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(Hawaii Channel)   Stewardess finds snake in man's pants. Wasn't happy to see her   ( thehawaiichannel.com) divider line
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2003-02-06 05:18:03 PM  
ahhh I fell for that once too.
2003-02-06 05:18:38 PM  
<<In the man's pants was a 20-inch rosy boa constrictor. <<

That's what I would call mine, too, IF IT WERE 3 INCHES SHORTER!! BOO-YAAAA!!!
2003-02-06 05:18:46 PM  
Don't know what the fuss is. Mrs Scary is always finding a snake in my pants.
2003-02-06 05:19:20 PM  
*insert snake in the pants joke here*
2003-02-06 05:20:00 PM  
Hey, what happened to the Bush is an asshat article?
2003-02-06 05:20:08 PM  
>>The man said he carried the snake in a zippered pocket of his pants. <<

"Zipping up the rosy boa" is my new euphamism from now on.
2003-02-06 05:20:36 PM  
I call mine a spitting cobra - mostly because it has fangs.
2003-02-06 05:21:22 PM  
How did she "find" it I wonder.
2003-02-06 05:22:07 PM  
GIS for trouser snake. NSFW, but funny as hell.
2003-02-06 05:23:07 PM  
The 23-year-old was not aware that snakes are illegal in Hawaii.

Is that all it takes? Why doesn't Florida declare cockroaches illegal then?
2003-02-06 05:23:28 PM  
Snakes are illegal in Hawaii?
2003-02-06 05:23:28 PM  
There's just something inherently wrong with a man wearing a boa (in a zippered pocket or not).

/boa free and proud of it
2003-02-06 05:23:33 PM  
[image from home.mindspring.com too old to be available]

Indy, why do his pants move?
2003-02-06 05:23:35 PM  
If I had a dollar for every time THAT'S happened...
2003-02-06 05:26:04 PM  
Alto - You made me laugh!
2003-02-06 05:26:13 PM  
The stewardess grabbed the snake to take it away, but then released it when it started foaming at the mouth.
2003-02-06 05:26:38 PM  
Best... headline... recently.
2003-02-06 05:28:09 PM  
"In the man's pants was a 20-inch rosy boa constrictor."

Journalists wait their ENTIRE LIVES to get to write something like that.
2003-02-06 05:28:29 PM  
Classic headline!
2003-02-06 05:28:59 PM  
Just how "United" do you suppose this flight attendant was, given that she discovered this guy's second trouser snake?
2003-02-06 05:30:16 PM  
Collywobbles: I don't think I would want to be eyeballed by that!
2003-02-06 05:31:50 PM  
>>02-06-03 05:26:04 PM Mimsee
Alto - You made me laugh!<<

That's interesting, because my girlfriend too will crack up laughing whenever I talk about how big my penis is. Not sure why, exactly. She must just keep thinking of a joke she heard once, or something.
2003-02-06 05:33:56 PM  
I've heard of worst things than being accused of having a 20-inch rosy boa in your pants.
2003-02-06 05:36:00 PM  
Good thing it wasn't an ebony boa constrictor. Then it would have been 30 inches.
2003-02-06 05:37:09 PM  
"It won't hurt you unless you tease it"
2003-02-06 05:38:21 PM  
I saw a show on the Discovery channel awhile back about why snakes are illegal in Hawaii. Snakes were accidentally introduced to Guam years ago, and have since wiped out 80% of the island's bird population. Hawaii doesn't want that happening there.
2003-02-06 05:38:48 PM  
Is that a 20-inch rosy boa constrictor in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

2003-02-06 05:40:50 PM  
If I had a 20-inch Rosy Boa zipped up in my pants, it would
be constricted, too.

"da da da"
2003-02-06 05:43:26 PM  
Alto, trust me, it's the joke.

Not that I've done your girlfriend, mind you. BTW, where's
that thong pic of her you were going to share?

As for the stewardess, she should have remembered, once released, some animals like a warm, moist, narrow cave.
She should have given it a home.
2003-02-06 05:50:34 PM  
Bad Alto... Bad boy!!!

2003-02-06 05:52:15 PM  
"In the man's pants was a 20-inch rosy boa constrictor."

I don't know about you, but I don't fold it in half for anyone.
2003-02-06 05:52:59 PM  
Collywobbles, one-eyed worm, indeed! You have a genuine knack for finding unique images at the drop of trow the hat.

/acknowledges fellow FARKer's speed and eye for an image
2003-02-06 05:53:14 PM  
Udo: Those are not cockroaches, they're palomino bugs! =P
2003-02-06 06:05:31 PM  
Those are not cockroaches, they're palomino bugs! =P

Well, la de daa. Such an exotic name. Give me a normal cockroach instead of those flying, hissing, pinching, japaneese horror movie, hiddiously large, unsquishable zombie like, palmeto bugs .
2003-02-06 06:12:26 PM  
Optikeye: er I guess you didn't notice the smiley =P aka :P
2003-02-06 06:20:57 PM  
"Got damb bushmaster..."

[image from thespiannet.com too old to be available]
2003-02-06 06:37:56 PM  
"...Hooray for the one-eyed trouser snake"
2003-02-06 07:05:29 PM  
20 inch snake in your pants? I'd like to see that.
2003-02-06 07:15:59 PM  
man. sometimes these headlines are pure gold.

hehehehe... good one. :D
2003-02-06 07:37:11 PM  
Jerronimo: it's my fourth today.
2003-02-06 08:01:25 PM  
I want to know exactly how the security people phrased the question when they suspected something.
2003-02-06 08:46:03 PM  
Collywobbles, that image is truly disturbing...

Not as disturbing as tubgirl, but disturbing nevertheless...
2003-02-07 12:57:38 AM  

you go! which other ones are yours?
2003-02-07 10:58:04 AM  
Yes, snakes are illegal in Hawaii. I saw it on television once I think. Something about they didn't want them killing things or setting the ecosystem out of balance or similar.
2003-02-09 03:07:07 PM  
no buffoon jokes? com'n now...
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