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(Chicago Sun-Times)   "Seinfeld" still top rated sydicated show. Apparently, not everyone loves Raymond   ( suntimes.com) divider line
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2003-02-06 08:51:20 AM  
I can't figure out why *anyone* watches Everybody Loves Raymond. It's just not funny.
2003-02-06 09:01:14 AM  
I would've thought it would be The Simpsons. Or does that not count as a show but rather a cartoon?
2003-02-06 09:03:36 AM  
The Simpsons. Enough said.
2003-02-06 09:27:49 AM  
best. sitcom. ever.
2003-02-06 09:28:23 AM  
Fuscili Jerry. Best. Episode. Ever.
2003-02-06 09:28:32 AM  
the guy with the giant forehead scares me
2003-02-06 09:28:53 AM  
Damn you "Touchyournose" - took my phrase...
2003-02-06 09:29:32 AM  
Everyone Watches Simpsons.
2003-02-06 09:29:35 AM  
Hey, if casting Michael Chiklis in an episode in any way sped the development of "The Commish," then Seinfeld has more than paid its debt to society.
2003-02-06 09:30:09 AM  
2003-02-06 09:31:16 AM  
everyone loves raymond sucks mountains of ass.
peter boyle was funny once upon a time.
2003-02-06 09:31:21 AM  
nbc would just dump buckets of cash onto David and Seinfeld if they rounded up the troops and started the show again.... Seinfeld 4 ever, man
2003-02-06 09:32:00 AM  
LawTalkingGuy, what the hell are you talking about? yes i know chiklis is currently in the best show ever
2003-02-06 09:32:22 AM  
2003-02-06 09:32:23 AM  
Speedy recovery wishes to Sun-Times movie critic Roger Ebert, who undergoes surgery today to remove a growth from his neck

It's about time they cut his head off.
2003-02-06 09:32:40 AM  
In Grand Rapids you can practically go home from work at 5, and watch 3 hours of syndicated Seinfeld in a row through flipping across networks... it's great.
2003-02-06 09:33:10 AM  
These pretzels are making me thirsty!
2003-02-06 09:33:20 AM  
Damn right i don't love Raymond.
2003-02-06 09:33:38 AM  
If NBC wanted to make buckets of cash they could sell DVD volumes of the series.
2003-02-06 09:34:20 AM  
"That news is outrageous, its stupendous, and most importantly it's fantastical!"
[image from berrysmediahut.com too old to be available]
2003-02-06 09:34:38 AM  
hoochie mama!!


heh, if i'd known this was gonna be a "quote-seinfeld" thread i would've come with that to begin with.
2003-02-06 09:34:53 AM  
Obviously I am referring to Seinfield, and not that other show.
2003-02-06 09:35:08 AM  
Everybody Loves Raymond is a horrible travesty of supposed comedy. I am struck each night with incredulity when I flip past UPN and remember that last year they cut out the two late-night episodes of Simpson's in order to run that monstrosity.
2003-02-06 09:35:17 AM  
I farking hate Raymond. I hate his loud mouth mother, his jerk off father, and his dumbass brother too.
2003-02-06 09:35:18 AM  
syndicated = no new episodes.
2003-02-06 09:36:12 AM  

Thanks for the newsflash. You're a quick one.
2003-02-06 09:36:31 AM  
I dunno, I thought Seinfeld was one of the funniest shows ever (barring Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, The Critic....), but watching its reruns .... they just aren't funny. Definitely doesn't have a good rerun value, I think. And Everyone Loves Raymond....... what the hell? The more people say they hate it, passionately, the more it gets played. Who knows, stupid sitcom.
2003-02-06 09:37:31 AM  
Well duh, Seinfeld is actually funny unlike the other sitcom trite out there. Friends? Bah.
The funniest episode ever was banned due to the racial content called, "Puerto Rican Day". George freaking out from a laser pen being shined on him...frelling hilarious.
2003-02-06 09:37:38 AM  
SOMEONE must be watching that lousy Raymond show.

C'mon, fess up, who likes it?
2003-02-06 09:37:53 AM  
I love Seinfeld, but Jerry, what's with the tight pants??
2003-02-06 09:38:16 AM  
Your opinion of the Drake?
2003-02-06 09:39:56 AM  
"Hey George, the ocean called. They said they're running out of shrimp!"
2003-02-06 09:40:59 AM  
So many gays on tv anymore. Turn on the tv, all I see are fags and warmongers.

Raymond is such a fag, they should rename the show, Raymond loves everybody.
2003-02-06 09:41:14 AM  
I agree Sauteed, here in Central FL Seinfeld comes on 3-4 times on a regular afternoon and on Wednesdays about 6 episodes back to back, you just have to skip channels to catch the next one. On the DVD sales, I am currently hunting down the Simpsons and Futurama season sets, the days of volumes of VCR tapes are no more. Oh, the Jonny Cochranesque lawyer on Seinfeld has to be the best pop in on the show ever.
2003-02-06 09:41:27 AM  
[image from store3.yimg.com too old to be available]
2003-02-06 09:41:37 AM  
My wife watches Raymond and thinks it's funny. They should change the name of the show to "Wife biatches constantly at Husband".

The tall guy is funny in the show. That is about it.
2003-02-06 09:41:38 AM  
Why the hell dont they release them on dvd, they're sitting on a goldmine.

Nodhg: Hate the Drake
2003-02-06 09:42:03 AM  
I think a show is syndicated when it reaches its 100th episode, whether there are new ones coming or not.
2003-02-06 09:42:13 AM  
2003-02-06 09:42:17 AM  
CivilianShark: Where'd you come up with that definition that there has to be no new episodes produced for a show to be in syndication?
2003-02-06 09:42:57 AM  
One more thing:

These pretzels are making me thirsty.
2003-02-06 09:42:58 AM  
FatherG I was wondering why they never show that. That was where George kept seeing "Titanic" so he could shout "That's gotta hurt!" When the ship sinks, and Kramer and Jerry both use fake names to use a restroom in an office building. (Kramer was Dr. Van Nostrand as usual, I think.)
2003-02-06 09:43:15 AM  
I watched ELR a few times, then I thought to myself, why would I want to watch a show that mirrors my pathetic life?

The one that play's Ray's wife pisses me off.

More boobies please.
2003-02-06 09:43:50 AM  
I seem to be sprouting new short hairs.
2003-02-06 09:43:59 AM  
Not that there's anything wrong with that....
2003-02-06 09:44:23 AM  

"You are sooooo good looking."
2003-02-06 09:45:08 AM  
Bubbaprog, Schmack: Obviously somebody must love Raymond, it's pretty much unavoidable during a cable channel surf on any given weeknight. Didn't get that way by accident.

Perhaps my marriage (now in its 16th successful year) has something to do with the fact that while I find Seinfeld mostly amusing and witty, rarely does it make me laugh out loud like Raymond does. Different demographic targets, don'cha know.
2003-02-06 09:45:12 AM  
FatherG and LawTalkingGuy,

I could have sworn i just saw that episode on tv last month.
2003-02-06 09:46:13 AM  
HAS ANYONE SEEN CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM??? ONLY THE GREATEST SHOW EVER? Larry David (creator of Seinfeld) stars in his own show and it is 10 times better than Seinfeld. It is a vaguely scripted show with most of the line are improved. I have NEVER walked away from an episode thinking it was okay (much like I have with seinfeld,family guy, and simpsons). No show will ever top this.
2003-02-06 09:46:38 AM  
Seinfeld left at the right time. The last episode was terrible, but I think it was terrible on purpose, like all the simpson clip show episodes. It was letting us know that he was pretty much out of material.

At the end I think they were just throwing idiotic catch phrases out there to see which ones would stick. Testing their influence, so to speak. The worst was the belly button "hellooooooo". I wanted to smack people that were going around saying that...
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