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194819 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Feb 2003 at 11:34 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-05 03:39:07 PM  
I like lesbians. I watched some lesbian porn on a download today. Then I snuck off for some private time. It was fun. I want to be with lesbians. I want to watch and play with them. I like lesbians.
2003-02-05 03:41:52 PM  
Thanks bigfoot, I will punish whatever force is responsible mark my words, it wont be in ten years, it wont even be in twenty, and my son may have to avenge her for us but I WILL be responsible for the destruction of whatever allowed that to happen even if it is yalls jewish god. Now to bring this thread full circle, what is sinfull about a woman rubbing her mouth over the smell good parts of another woman? I mean that is do unto others and all. And doesnt hurt any thing. If its just a arbitrary rule that god made up, he can shove it.
2003-02-05 03:42:24 PM  
02-05-03 03:29:05 PM Hip_about_time
Loveinaction, I mean that was a good explanation

I relish the compliment, and wish I had the word power to bring more to light regarding the misconceptions of what many people believe to be God's cruelty, rather than Man and Satan's challenge to God that they don't need Him and can govern themselves without His aid, love, and direct relationship.

These are hard times, the history of Man, and keeping the faith amid what often appears to be His insensitivity to our plight is difficult indeed.

But if His word, which reveals His plan, is to be believed, the time will come when all questions will be answered and all hearts will be lightened. The vicissitudes of these times will be a faint rememberance, akin to a childhood illness that, while heinous at the time, is all but disregarded by the adult in his full health.
2003-02-05 03:42:59 PM  
DannySpaz, don't give up :)
2003-02-05 03:45:27 PM  
actually, sayang, when i do it, they meet in the middle. either way feels fine to me. been neitherhanded all my life.
which serves to point out that sexuality is a continuum actually. most people are one way or another, but some people are bi, transgender, etc.
course, i have no interest in men, myself, but have to point out this grey that exists along with the black and white.
how you women can be interested in us, i have no idea, but i'm very thankful about it.
2003-02-05 03:45:51 PM  
If that wasn't the basis of your own smarmy labelling of me as a hypocrite, I must confess that I'm not quite certain what is, since you quoted it directly in that post.

Hey, no fair, I said "smarmy" first.

When hoisting your adversary on his own petard, you are obligated to end the post with "neener, neener, neener".

/Marquis of Queensbury rules, if you please
2003-02-05 03:46:28 PM  
Earthrhino, Ever see some one break all their own ribs one at a time from simply coughing? Have every bone in their body practically turn to jelly letting their weight odestroy the soft tissues? Have all the tissue of the mouth, nose, ears,and other sensitive parts burn away from Chemo? dehydrate from vomiting and diarea caused by having to much pain to eat? Come to Florence Al and vist me, I will show you the difference. One. day. at . a . time.
2003-02-05 03:47:21 PM  
leprechauns tell me to burn things.
2003-02-05 03:47:50 PM  
*laugh* Touche. :)
2003-02-05 03:48:06 PM  

Good point. It is a continuum, aka the Kinsey scale.
2003-02-05 03:50:23 PM  
....and you will beg me for death
2003-02-05 03:50:59 PM  
Theres nothing better than preaching on a blog to prove your a genius.Opinions and asswholes.
2003-02-05 03:51:16 PM  

Great analogy! I'll have to remember that one.

On a highly personal note: has Salt Lake City (I"m guessing that's what your SLC in the prof stands for) treated you decently as a lesbian? I know Mormons consider homosexuality a sin (or something)

Merely curious, feel free to offer me that hot steamin' cup of STFU <G>

2003-02-05 03:52:42 PM  
Oyle: I can see that, but we all know who's gay, don't we? Do they ahve to tell us?

Godfrey: Despite your basic high school biology, which I learned before high school, you still have not answered the question. Regardless of whether the trait is dominant or recessive, it has to be passed on. (You still with me?) If a person does not reproduce neither the dominant nor the recessives genes are passed on--BECAUSE THERE IS NOONE TO PASS THEM ON TO. Maybe that's basic high school logic, but you should be able to make the leap from ignorance pretty easily.
2003-02-05 03:56:48 PM  
This is Fark the H stands for HOOTERS !!!!
2003-02-05 03:57:51 PM  
I don't think God needs us to go around pointing fingers at "nonbelievers and heathens",a bunch of people seem to forget that we are not supposed to judge but I'm seeing a stack of that right now.shiat,even i'm guilty in this reply.

I think many fall into the trap of quoting that "don't judge other people" maxim when folks quote the Bible and bring to light passages about sin, as if people are not supposed to offer reproofs or corrections to their fellow man.

True, there needs to be more "loving" in the judgements, but when push came to shove, Jesus himself was a rather "manful" defender of the faith. Two quick examples:

1) He bodily threw the money changers out of the temple, he didn't stop and say "Gee, fellas, can we talk about this. I really think you're not supposed to be turning God's temple into Mammon Mart". Or maybe he tried this approach at first, but when they sniped back "How DARE you judge us!", well... we have the written record of what happened. ;-)

2) When his best friend Peter contradicted him, he didn't turn around and nicely say: "Look friend, I explained all this to you, about how it's God's will that I must sacrifice my life". Rather, he curtly dismissed him with a sharp reproof: "Get thee behind me, Satan, for you think the thoughts of Man rather than God" (I might be paraphrasing here, but the point remains).
2003-02-05 04:00:22 PM  
All: If there was no promise of eternal life would you still be a Christian?

Answer = No. Then you are approaching religion as a business deal.
2003-02-05 04:02:51 PM  
As your Jesus would say:"My Dad can beat up your dad."

*Horks all over the religious zealots*
2003-02-05 04:03:19 PM  

Thanks. I got the analogy from this great myth-dispelling, stereotype-refuting site.

You're right about SLC standing for Salt Lake City. In answer to your question, I believe Utah to be one of the most homophobic regions you'll find outside the Bible Belt. I don't want to start another flame war about Mormons, but the religion is VERY intolerant of homosexuality, and the culture here reflects that. I look forward to the day I finish school and can get the hell outta Dodge. ;-)
2003-02-05 04:05:01 PM  

If homosexuality were carried in a recessive gene, than it wouldn't be limited to those who don't reproduce, since there's only a 25% chance that someone born with the gene would actually be homosexual.

That's why people still have blue eyes.

Perhaps you should have taken the high school biology course, since the one you took seems to be a bit sub-par.
2003-02-05 04:05:06 PM  
All: If there was no promise of eternal life would you still be a Christian?

Answer = No. Then you are approaching religion as a business deal.

A fair point, one which demands much introspection by all who would maintain faith.

On the other side of the coin, said eternal life truly is the ultimate carrot on the stick, isn't it?

His word consistently mentions life as the greatest gift and eternal life as Man's "ultimate goal/reward", so I don't think God minds it if there's a little ulterior motive in those who strive to "run the good race", as it were, looking to capture so fine a trophy. ;-)
2003-02-05 04:05:11 PM  
Hip about time Your threats on my life aside, death is death, it doesn't really matter how each of us gets there. Personally I don't see any reason to blame God for our natural feelings of love and loss, but I guess you feel bitterly different.
2003-02-05 04:05:35 PM  
So much talk on high school education.
Reading all these posts on biology leave me satisfied with my attention to English class.
2003-02-05 04:06:56 PM  
is it time for the 'special olympics' poster yet?
2003-02-05 04:07:00 PM  
Damn, I'm pretty horrible with my "thens" and "thans" today.

*smacks my knuckles with a ruler*
2003-02-05 04:10:02 PM  
Good Luck in school and escaping SLC, Sayang!

BTW don't move to Phoenix, 3rd largest Mormon population here. Plus, there's really nothing to do here 'cept make Meth >:)

2003-02-05 04:10:25 PM  
Bill Wick (sp. corecly this time, sorry about before):

I had my "I like brussel sprouts" response all ready to go. I don't like lima beans, but I'll stick with the sprouts. I was forced to eat them as a kid, that was the one food I made my mom promise never to feed me again once when I was about 13, and then, as an adult, I decided to try them. I have some in my fridge and freezer right now, as a result of my decision to try them again.

I thought you were dancing around my question first.

Sayang: That proves I'm right handed. I even asked two left-handed friends to do that, and both did it the other way. Any lesbian who would call themselves a "queer girl" seems to be OK with herself. And that's great. I just think that there are things that we do on a daily basis that are decisions, not because they're in our genes. I don't think Andrea Yates had a drown-five-kids gene. She has a chemical imbalance, but to me her lifestyle as a fundie created the problems by making her feel like she could never be good enough, and as a result she thought her kids were going to turn out evil too. I'm sure her husband had a lot to do with that. I know others with the same chemical problem who don't kill people. They fight with their emotions, but they don't have the feeling that they're evil--that's a learned behavior--not a genetic trait.
2003-02-05 04:12:40 PM  
Rhino, I was just offering to show you the difference. You dont have to come down here.
2003-02-05 04:14:06 PM  
If homosexuality were carried in a recessive gene, than it wouldn't be limited to those who don't reproduce, since there's only a 25% chance that someone born with the gene would actually be homosexual.

And speaking of the subject:

"Brothers, let us greet each other with a kiss."
(1 Peter 5:14, 1 Thes. 5:36, et. al.)

I tease my JW friends with that verse when they come to call.

/such a wild guy!
2003-02-05 04:14:52 PM  
God is too big for one religion.

When my husband gets mad or is upset for one reason or another I tell him to think about lesbians and beer and it always seems to make him smile.
2003-02-05 04:15:53 PM  
Bardic: People still have blue eyes because they carry the recessive gene AND reproduce with others who have the recessive gene. How can a person pass a gene on if they don't reproduce? Don't bash my biology, until you figure out basic communication and reasoning skills.

It ain't dere, it's dear, damn you dumb.
2003-02-05 04:16:50 PM  
Kpar -

So are you saying that at some point you might give BuFu-ing with the boyz a try just to see if you like it?

Betcha don't, and "choice" has nothing to do with it. It's just the way you are.

To smoosh Sayang's question and mine together --- when did you decide to become right handed?
2003-02-05 04:17:44 PM  
I'm not so sure about the ulterior motive part. The thought, "I wonder how many of these people would show up every Sunday if they knew 1) There is a God. 2) But there is no afterlife." ran through my mind the other week after church. Maybe that should be the acid test?
2003-02-05 04:21:16 PM  
And this is different from someone who carries a hypothetical homosexual recessive gene and

Again: if homosexuality were a recessive gene, 75% OF PEOPLE WHO CARRIED IT WOULD BE HETEROSEXUAL.

My reasoning skills are just fine, thank you.
2003-02-05 04:27:48 PM  
I'm not so sure about the ulterior motive part. The thought, "I wonder how many of these people would show up every Sunday if they knew 1) There is a God. 2) But there is no afterlife." ran through my mind the other week after church. Maybe that should be the acid test?

A tough one... my take is:

1) If no eternal life, what sort of God comes up with a plan that ends in so miserly and miserable existence for His creation?

2) Better to assume an eternal life* and be wrong, than to live one's current life as if "this is it", and be wrong.

/bummer! :-(

*(on a new Earth as a physical being, a la the "perfect Adam", or in the spiritual existence amid the hierarchy of God's creation for that realm).
2003-02-05 04:28:21 PM  

Thanks for the warning. Although meth is good, too. (Oops, did I say that?)


Hmm. Actually, which thumb goes over the other one has nothing to do with handedness. It must've been coincidence that you and your friends' handedness corresponded to the topmost thumb. That's beside the point, however.

I agree that there are a lot of characteristics for which humans can be genetically predisposed but whose incidences are strongly influenced by environment (eg, depression, schizophrenia, etc). However, sexual attraction is *not* one of these characteristics. Many gays and lesbians, myself included, date the opposite sex for a while before they wholly figure out their orientation--or even after, if they choose to stay closeted. Eventually, though, they figure out that the opposite-sex thing just isn't working. It's nothing anybody chooses. If you think that at some point you *chose* your attraction to women, then maybe you're actually bisexual. (I'm not trying to be offensive to you, I'm just trying to make a point.)

I strongly suggest you read this page in its entirety, and with an open mind.
2003-02-05 04:28:32 PM  
Kpar90 writes: Regardless of whether the trait is dominant or recessive, it has to be passed on. (You still with me?) If a person does not reproduce neither the dominant nor the recessives genes are passed on--BECAUSE THERE IS NOONE TO PASS THEM ON TO.

Again, you obviously don't understand recessive genes.

Let's assume, just for the sake of argument, that sexuality is a genetic trait, with homosexuality recessive. And let's assume that bisexuality is a morphogenetic trait possessed by nobody in the following example.

Dick and Jane each have one 'straight' and one 'gay' gene. Because 'gay' is recessive, both of them are straight.

They have a first child, Bob. Bob receives the 'straight' gene from Dick, and the 'gay' gene from Jane; since 'straight' is dominant, Bob grows up straight.

Dick and Jane have a second child, Eugene. Eugene receives the 'gay' genes from both parents. He grows up gay, doesn't breed, doesn't pass his genes on to anyone.

Bob (who has one 'straight' and one 'gay' gene) grows up, marries Sally, who also has one 'gay' and one 'straight' gene. They have a child, Milton, who receives the 'gay' genes from both parents. Milton grows up gay.

The trait remained in the genetic line and expressed itself, even though Eugene didn't pass on the genes. It's the same reason that the gene pool still contains conditions which produce congenital sterility -- if your argument was at all valid, such conditions wouldn't exist.

Now go apologize to Gregor Mendel.
2003-02-05 04:29:53 PM  

2003-02-05 04:32:22 PM  
Bill Wick: I'm ambidexterous. Not really, but I bet your eyes rolled.

Being right or left handed is different than being gay or straight. I wish I had a good reason for why I think that, but I do. To me, as I understand it, homosexuality is not a physical trait. It is not one such as the genes that make you tall, or short, or more likely to be obese. It, like depression, is a state of the mind. You can be whatever you want to be. You can choose to think that Republicans are uptight asses, or that Democrats are. You can choose to believe in God, or not to. You can choose to lay pipe in a man's rear, or a woman's. It's all up to you. I think claiming it's not your choice is just a way to try and be accepted, even pitied. Just be yourself, whatever that self is. For MEB and Sayang, that's being a lesbian. I don't blame them, I'd be a lesbian too.

Bardic: I've been saying all along that homosexuality is not a genetic trait, whether it be recessive or dmoinant,ly clear that you muissed out on the most basic of my premises. So clearly, your reasoning skills are not fine. Or maybe it's your reading and comprehension skills that are screwed. Either way, you should be more careful before you post.
2003-02-05 04:37:17 PM  
I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous!

/ugh, got nuthin'
2003-02-05 04:39:07 PM  

I have not missed any of your premises. I, along with a whole score of other people, are refuting your premise by showing how it very well could exist as a genetic trait. We are doing so by directly contradicting your assertion that it *couldn't* be a genetic trait, exposing your gross ignorance of basic genetics.

All of which you are conveniently ignoring.

I'm going to hit the "add comment" button really carefully now.......
2003-02-05 04:40:57 PM  

Clinical (as in, non-transient) depression is a hereditary genetic condition. It is caused by chemical reaction, not a "state of mind."

Do yourself a favor and stop posting until you can do so without managing to put your foot in your mouth. Continuously.
2003-02-05 04:42:16 PM  

You say, "To me, as I understand it, homosexuality is not a physical trait." Sorry, then, but you clearly don't understand it.

/washing my hands
2003-02-05 04:45:17 PM  
Bardicmisfit, when he came out with "It, like depression, is a state of the mind", I realized he's just trolling.

Good job, Kpar90, I fell for it; I actually believed you were truly that misinformed about genetics. Well done.
2003-02-05 04:45:26 PM  
So... is anyone gonna post some SFW pics of this chick or a NSFW link? I mean, geez, all this pseudo-religious mumbo jumbo is hampering some kwality kitten killin'.
2003-02-05 04:45:39 PM  
Man, I sure get tired of the "Being gay is a lifestyle choice" crap. Anyone who says that has obviously never really known anyone gay, or seen them try to be the way society wants them to be when they're young. Imagine if you wake up in the morning and the world was swapped around such that most people were gay, being gay was the only "acceptable" way to be, and you're still straight. You parents keep trying to set you up with someone of the same sex, and you go out on dates, but man, it just feels wrong. The only thing that gets your juices going is being with someone of the opposite sex. After a while, you just tell everyone else to shove it and go for what makes yo happy, even though tons of people, maybe even your own family, give you crap about it.

That's how it was for my best friend in high school, and also for the guy who sits across the hall from me. They didn't "choose" to be that way, with all the pain and suffering associated.

Oh and Kpar90, you forget that a lot of gay people DO get married and have kids, just to make other people happy. Half the time the marriages break up in misery, but they still contribute to the gene pool.

There have also been some interesting theories that creating gay people is a genetic adaptation for *society* (i.e., the tribe), and that's why so many high achievers and great artists are gay. Not sure how they'd actually test that though.
2003-02-05 04:46:04 PM  
i am now on the fark map.
woot woot.
2003-02-05 04:49:37 PM  
And a spaz!!YAY!
2003-02-05 04:52:06 PM  
C'mon. Everybody now, repeat after me...

Boobies Booboes

all you straight guys

Boobies Boobies

all you lesbians

Boobies Boobies

Mmm Home time soon; hope the wife is off the rag...
2003-02-05 04:53:57 PM  

Well said. I didn't want to get too personal about it, being afraid of coming off as whiny. But you did a great job of expressing what it's like to be queer and why no one in their right minds would choose it.

/done for real now, I promise
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