shiat was "nationalized" or just plain seized (eminent domain, whatever). Not being a citizen there is dangerous with regard to property ownership, from what I've heard (hearsay and third hand, I admit)...
2003-02-07 03:51:56 PM  
Funniest thing that nobody here's mentioned is that this weed was from MEXICO! S'far as I'm concerned, that's barely pot at all. Industrial hemp is more like it. Seeds, stems, no thc and a skanky funky (and not "good funky" like Maceo) smell and taste.

If I ever do get jailed for pot, I'd at least hope it's really good pot.
2003-02-07 04:41:55 PM  
this story just makes me laugh. Poor guys though, sure doesn't make you feel very safe when uncle sam is dealing drugs.
2003-02-07 05:21:13 PM  
And as far as retiring there, do some thorough research on people who have been screwed out of property ownership down there when their shiat was "nationalized" or just plain seized (eminent domain, whatever). Not being a citizen there is dangerous with regard to property ownership, from what I've heard (hearsay and third hand, I admit)..

Go to the US Virgin Islands to retire, a little better than Mexico.

2003-02-07 05:48:31 PM  

Wow, you have to go to Tijuana to have memory loss from alcohol? I'm lucky, I've had that happen a number of times in my own city. ;-P
2003-02-07 06:26:10 PM  
Mexico is a dung heap.
2003-02-07 06:42:50 PM  
It may be a dung heap, but theres good crap there as well...
2003-02-07 07:55:29 PM  
I don't like the water, I stay away from Mexico.
2003-02-07 08:56:07 PM  
So how, exactly, does this rate "dumbass" status? Is the poster of this article referring to U.S. Customs? I'm not getting how the 2 guys arrested get pegged as such... unlucky SOB's maybe, but no dumbasses, especially if they win their lawsuit.
2003-02-08 12:02:09 AM  
Wow, U.S. customs farking up. Who would have thunk it. I do remember borrowing a jacket from a friend and finding some dried up KB. I slapped him for abusing weed. Letting fine KB dry up is a crime.
2003-02-08 04:06:49 PM  
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