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(AP)   WTC designs down to two. There can only be one   ( divider line
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23506 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Feb 2003 at 10:12 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-04 10:16:03 AM  
We should make it a massive grave yard for dead Al-Qaeda. Then everybody would have a chance to urinate on their ashes.
2003-02-04 10:16:05 AM  
Only one.. THE HIGHLANDER! arrr
2003-02-04 10:16:12 AM  
Yeah, we know. It's a repeat.

Get over it.
2003-02-04 10:16:12 AM  
All of them are ugly.
2003-02-04 10:16:59 AM  
I wanna see which two are being considered? If they selecter two, what's the big deal in showing us?
2003-02-04 10:17:01 AM  
No Shiat. There were only 2 when we first read this last week, too.
2003-02-04 10:17:38 AM  
hey all,

last week someone posted a hilarious drawing of their "submission" for the WTC. Anyone remember who it was and or what the link was?
2003-02-04 10:17:41 AM  
I really hope that someone posts those amusing photoshops of the WTC bending out of the way of aircraft or made to look like a hand "giving the bird"

Those are really funny and I never get tired of seeing them.
2003-02-04 10:17:44 AM  
Two world trade center designs enter! One world trade center design leaves!
2003-02-04 10:18:39 AM  
After seeing dozens of plans over the last year, I have come to the decision that they all suck.  I say rebuild WTC exactly as it was.
2003-02-04 10:19:02 AM  
LMDC has one Rose left to hand out, who will it be.
2003-02-04 10:19:43 AM  
Is that a farking airplane in the middle of those two lattice towers?
2003-02-04 10:19:46 AM  
I like how they made it look like scaffolding, dats classy!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-04 10:20:02 AM  
A repeat AND a horrible misquote! All I can say is, "WOW!"
2003-02-04 10:20:12 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
Post confirms WTC down to 2 designs, supporters of tic-tac-toe scheme weep/

img.fark.netView Full Size
WTC designs down to two. There can only be one

Fark links to this story up to two. There can be only seven.
2003-02-04 10:20:14 AM  
you gotta be shiatting me. that's farkin hideous.
2003-02-04 10:20:26 AM  
Those are really funny and I never get tired of seeing them.

Is that a hint of sarcasm I hear?

*sarcasm detector explodes*
2003-02-04 10:21:10 AM  
im sorry but who the hell was voting for these designs. they are horrible looking.
2003-02-04 10:21:28 AM  
And we're rebuilding this thing why...?
Put it all 120 feet under. Lets see 'em fly an airliner into that!
2003-02-04 10:21:49 AM  
Helpdeskman: I was going to ask that same this a contest for the submission with the least taste?
2003-02-04 10:21:53 AM  
Those are horrible. WTF is wrong with them. Build it all back like it was.

They didn't redesign the West edge of the Pentagon did they? BUILD THE TOWERS BACK!!!
2003-02-04 10:22:14 AM  
Both designs feature structures rising higher than the tallest in the world, Malaysia's 1,483-foot Petronas Twin Towers.

Ha! Suck it down terrorists!
2003-02-04 10:23:34 AM  
I like the Libeskind one better, even though it looks like a building already in the Chicago skyline.
2003-02-04 10:23:43 AM  
Let's build them out of the bodies of dead Afghanis and Iraqis.
2003-02-04 10:24:28 AM  
Now that I think about it, we've had the perfect design the entire time...

[image from too old to be available]
ED-209 not included.
2003-02-04 10:24:35 AM  
Yes, that is suppose to depict the plane ripping through the towers, very tasteless, and I saw the exhibit and everyone said the same thing, very disturbing that it looks like a plane.
2003-02-04 10:24:58 AM  
If Pearl Harbor had happened the other day, the same corporate suits working on the WTC would probably find a way to fill it in and make a golf course out of it.

Damnit, rebuild the the WTC as it was!
2003-02-04 10:25:54 AM  
If they build it....

I'll knock it down.

farking asshats with no respect for those who lost their lives.

I'm speaking of the two lattice towers with the giant airplane mashed in the middle of the two. Oh, yeah, that'd go over real well with New Yorkers. Suuuuuuuure.
2003-02-04 10:27:51 AM  
*Obligatory comment that the Petronas Towers are NOT the tallest in the world. That title still belongs to the Sears Tower in three of the four measures*

I'll be glad when China or New York build a taller building that either the Sears or the Petronas Towers. We Chicagoans don't mind losing the title if we lose it legitimately. Put another hundred feet on the damn thing and make it indisputable.
2003-02-04 10:28:33 AM  
Hehhe, nice name, localhost!
2003-02-04 10:28:38 AM  
The Liebskind design sucks...the public space is awful. I kinda dig the Think design...symbolic and interesting architecturally.
2003-02-04 10:29:29 AM  
Ya, Seriously Helpdeskman.

You'd think the towers would simply be one larger one, with a circular building around it, which would state how stuff got united further as a result.

These buildings look like they were designed by some crackhead artists.
2003-02-04 10:29:56 AM  
The new buildings should look like a giant ass.

Then if the terrorists try to knock it down again they will be flying into a giant ass.
2003-02-04 10:32:30 AM  
GratefulDead - You know, I have like 4 other Fark accounts, but FINALLY I came up with something halfway witty.
2003-02-04 10:32:43 AM  
Alright, figured it out. One of the Libeskinds looks like the Smurfit-Stone building in Chicago (150 N. Michigan).

Why is a New York memorial copying a Chicago building? Kinda lame.
2003-02-04 10:32:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Amazingly this is real (#2).
2003-02-04 10:33:57 AM  
Rebuild the WTC towers exactly as they were, or else the farking terrorist have won.
2003-02-04 10:33:59 AM  
I'm with Tiojohn, I think the only design that's both respectful and gives the big FU to terrorism is rebuilding complete replicas of the original towers (though structurally more sound).
2003-02-04 10:34:02 AM  
Dangit!! I want my Tesla Coil Defense System!!
2003-02-04 10:34:19 AM  
I think they should make the two towers look like the members of Tatu. Who the hell would want to destroy those? Yes, I believe that those fine young girls could be this world's saviors.
2003-02-04 10:35:04 AM  
Oh, and I agree about the airplane looking causeway in the scaffold design! Asstardation at it's prime!
2003-02-04 10:36:03 AM  
Bah, any design that DOES NOT include King Kong is a flawed design.

Also, king kong would need to have Jessica Lange as, um, a supervisor.

2003-02-04 10:36:19 AM  
There were a couple of really cool designs in the 9 that they chose, these two really suck...
2003-02-04 10:37:33 AM  
I hope at least they cover one side of the scaffolding and make it a kickass rock climbing wall.
2003-02-04 10:38:27 AM  
build em the way they where. or put a farking mall where it was..

capitalism heals all.

Make sure there is a shiatload of gap and old navy stores in there as well.. maybe a nike store as well.
2003-02-04 10:38:49 AM  
Some people will never be satisfied with the design. We just need to build something and move on. We don't need to make any statements.
2003-02-04 10:42:03 AM  
They should mount two massive laser death cannons on the roofs of whatever buildings they make. That would be a cool terrorism deterrant, and they out on Pink Floyd Laser Light Shows during the summer!
2003-02-04 10:42:19 AM  

2003-02-04 10:42:23 AM  
YES! I think we have a winner. You know lady liberty will be eager to hop her pad and come visit.
2003-02-04 10:42:37 AM  
Build a giant mosque made of solid rock and let them run airplanes into that.
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