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(Yahoo)   Russia bans rude words   ( divider line
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6313 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Feb 2003 at 11:18 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-05 11:22:46 AM  
fark Russia
2003-02-05 11:23:05 AM  
just say nyet
2003-02-05 11:23:06 AM  
Joke 'em if they can't take a fark.

That shiathouse line was a good one though.
2003-02-05 11:23:28 AM  
Everytime I read a story like this, I dig russia a bit more.
"wipe them out in the shiathouse"
2003-02-05 11:24:19 AM  
well, shiat fire and save matches.

as my grandmother used to say.
2003-02-05 11:24:39 AM  
Which means that here in USA, rude words ban us.
2003-02-05 11:24:56 AM  
oh shiatnik.
2003-02-05 11:28:06 AM  
That circumcision line sounds like Putin thinks he's a badass. Can you imagine the world of shiat Bush would be in over a comment like that?
2003-02-05 11:28:15 AM  

How dare they use such foul and disgusting terms in print! Reminds me of an old SNL skit with Gilda Radner:

(holds up feminine product)
"This is all I need to feel fresh and confident all day"
"What's it called?"
"I don't know!"
"Well, how do you use it?"
"I don't know!"
"Then where can I buy it?"
"I don't know! But I do know it keeps me feeling fresh like a woman should."
2003-02-05 11:31:02 AM  
Fark bans rude words too.

Have you ever seen Fark and Russia in the same room together?

2003-02-05 11:31:48 AM  
True Wuapinmon, but Bush doesn't have a cute nickname like "Pooty poot".
Him and Pooty Tang should hang out sometime. Sha da tay.
2003-02-05 11:35:14 AM  
Have you ever seen Fark and Russia in the same room together?

Yep. It's called
2003-02-05 11:35:17 AM  
Friday night in with snickers and tampax.

Good times, good times...
2003-02-05 11:36:00 AM  
"Allegations of Russian atrocities in Muslim Chechnya again prompted him to tell a French journalist last November that anyone wishing to become a Muslim extremist could undergo circumcision in Moscow "in such a way that nothing grows back"."

That fkin rules.
2003-02-05 11:36:18 AM  
Don't be "rudeski"
2003-02-05 11:36:29 AM  
But they still make it funny, right?
2003-02-05 11:37:36 AM  
I imagine Russia(ns) will have plenty of things to say once Powell finishes up at the UN
2003-02-05 11:40:00 AM  
Za chem takiye slova nel'zya govorit'? Na khui, ya govoryu!
2003-02-05 11:42:42 AM  
In Russia, the rude words censor YOU!!!11
2003-02-05 11:44:23 AM  
Russia banning rude words... Next thing you know the UK is going to ban Football, Pubs, and Beer.
2003-02-05 11:50:50 AM  
oni vsye dolbanie hoi coci
2003-02-05 11:56:07 AM  
That explains that bleep in that one Tatu song, Mal'chik Gej... I'm curious as to what it is.
2003-02-05 11:56:47 AM  
Boy, those Russians sure understand the whole "free world" thing!
2003-02-05 12:02:25 PM  
Pooty-poot he a funny man is.
2003-02-05 12:06:11 PM  
yop trevyu mit! suca!
2003-02-05 12:07:03 PM  
In other news scientists predict russians will become extinct in 70 years since they are no longer able to ask for sex.
2003-02-05 12:10:15 PM  
This is one of those laws that is hastily approved and never followed.
2003-02-05 12:15:15 PM  
Speaking of the U.N. I just heard that France has officialy
condemned the actions of the other 14 security counsel members who shook their fists angrily subsequently causing the French to in a word, surrender.
2003-02-05 12:16:27 PM  
So much wasted potential for a hilarious tagline.
2003-02-05 12:17:30 PM  
This will make or brake the U.N. though... What was this thread about again???

(/watching U.N. summit)
2003-02-05 12:19:00 PM  
oh well I guess it is back to saying sooka and peezda instead of....bleep....
2003-02-05 12:21:02 PM  
Putin launched a 1999 drive against Chechen rebels by vowing to "wipe them out in the shiathouse". He then chose not to campaign in the 2000 election he easily won, saying he would not treat politics like trying to sell "Snickers and Tampax".

Why did we ever have a Cold War with these guys... Rock on.
2003-02-05 12:36:37 PM  
Don't tell the Tuscaloosa city council. We don't want them getting any more ideas for asinine laws.

First our sofas, then our bars, then all our bad words? I think the rednecks would kill themselves. Wait a minute - where's that email address for my councilman...?
2003-02-05 12:53:03 PM  
You can still bang your shoe on the lectern, though, can't you?
[image from too old to be available]
Sorry for the cheap fake, but i couldn't find the original anywhere. Old Nikita would have looked pretty swank in Nikes, anyway, and the cushioned sole would have helped him to avoid wrist sprains.
2003-02-05 01:24:05 PM  
Boobies: And to think I had forgotten about him. You bastiche.
2003-02-05 01:30:02 PM  
Da ne poshol by ty na huy!
2003-02-05 01:32:35 PM  
it seems that some people are under the illusion that there actually ARE any laws in Russia... heh heh, theres no laws in Russia, just one question....

how much?

everything else is just for show....

vsjye Suki vroot
2003-02-05 01:35:22 PM  
mmmmmm... Snickers and Tampax.
2003-02-05 01:49:13 PM  
What, do they think they're French and/or Canadian now?
2003-02-05 02:02:50 PM  
Vi tut vce suki! I Amerkianci duraki
2003-02-05 02:05:13 PM  
ani vse sasoot blashiyi hooyi.
dibilnayi amerikantsi
shtob zdohli

2003-02-05 02:16:01 PM  
da ladna

y kashjdovo ruki v kravej

kak ya skazal, vsjye Suki
2003-02-05 02:28:07 PM  
Yeah but have they been banned from saying F_B _is-the-father???
2003-02-05 02:35:31 PM  
i guess that depends on what F_B_ stands for....
2003-02-05 04:18:53 PM  
... and never again is Blink 182 - Family Reunion heard in russia...
2003-02-05 05:00:10 PM  
They outlaw bad words ? Outlaws banning words all the while they'll blow your ass up if you're not looking , give me a MASSIVE break !
2003-02-05 06:34:40 PM  
Awe, that is what made Russian politics so much better than American. The Brits are still OK, but only because of Monty Python. God bless Russia and all that shiate.
2003-02-05 09:14:12 PM  
the oart before the comma reads, "in roviet sussia" :)
2003-02-05 10:46:24 PM  
what, no one's mentioned tatu yet?
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