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2003-02-01 08:03:53 PM  
'Planet of the Clones: From Beyond the Grave'

See how recent breakthroughs will eventually let scientists resurrect extinct species.

...In case you haven't seen Jurassic Park 1, 2, or 3 yet.
2003-02-01 10:39:05 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

Could Wil Wheaton clone his career and bring that back to life?
2003-02-01 10:59:27 PM  
thunder thunder thunder thunder cats!

lame, i know
2003-02-01 11:00:17 PM  
2003-02-01 11:00:29 PM  
Methinks someone OD'ed on Michael Crichton.....
2003-02-01 11:01:27 PM  
[image from le-monde-du-flipper.com too old to be available]
2003-02-01 11:02:08 PM  
we're all doomed. what next? the dodo bird?
2003-02-01 11:02:18 PM  
Will they be at the petting zoo?

here kitty,kitty,kitty...
2003-02-01 11:02:37 PM  
so what a normal tiger could kill you too.
2003-02-01 11:04:39 PM  
02-01-03 11:02:18 PM Bargirl24
Will they be at the petting zoo?

here kitty,kitty,kitty...

2003-02-01 11:04:54 PM  
So they can starve to death again?
2003-02-01 11:05:56 PM  
All I know is when it comes to pass, I'm getting me one of the mammoth rib plates like the Flintstones, and I ain't coming out my apartment until it's done...

Philx36--Could be a whole franchise there...
2003-02-01 11:06:15 PM  
[image from agnostos-theos.net too old to be available]
2003-02-01 11:07:45 PM  
2003-02-01 11:08:05 PM  
"God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man, man destroy's God, man creates dinosaurs."
2003-02-01 11:10:51 PM  
I want a menagerie of prehistoric animals that I can use as major appliances like the Flintstones.
2003-02-01 11:11:31 PM  
I say we start living like the Flinstones...
2003-02-01 11:13:25 PM  
"God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man, man destroy's God, man creates dinosaurs."

Dinosaurs destroy man, woman inherits the earth.

Best line of the movie, and you leave it out? For shame.
2003-02-01 11:13:53 PM  
Hello Dolly!

That writer's forced style reminds me of the Jackie Harvey column in theOnion.
2003-02-01 11:14:33 PM  
Oh yeah, and you don't use apostrophes to pluralize words. Simply adding the 's' will do.

/pet peeve
2003-02-01 11:15:47 PM  
Jurassic Park anyone?
2003-02-01 11:17:30 PM  
I hope they can use this to help save endagered species.

We have less than 300 siberian tigers left in the world, if they could bring them back from the brink of extiction that would a great thing.

2003-02-01 11:17:53 PM  
I smell a Pizza Samurai Cats return.
2003-02-01 11:17:55 PM  
I hope that they clone Chaka and some Sleestacks. That would be cool.
2003-02-01 11:21:19 PM  
Y'know, they're gonna clone 'em and find out what vicious bastards they were.
2003-02-01 11:22:50 PM  
i want a giant sloth for a pet. that is all.
2003-02-01 11:23:01 PM  
I would love that shiat!
2003-02-01 11:23:27 PM  
we could bring back birds like the Norfolk Island Kaka or the Bonin Thrush, but why stop there. I've always wanted to see a Red-moustached Fruit-Dove
2003-02-01 11:24:01 PM  
It's all fun and games untill they are picking you out of tiger poop with tweezers.
2003-02-01 11:24:05 PM  
Yeah, i'm sure theres no good reason why god wiped them off the face of the earth.....
2003-02-01 11:24:39 PM  
Boy this cloning shiat is getting really, really, boring. And instead of telling us what you're going to do, just do it, then tell us. BORING!!!!
2003-02-01 11:25:45 PM  
I don't think anybody else will mention this, so I think I should point it out: this sounds a lot like an idea I saw in a movie called "Jurrasic Park"!

What was it about?
2003-02-01 11:26:35 PM  
Hey, why doesn't someone mention jurassic park!?!?! Hasn't anyone thought of it yet?!?!?!?!
2003-02-01 11:26:52 PM  
Hey, if our ancient kin could kick there arse 70k years ago, we can do it today.

of course, a lot of them did get eaten or killed, but hey, thats not really important.
2003-02-01 11:30:38 PM  
I wonder if they will have zany and quirky personalities. Maybe the mamouths will have Ray Ramano's deadpan pessimism, and sardonic witicisms to boot. And all the sabertooth's will inpsire us to yuck it up with thier chain-smoking Dennis Leary like bitter comedy routine.
2003-02-01 11:31:12 PM  
Sure... this is how it starts.
Grow a few Saber-Toothed Tigers... then a Stegasaurous...
And then a bunch of Lawyer Eating Tyranosauruses!


Actually that's not a bad idea.
Can we START with the Lawyer Eating Tyranosauruses?
2003-02-01 11:32:35 PM  
Jurassic Park? This is more like "Billy and the Cloneasaurus." But it's still BORING! How much do you want to bet that in 100 years this 1. hasn't happened and 2. if it has happened NO ONE CARES!
2003-02-01 11:32:39 PM  
It's going to be a lot cheaper to make Jurassic Park 4 if they don't use computer generated dinosaurs.
2003-02-01 11:32:53 PM  
This in the news 10 years from now:

54 year old British woman climbs over barriers to put hand into the Saber-Tooth's cage. Saber-Tooth rips woman's arm off.
2003-02-01 11:34:42 PM  
Meet the Flintstones,
They're a modern stone-age family.

From the,
Town of Bedrock,
They're a page right out of history.

Maybe Fred will win the fight.

And the,
Cat will stay out for the night.

When you're,
With the Flintstones,
You'll have a good time,
A dabba doo time,
2003-02-01 11:35:39 PM  
On second thought, I'd rather they clone Raquel Welch so she could make me cave sandwiches.
2003-02-01 11:36:18 PM  
Hey thanks, Psycho-Jay. I always wondered what the words to that song were.
2003-02-01 11:39:18 PM  
and show me those bodacious cave boobies.
2003-02-01 11:39:29 PM  
Its boring to you Chess_the_cat but not to me I guess I am a geek.
2003-02-01 11:39:52 PM  
We have less than 300 siberian tigers left in the world, if they could bring them back from the brink of extiction that would a great thing.

Abby, maybe they should just get the 300 living ones to fark more.
2003-02-01 11:40:41 PM  
but that goes without saying.
2003-02-01 11:41:55 PM  
and show me those bodacious cave boobies.

-Cave boobies LOL.

Ewe, I wonder if they would be hairy?
2003-02-01 11:43:30 PM  
My favorite movie creature is the giant screaming iguana monster in "10 Million Year B.C." Well, that and the monsters that Raquel was slinging around.
2003-02-01 11:43:50 PM  
Lets ride with the family down the street.
Through the courtesy of Freds two feet.
2003-02-01 11:44:39 PM  
I want my woolly mammoth burger!!!!!

Imagine that, they'd be like 20 ton cows, let them roam in africa, and let those ethernopians swarm them in packs to take them down to feed a village or three!
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