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(Some Guy) NewsFlash Alarm sounds at Washington State's Hanford Nuke plant   ( divider line
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19197 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Feb 2003 at 7:42 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-05 07:45:02 PM  
Mini-skirts, anyone?
2003-02-05 07:45:04 PM  
well if they didn't evacuate...
2003-02-05 07:45:58 PM  
Terrible use of the "News Flash" tag.
2003-02-05 07:46:22 PM  
My alarm sounded this morning... woke me up like it's supposed to...
2003-02-05 07:46:24 PM  
this isnt a
img.fark.netView Full Size
it happened this afternoon
2003-02-05 07:46:38 PM  
Most. Detailed. Article. Ever.
2003-02-05 07:46:58 PM  
dude seriously
2003-02-05 07:47:28 PM  
I thought it was something serious from the news flash tag
2003-02-05 07:48:28 PM  
I guess this means nuclear power is bad. I guess we'll have to drill ANWR to make up for the lost energy. Oh, well.
2003-02-05 07:48:28 PM  
move along, nothing to see here...
2003-02-05 07:49:41 PM  
Hey everyone... FREAK OUT!

Oh... ok, nothing to worry about.
2003-02-05 07:50:25 PM  
Well, the site is locked down, so something must have happened.
2003-02-05 07:50:49 PM  
Oh my god! Something happened somewhere at sometime! Terror Alert Code: Fuschia!
2003-02-05 07:50:50 PM  
Is there a tag people know how to use correctly?
2003-02-05 07:50:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-05 07:50:54 PM  
Holy shiat, Tim655321 is in the same town as I am. And I think I know him, sort of.
2003-02-05 07:50:56 PM  
Nuclear energy is great, just as long as it's all coming from those small, landlocked "I-voted-for-Bush" states.
2003-02-05 07:51:49 PM  
It was not immediately clear what caused the alarm to go off, said Guy Schein, a spokesman for the Energy Department.

you've got to be kidding me. it's HANFORD.
2003-02-05 07:51:54 PM  
The "PSA" tag would have been ideal for this post.
2003-02-05 07:52:02 PM  
Uh, it is "this afternoon" right now & it did just happen. There is also an airborne release being reported along w/some evacuations along the river. Yes, even the van down by the river.
2003-02-05 07:52:24 PM  
Quick! Everyone grab a costume and go stand by the reactor - the mighty force of F.A.R.K. will be known!
Superpowers, here I come.
2003-02-05 07:52:24 PM  
Oh, come on, no jokes about "The Alarm Goes Wooo Wooooo" yet? People... I'm dissapointed in you...
2003-02-05 07:52:32 PM  
Drop your cocks and grab your socks everybody. The world is going to hell.

On second thought, might as well keep a hold of your cocks.
2003-02-05 07:52:48 PM  

Pacific time zone- about 10 minutes before you posted.

Depending on which way the wind is blowing, it could be a big deal.

Hanford is vast and packed full of unstable nuclear waste, poorly stored.
2003-02-05 07:52:59 PM  
People are always afraid of things they don't understand. Me, I don't trust cellphone radiation. But I forget why.
2003-02-05 07:53:10 PM  
Since when is Washington landlocked?
2003-02-05 07:53:45 PM  
And me without my Hanford necklace! (look it up if you don't know) (it's not as cool as a pearl necklace)
2003-02-05 07:53:51 PM  
"Nuclear energy is great, just as long as it's all coming from those small, landlocked "I-voted-for-Bush" states."

It's "Nucular" in those states.
2003-02-05 07:54:00 PM  
Since when is Washington landlocked?

and since when did they vote for Bush?
2003-02-05 07:54:25 PM  
The sky is falling! The sky is... I mean, the nuclear plant is melting down! The nuclear plant is melting down! Run for your lives!!!

Oh, it's way up in Washington. Never mind.
2003-02-05 07:54:48 PM  
Need a Homer at the Springfield plant pic...quick
2003-02-05 07:55:40 PM  
Why is Homer Simpson made out to be a buffon who works at a nuclear power plant? Isn't it obvious that only fully qualified personel would ever be allowed to work at these facilities.
What else are we going to make fun of? NASA workers?
2003-02-05 07:55:41 PM  
way to scare people! that's almost as bad as fox's use of the "NEWS ALERT". Fox news shoves one of those things on their channel every time a bird dies - never expected fark to do it...oh wait ;)
2003-02-05 07:55:43 PM  
An alarm is just that, an alarm. My UPS alarms me that something is wrong with it all the time and yet it works just fine. It appears the alarm is farked up. However something like "Radiation definitely released, detectors go off the scale" is a bit more worrying. Just a bit. In any event doesn't look like anybody really knows as of yet. It's not like there was a Chernobyl type explosion right?
2003-02-05 07:56:11 PM  
Why is there lava coming out of that cooling tower? Don't the experts at Mad Magazine do their due diligence before creating a Fold-In? The lava would OBVIOUSLY be coming from the reactor, not the cooling tower.

2003-02-05 07:56:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-02-05 07:56:39 PM  
This is just like CNN. They keep the breaking news headline on stories that "broke" ten hours ago.
2003-02-05 07:57:46 PM  
Might as well point out that it is a "news flash" type o' item to those that live nearby or anywhere in the PNW. That storage plant is a heap of shiat, a disaster waiting to happen. Good thing I live in Seattle.
2003-02-05 07:59:02 PM  
Where's Blinky the three eyed fish? I expect more from us farkers.
2003-02-05 07:59:15 PM  
4:55 Pm Pacific time is the correct time in Washington State. so this is Newsflash....
2003-02-05 08:00:23 PM  
My boyfriend's dad is working a contract up there. I hope everything's ok...

It's not like anything is going to be affected in the surrounding area. There's absolutely nothing out there!
2003-02-05 08:01:25 PM  
Your time zone sucks.
2003-02-05 08:01:30 PM  
(first time insertinc pic, please don't kill

New Sticker
2003-02-05 08:01:39 PM  
Actually, Hanford was the model for the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

Homer's supervisor, Carl:
2003-02-05 08:01:57 PM  
Ebawb- interesting that you recognize Tim655321 from that photo in his profile....

I won't even speculate about what happened to his other sock.
2003-02-05 08:02:46 PM  
The only thing bad about the Pacific time zone is that my girlfriend (who's in Chicago) always blabs about TV shows that haven't come on yet.

But I've gone skiing every weekend so far this year, so there.
2003-02-05 08:02:56 PM  
second try
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-05 08:02:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'm sure everything is under contr... OH MY GOD WHERE DID THAT THIRD ARM COME FROM

New Washington State fish:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-05 08:03:21 PM  
Now they're saying it was probably a false alarm.

2003-02-05 08:03:39 PM  
goddamit. Wrong thread. Mods please remove.
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