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(Detroit Free Press)   Amateur surgeon Mr. Wang to stand trial for castration done on his kitchen table   ( divider line
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8409 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Feb 2003 at 2:02 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-05 01:38:54 PM  
dr. wang?

the comment practically writes itself.
2003-02-05 01:51:40 PM  
No shiat cooper, quality stuff there, without even reading the article.
2003-02-05 02:08:38 PM  
Let's have a little sensitivity here, guys, after all, the victim in this case was none other than our own Ace_Lightning...

- R
2003-02-05 02:08:45 PM  
Mr. Wang... castration
It's funny on so many levels.

On a serious note, how does one "botch" a castration?
2003-02-05 02:08:48 PM  
I think he's nuts.
2003-02-05 02:09:01 PM  
Um....Er....Dr. Kevorkian? Wang? Castration? Kitchen Table?

Killer Castration by Wang?

/I'll take one ticket to hell please
2003-02-05 02:09:06 PM  
This really needed an obvious tag.

Nothing more to say about Mr. Wang, really.
2003-02-05 02:09:19 PM  
But what about the Strawberry pie?

"If the victim had pie, then Wang must fry."
2003-02-05 02:10:14 PM  
They later found two testicles in a jar in Wang's refrigerator...

Some times you feel like a nut, some times you don't...
2003-02-05 02:10:27 PM  
this is the same doctor all of the anti-war bleading heart peaceniks must have gone to.
2003-02-05 02:10:39 PM  
Well really, with a name like "Wang", what other line of work could he get into?

Oh, and sorry the seniors at the old folks home are going to miss you Ace_Lightning
2003-02-05 02:10:52 PM  
"Prosecutors said the man wanted to be castrated to remove his sex drive after he contracted a sexually transmitted disease."

Oh now there's a brilliant idea - get a STD and just chop your wang off....WTF?
2003-02-05 02:10:54 PM  
I'm sure he prefers to be called Dr. Wang.
2003-02-05 02:11:50 PM  
Why, oh why, did he keep the old nads in a jar in his fridge? That's the weirdest part of the story, imo.
2003-02-05 02:12:15 PM  
Also, FuzzyNutSack win's today's "Most stupid, inane, and unneeded partisan rhetoric regurgitating dittohead" Award. Take a bow!
2003-02-05 02:12:25 PM  
I used to think you were crazy, but now I see yer nuts....
2003-02-05 02:12:36 PM  
You know, it puts a slightly different spin on the "Me put pee-pee in your coke" joke.
2003-02-05 02:13:02 PM  
What's with Ace_Lightning?
2003-02-05 02:13:50 PM  
Dr. Wang is no Dr. Worm.

ps. Isn't the phrase "amateur surgeon" great?
2003-02-05 02:14:17 PM  
Anti_Freak_Machine: he's someone everyone just likes to rag on (it's a running joke). If you were really a machine that was really "anti" to freaks, you'd know that already.
2003-02-05 02:14:22 PM  
"Police said the castrated man began bleeding uncontrollably. Police found the man sitting in blood-soaked jeans on a curb on Northfield Street after neighbors called authorities. They later found two testicles in a jar in Wang's refrigerator."

WTF were the police looking in his fridge for? *barf*
2003-02-05 02:15:01 PM  
Dude, Where's my Wang?
2003-02-05 02:15:38 PM  
"...he removed the testicles of the Birmingham man whom police have not identified."

Tomorrow's Detroit Free Press Headline:

Police Need Help Finding Owner of Lost Scrotum Sac
2003-02-05 02:15:43 PM  
It takes balls to get a castration.
2003-02-05 02:15:45 PM  
They found the guy's testicles in Wang's fridge. Speaks a lot for Asian food.
2003-02-05 02:16:09 PM  
Sorry, TheyCallThisWork, but the wierdest part of the story was definitely the pie.
2003-02-05 02:16:12 PM  
As one of Ace_Lightning's recently liberated testicles, I must say I'm enjoying freedom.
2003-02-05 02:16:25 PM  
And I always thought Birmingham was such a nice, upscale town....

If I remember correctly, Fark originally posted this story when it happened....technically this is a follow-up.
2003-02-05 02:16:32 PM  
Castration + Kitchen table = TROUBLE with a capital T.
2003-02-05 02:16:51 PM  
He castrated the kitchen table?

Does that mean he put wheels on the legs??
2003-02-05 02:17:41 PM  
.... something like that Bigbossman....
2003-02-05 02:17:52 PM  
Why do fava beans come to mind?

2003-02-05 02:17:56 PM  
Why the hell would you save the testicles? That's what I want to know. No I don't, forget I even asked that and just get me a piece of pie.
2003-02-05 02:18:04 PM  
Dr Wang.

2003-02-05 02:19:27 PM  
"That man's nuts! Grab'm!"
2003-02-05 02:21:25 PM  
Sorry, it's Mr Wang.

He could at least have qualified at the Hollywood Upstairs Medical School.
2003-02-05 02:22:19 PM  
I am wondering why someone would trust an "amature surgeon" to mess with the twig-n-berries?
2003-02-05 02:22:22 PM  
They later found two testicles in a jar in Wang's refrigerator.

next to a bottle of Chianti ??
2003-02-05 02:22:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The castrated man.
2003-02-05 02:22:44 PM  
Coming soon to a Fear Factor near you.
2003-02-05 02:23:23 PM  
What I want to know is do you put the jar of balls on a shelf all by itself? Do you put them on the door? What is the decision process when you open the door to place the jar inside?
2003-02-05 02:24:00 PM  
well, Dr.Wang claims to have done 50 of these, and this is the first botched one. I'd say that for an amateur surgeon hes got a pretty good track record.
2003-02-05 02:27:53 PM  
To be perfectly honest, I don't have a problem with people running out and getting castrations. Wang's last patient had perfectly understandable- perhaps even noble- reasons for having the operation. I bet a lot of Wang's other patients were in the same boat.

2003-02-05 02:28:08 PM  
02-05-03 02:23:23 PM Coondog

Right next to the jar of Olives.... and then hilarity ensued during a groggy midnight snack..
2003-02-05 02:29:01 PM  
I've got a hankerin' for some pie, but I think I'll just buy some, rather than trade my testicles for it.

This is kind of like the jack and the beanstalk story, only instead of a cow, it's testicles, and instead of magic beans it's pie. Maybe some kind of magical pie. Magical pie that makes you soak your jeans in blood so the cops can lock up the psycho, or giant. And the testicles in the fridge? Maybe golden eggs? Does this mean the cops are still looking for the goose that lays golden testicles? I don't want anything to do with a goose like that! What, you may ask would be the same as the magic harp? there is no such thing as a magic harp. Don't be ridiculous!
2003-02-05 02:29:10 PM  
02-05-03 02:16:32 PM Onid70
Castration + Kitchen table = TROUBLE with a capital T.

...and that rhymes with P and that stands for.....pie
2003-02-05 02:32:52 PM  
Wang remains free on bond.

Maybe they can catch it and reattach.
2003-02-05 02:33:04 PM  
And fifty other guys have had Dr. Wang perform his services for them. What a bunch of dicks.
2003-02-05 02:34:27 PM  
Off topic, but I would just like to say that I am really enjoying this new Ace_Lightning gag. It makes me happy. If there is one thing in this world I love, it is seeing a funny joke get not-funny, then funny again in repeating cycles. Thank you, Fark, thank you all.

Your good friend,
Samuel Clemens
2003-02-05 02:37:08 PM  
It says he had done 50 of them prior to this oops. Does that mean he had one big honkin jar of testicles in his refrigerator or did he have 50 little baby food jar'o balls.
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