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(NASA)   What ever happened to the Space Shuttle Enterprise?   ( divider line
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33665 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Feb 2003 at 8:59 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-03 06:25:08 PM  
CNN said it went on its maiden voyage to Kronos at Warp 18 in 1982
2003-02-03 06:27:53 PM  
and snag a few cases of tranya along the way.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-03 06:40:19 PM  
The Enterprise? One of the nuclear wessels in Alameda?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-03 06:41:38 PM  
NASA transferred Enterprise to the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum. Since then, Enterprise has been in temporary storage at Washington's Dulles International Airport pending completion of the Museum's new center there, where it will be placed on public display.
2003-02-03 06:42:47 PM  
According to CNN, Shuttles can go at warp speed:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-03 06:47:49 PM  
Geez people, give CNN a break! All they were saying was that Columbia was travelling nearly 18 times the speed of light. I travel at nearly that speed every day. Well, if your scale is infinity. After all, 65MPH and 12,000MPH is nearly 18 times the speed of light on someones scale.

Okay I'll go now.
2003-02-03 06:58:04 PM  
Uclafalcon - shouldn't that be nu-clu-lar wessel in Alameda?
2003-02-03 07:17:27 PM  
Interesting fact from that article:

"the orbiter Columbia was created and it became the first Space Shuttle to fly into Earth orbit in 1981"

/old guy
2003-02-03 08:02:08 PM  
I saw the first space shuttle launch. I was 5.
2003-02-03 08:02:42 PM  
Was that weather bane on the nose of the Orbiter for observational purposes or did they plan on keeping that on all the shuttles? Just curious. I never got to ask that question when I visited KSS when I was like 13.
2003-02-03 09:01:36 PM  
OK, that's weird. I posted the home page for all the oribters five minutes ago, and this pops up.

2003-02-03 09:04:31 PM  
Lay off the Enterprise; despite many, many attempts, I haven't achieived free-flight since 1977 either.
2003-02-03 09:04:35 PM  

2003-02-03 09:05:40 PM  
I saw the first space shuttle land. I was 7.
2003-02-03 09:07:56 PM  
I saw the first game in the new Comiskey Park (US Cellular Field). I was 16.

/no shuttle stories
2003-02-03 09:08:48 PM  
So I guess the first space shuttle had a long flight, eh?
2003-02-03 09:09:38 PM  
455H47: Oh yeah?. I saw the muffuger LAND and I was 27 at the time. shiat, I'm really, really old.
2003-02-03 09:09:47 PM  
i very nearly got to see a launch

they cancelled it the day before tho

bastards and their saftey

(jeez it's probably a bad time to say that isn't it)
2003-02-03 09:10:07 PM  
Wasnt Enterprise just built as a test bed? Test the in atomosphere glide characteristics and being piggy backed on a modified 747?
2003-02-03 09:10:26 PM  
I saw them roll it out of the VAB at Kennedy after it had been mated to the external tanks. Ultra-cool.
2003-02-03 09:11:32 PM  
The Enterprise never went into space, it was a prototype and testing vehicle.
2003-02-03 09:12:04 PM  
I saw the first space shuttle disintegrate. I was 22, (and very sad...)
2003-02-03 09:14:32 PM  
Ha ha. Stupid CNN. 18 times the speed of light is damn near Ludicrous Speed. The Columbia would have reached the plaid zone by then! Asshats
2003-02-03 09:14:38 PM  
I wonder if Nasa will build a replacement for Columbia, or finnaly get approval to build a new design altogether.

Anyone offhand know the name of that new design the senate aproved of some years ago?
2003-02-03 09:15:32 PM  
Enterprise B? =P
2003-02-03 09:15:44 PM  
HighHardOne: I haven't achieived free-flight since 1977 either.

Er, what about before 1977?
2003-02-03 09:15:55 PM  
Is the Enterprise spaceworthy? Why don't they modernize it as a replacement for Columbia? For that matter, why didn't they use it as a Challenger replacement? I mean, upgrading the Enterprise would probably be a hell of a lot cheaper than building a new shuttle, like Endeavour for Challenger.

farking old school Trekkies. They just _had_ to have the first one. Why the fark didn't they wait a few years and get a spacefaring ship that we could all be proud of, and not a crippled museum piece.
2003-02-03 09:16:55 PM  
I got kicked out of JSC for walking into their Shuttle mockup building.If you visit JSC and you see signs warning telling you to stay out,they mean it.That was back in '85.My brother in law got all twisted and was arguing with my sister about being embarassed.
2003-02-03 09:17:01 PM  
Me and Ace_Lightning were test pilots for the Enterprise.
2003-02-03 09:17:11 PM  
If ya putzes read the article, it mentions the fact that it was a glide/carry test airframe.


I was at Edwards and saw the mate/demate facility, and the piggyback 747 parked behind my office building, right next to 'balls-eight', which was the mother ship for the X-15 and hundreds of other tests.
2003-02-03 09:17:41 PM  
The whole gang of Sar Trek was there when it rolled out too!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-03 09:17:47 PM  
Just to give you young'uns some perspective: My generation watched the moon landing LIVE. We were there when Columbia (RIP)made her maiden voyage. Way back then, lift-offs and re-entries were a really BIG deal. Somehow, these events became routine, page 4 material. It is a shame.......sorry. no more words. let silence speak for me.........
2003-02-03 09:18:00 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
2003-02-03 09:18:01 PM  

Small chance of a new shuttle being built. Challenger's replacement used up most of the spare parts; they never were replaced.
2003-02-03 09:18:44 PM  
[disclaimer: i'm too lazy to read the article]
wasn't enterprise intended to just be dropped off planes to see how well it could land? i don't even think it ever got off the ground by itself...anyone? corrections?
2003-02-03 09:20:45 PM  
So the one in Huntsville right now is a fake? I feel so deceived...

Not really.
2003-02-03 09:20:57 PM  
Enterprise, the first Space Shuttle Orbiter, was originally to be named Constitution (in honor of the U.S. Constitution's Bicentennial).

The Enterprise was rolled out in 1976, the Bicentennial of the Declaration of Independance.

The Constitutuion was written in 1787, approved in 1788.

2003-02-03 09:21:08 PM  
Dupper: Is the Enterprise spaceworthy? Why don't they modernize it as a replacement for Columbia? For that matter, why didn't they use it as a Challenger replacement?

Maybe. Challenger was a test bed just like Enterprise. They retrofitted it after Columbia was a success.

But the Smithsonian owns the Enterprise now, which is why the Endevour was built instead of using the Enterprise to replace the Challenger.
2003-02-03 09:21:32 PM  
455H47: If you are too lazy to read a short article, you don't deserve to know.
2003-02-03 09:21:45 PM  

What the hell does the "40" coefficient mean?
2003-02-03 09:21:58 PM  
what's happening to Fark?

lame articles lately.
2003-02-03 09:22:05 PM  
Old_Gringo yuh, i know reentries/landings were a huge deal at the time... that's why my dad dragged [wish it was drugged] my family out to the desert to watch it come down...and honestly, that's probably been one of the most memorable experiences of my life...saturday only makes it more memorable...
2003-02-03 09:22:51 PM  
Here you go....

The "complete" list of vessels named Enterprise....
2003-02-03 09:22:58 PM  
Tinrobot: I would expect that kind of error from CNN, but....
2003-02-03 09:23:28 PM  
wtf theses nerds can get nasa to change the name, but the petition for Family Guy fails????
2003-02-03 09:24:07 PM  

So the one in Huntsville right now is a fake?

No, the Pathfinder is the one in Huntsville. It was a standin for the Enterprise for load testing.
2003-02-03 09:24:10 PM  

In 1976 I learned to fly, then Dad found and broke my first bong. None of my other bongs seem to work, but I don't blame Challenger. Dad and I have our issues, however.
2003-02-03 09:24:58 PM  
Oops, forgot that closing </a>
2003-02-03 09:25:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
yep, no idea what a muffuger is, and i've exhausted my search capabilities

but i doubt i meant muffler
2003-02-03 09:25:38 PM  

Enterprise, the first Space Shuttle Orbiter, was originally to be named Constitution (in honor of the U.S. Constitution's Bicentennial). However, viewers of the popular TV Science Fiction show Star Trek started a write-in campaign urging the White House to select the name Enterprise.

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