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(ABC News)   Anne Heche says, "I was from another planet and spoke a different language directly with God."   ( abcnews.go.com) divider line
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2001-09-04 12:10:51 AM  
Re: her relationship with DeGeneres. Can anyone say "publicity stunt"?
2001-09-04 12:12:00 AM  
Hey I did that to once... but I had taken 4 hits of window pane an hour before that happened.
2001-09-04 12:23:44 AM  
Buy My Book! Buy My Book!
2001-09-04 12:29:10 AM  
2001-09-04 12:42:58 AM  
Its amazing what people will say when they drastically change their outlook on life. Born agains give almost the same speech, teenagers will speak at length about love after their first lay, people who change political party affiliations, etc.

I doubt she was ever insane, but she believes it because she needs to justify the sudden change. Not to be cynical but this is great news for her career as she can play more convincing straight roles, just like when Troy Mclure married Selma.
2001-09-04 12:44:36 AM  
To add some fire to the conspiracy theory, how straight does this guy look?
2001-09-04 12:50:28 AM  
first you like hotdogs.....
then you like tacos.....
then you like hotdogs again...

which do you like more.. hotdogs or tacos????

maybe a hotdog-taco???
2001-09-04 12:52:30 AM  
Farked up for 30+ years and all of a sudden, sane, straight and married... holy cow... geeeezzes.
2001-09-04 12:59:32 AM  
I wonder if she knows Lord Kimbo?
2001-09-04 01:00:08 AM  
this chick is suck a media drama-queen whore.

2001-09-04 01:00:33 AM  
Me thinks she's fine. I'll take Ellen's seconds right now.
2001-09-04 01:34:27 AM  
Heche is one of those little secrets the Voyager probe brought back from Mars in '76.
Sadly, much like the alien face hugger in "Aliens", she got out of her jar and skittered off.
Now we have to put up with this crap in the news, and all because NASA can't keep a friggin' lid on a jar.
2001-09-04 01:58:01 AM  
"I was from another planet and spoke a different language directly with God."

Translation :

My career is in the toilet. Forget I was ever a lesbian.
Give me a decent part, dammit! I need work!
2001-09-04 01:58:22 AM  
Skallas: I think it's the camera that's making him look gay. It's one of those "gay cameras". It's probably why Heche looks straight.

Oh, and thanks to Augie, now I'm hungry.
2001-09-04 02:11:43 AM  
geez, i saw it coming. she likes hotdogs...why? Two words: WILD SIDE! Sitting on Chris Walken's face in a leather thong...hotdogs = walken = goin' straight see the connexion???
2001-09-04 02:48:40 AM  
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2001-09-04 02:53:42 AM  
she's too damn skinny, Ellen must have ate all the food.
2001-09-04 03:34:24 AM  
man is she screwed up. The world of hollywood never ceases to confound me.
2001-09-04 03:45:11 AM  
Did anyone notice that after Ellen came out,all the episodes of her show revolved around her gayness?It was like"Something funnily gay happened in the gay grocery store,the Cream Of Wheat started talking to me in a gay manner,and George Washington liked to pack the fudge,and Martha Washington was a big hairy bulldyke,just like me,gay Ellen!"

And only I can talk to god,God damn it!Stupid Anne...
2001-09-04 03:57:28 AM  
Hey Anne, just shiat up and let's perk up them nips for ol' bigpeeler. (Yes, I have you famous 'shower video' downloaded. Nosy bittch.)
2001-09-04 04:57:19 AM  
Her wedding dress was white???????????

Yeah, Uh huh, sure.
2001-09-04 06:25:27 AM  
When people talk to God, we call it praying,
When God talks back, we call them crazy...
2001-09-04 06:27:31 AM  
31 Years of Insanity...and Pussy-Eating.
2001-09-04 07:08:48 AM  
I wonder if she will share her "Miracle Cure" with the rest of us....
2001-09-04 07:10:01 AM  
Could she possibly get insane again, with two or three hot Bi Chicks and show up at my door stunned, dazed and horny?
Not that I would take advantage of her... Much.
2001-09-04 07:24:10 AM  
silly lesbian....
2001-09-04 08:54:03 AM  
A bit ironic that she was in a remake of Psycho.

Heche....has written an autobiography. The book, "Call Me Crazy, But I Still Like To Eat Pussy," is slated for release Sept. 5.
2001-09-04 09:03:17 AM  
"09-04-01 12:44:36 AM Skallas

To add some fire to the conspiracy theory, how straight does this guy look?"

I was thinking the very same thing Skallas. That dude is as queer as a 3 Dollar Bill. The look of his face reveals that he likes to play Butt Darts.
2001-09-04 09:05:00 AM  
Is anyone still listening to this freak?
2001-09-04 09:20:19 AM  
Does anyone remember when she was on the soap opera Antoher World? She played twins who were completely different from one another. Life imitates "art" or is Heche rehashing a role that was pitiful at best?
2001-09-04 09:28:30 AM  
[image from softdoc.es too old to be available] or [image from acmepostcards.com too old to be available] Just make up your damn mind.
2001-09-04 09:33:41 AM  
Mmmm... food...
2001-09-04 11:00:47 AM  
Eat some more pills and let me know who you are a little later on.....
2001-09-04 11:12:05 AM  
maybe she met that guy at one of those "go straight" bible camps.
2001-09-04 11:13:58 AM  
I just noticed, her book is out tomorrow.

2001-09-04 11:30:09 AM  
I'd throw one in her.
2001-09-04 11:45:02 AM  
I am officially sick of this woman.

For Christ's sake, this flying coontress took the long ride on the Ellen gravy train for years until suddenly(!) Ellen was out of work. BANG! Off to penisland. Now she can't get work, but instead of ATTEMPTING to better her acting, she hits the INSANITY DEFENSE! Gee you don't think this has anything to do with the fact that Ellen has a new show on CBS and Heche's career sucks donkey shiat. Vindictive, manipulative biatch.

Just proves that women can also be gold digging, anything for a buck assholes.

2001-09-04 12:01:41 PM  
Irascible: "long ride on the Ellen gravy train"

Ewww! Now I've got THAT image in my head all day!

I wonder if her Martian friends are doing a documentary on this: (in a mild, almost-whispered British accent) "Now let's watch as Ms. Degeneris self-destructs in as noisy a way as possible. You can see how, no matter what she does to get attention, the rest of the planet ignores her now that she's no longer an object of tittilation."
2001-09-04 12:09:32 PM  
What do you mean women CAN also be gold digging? ARE gold digging. Period.
2001-09-04 12:36:28 PM  
and remember, lots of women make the gold themselves. diggers like heche are an old cliche. don't lump'em all together hotdogs.
2001-09-04 01:01:38 PM  
What a catch! I feel very sorry for the poor bastard who married her.
2001-09-04 01:04:47 PM  
It might not be too bad, you have a good chance of getting her in bed with you and another woman, or two.
2001-09-04 02:23:19 PM  
Considering what Ellen looks like I think she has liked men all along
2001-09-04 02:25:23 PM  
Anybody remember the jab Steve Martin took at her in 'Bowfinger'? At the end of the movie, Heather Graham's character left with 'one of the most powerful lesbians in Hollywood' after she had already slept her way up the ladder at Bowfinger Productions. Cold my friends. Cold.
2001-09-04 02:57:38 PM  
She has a book out, she just got married and she's making all these "shock" revelations about her life?

Sounds familiar. For over here in the UK at the moment, we have Victoria "About as Posh as a Pie and Mash shop in Hackney" Beckham doing the exact same thing. Trying to resurrect her floundering "music" career by putting an autobiography and a new single out, and making a large number of "shock" revelations about her rather uninteresting life. David kissed another girl and they both threatened suicide? Yeah right. No-one realised that she was anorexic after the baby was born? Bollocks, EVERYONE on the planet could see that she wasn't eating. It's all Geri Halliwell's fault that she became anorexic? Even more bullshiat.

Celebrities are dumb. The least talented ones get seen through and are all flogging a dead horse eventually, so why can't we just cut to the chase right now and make them dance for pennies in public places.
2001-09-04 03:00:03 PM  
Rubix3:What do you mean women CAN also be gold digging? ARE gold digging. Period.

*chuckles* My my, you have a very cynical view of women. It reminds me of something I once said about men never growing up...
2001-09-04 04:09:45 PM  
Does anyone remember when she was on the soap opera Antoher World? She played twins who were completely different from one another.

This was also the time when she was living with her co-star Richard Burgi. Can't remember if it was before or after she was with Steve Martin... Sheesh.
2001-09-04 05:14:11 PM  
is there a male equivalent of ann heche? say, someone like benjamin britt trying to get work through julia roberts (not saying he is, just as an example...) i wonder if we'd be less harsh on a MALE gold-digger? maybe lesbians just don't taste good?
2001-09-04 06:12:37 PM  
AugieBenDoggie, Hotdog vs. Taco issue? Try Burger Pipe!
2001-09-04 06:15:07 PM  
But no more of the ol graveypouch.
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