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2003-02-01 02:20:36 PM  
2003-02-01 02:21:45 PM  
i hate bush.
gave me this bad feeling in my stomach as i cringed so hard i had to change the channel
2003-02-01 02:22:48 PM  
11 post straight
2003-02-01 02:23:16 PM  
Seeing pieces that hit the ground.

Huge scorch marks.
2003-02-01 02:24:03 PM  
NBC already interviewed the parents of one of the crew. Most of the conversation focused on the fact that he was a circus performer... WTF?
2003-02-01 02:24:57 PM  
Well I think I'll go get some air now. After all, it is gonna be at least 48 hours before NASA releases any real information on what happenend.

It's a tragedy.
2003-02-01 02:25:20 PM  
I actually like ABC's coverage I find them more interesting than CNN. Although Miles O'Brian on CNN knows his stuff.
2003-02-01 02:25:30 PM  
You know, I understand that many news websites have a subscription service, but for days like this when people want to learn more about this strategy, shouldn't expect people to watch video clips for a fee. Sure, make us pay when you have something like an exclusive interview with a celebrity or something, but not for this.
2003-02-01 02:27:06 PM  
I'm no fan of Bush, but if he finds those words to be comforting to others, then he should be able to say them.
2003-02-01 02:27:32 PM​a_televi sion/

Live NASA feed that's free
2003-02-01 02:27:53 PM  
Lets submit non-depressing links.
2003-02-01 02:28:12 PM  

The other 10 links of the Space shuttle crash weren't enough?
2003-02-01 02:28:28 PM  
Why can you see the Canadian Networks? Because of satelites we put up for you perhaps? Just don't.
2003-02-01 02:28:48 PM  
Not to be insensitive, but how long can they talk about how it is too early to know anything? There is supposed to be basketball on TV damn it.
2003-02-01 02:29:48 PM  
pray for their families.
Why is it when everything's finally going on the up and up for the Israeli's they get another kick in the teeth?
2003-02-01 02:31:39 PM

put a human face on the tragedy.
2003-02-01 02:31:40 PM  
My god, click their discussion link, and read a bit.
Makes a body proud to be a Farker.
2003-02-01 02:31:45 PM  
Man, what a terrible thing to wake up to.

Me: Turn on monitor. Wiggle mouse. Check e-mail. Fire up browser, homepage: my yahoo with front page news stories. "Space Shuttle Breaks Up Over Texas" *blink blink* "What? Read again. Read again. See other similar headlines. *Blink blink* "Oh, shiat."

Oddly, I thought about "Where were you when you heard..." Me, I was in my studio, checking news before going to work on a song I've been working on. 17 years since Challenger and I remember being in school when I heard the news.

I feel terrible for their families. In reading the bios, they all knew it was risky, and so did their families. It's like a nightmare come true for them. I wish for them to find peace.

Rush's Vapor Trail:

Stratospheric traces of our transitory flight
Trails of condensation held
In narrow paths of white
The sun is turning black
The world is turning gray
All the stars fade from the night
The oceans drain away

Horizon to Horizon
Memory written on the wind
Fading away like an hourglass, grain by grain
Swept away like voices in a hurricane

In a vapor trail

Atmospheric phases make the transitory last
Vaporize the memories that freeze the fading past
Silence all the songbirds
Stilled by the killing frost
Forests burn to ashes
Everything is lost

Washed away like footprints in the rain

In a vapor trail
2003-02-01 02:33:55 PM  
I think today it's best to ignore the flamebait.

[image from too old to be available]

Sorry for my outburst earlier.
2003-02-01 02:34:02 PM  
NeelB420, must we make this a flame war? This has nothing, nothing to do with bush. just because he made a speech and referred to isiah, dont try to make this another fark political battle. christ.
2003-02-01 02:34:30 PM  
The posters on the site make even the worst asshats on fark look tame....

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-01 02:34:53 PM  
FArk i think we are going a little crazy on all of these posts about the space shuttle. The Space Shuttle is what today is about. Don't like it, browse TF
2003-02-01 02:38:07 PM  
That aviation analyst talks funny.
2003-02-01 02:38:08 PM  
Enough. It's sad.

Hell, I'd rather watch the NHL skills competition than seeing the same thing again and again. Or people making guesses about the same thing again and again. The_marq was right... it'll be days AT LEAST before there is more real news.
2003-02-01 02:39:16 PM  
Interesting that the Israeli Colonel flew on that mission to bomb the Iraqi nuclear facility in 1981.
/dons foil helmet
2003-02-01 02:39:42 PM  
Wasn't Lance Bass from N'Sync supposed to be on this shuttle??
2003-02-01 02:40:06 PM  
Piglet, you must be the only one who would watch the NHL skills competition or anything related to this worthless sport. Hockey sucks.
2003-02-01 02:40:13 PM  
for those of you complaining about the all-day coverage of this thing, there are worse things to spend a day talking about - ex. the disappearence of JFK jr.s plane. This I think is MORE important than that, and as such deserves attention.
2003-02-01 02:41:25 PM  
Yes, this is news, blahblah...

But how is it a tragedy? Seriously. It's a dangerous line of work, of COURSE someone is going to die. Infact, NASA needs to be congradulated on this being one of the few (three, if memory serves me correct) fatal accidents they've ever had. Being an astronaut is probably one of the most dangerous occupations ever, and NASA has taken good care of the people they sent to their deaths.
2003-02-01 02:41:34 PM  
IHaveAIDS: I didn't make it into anything. I dont like the guy, not from a politicial stand point. He makes me sick. He's almost as fake as the govenor of washington. He belongs in some cheap suit selling vacuum cleaners door to door.
2003-02-01 02:42:07 PM  
Severian, if you think that's bad, check out the message boards on Yahoo! news articles.
2003-02-01 02:42:42 PM  
So they want you to subscribe.

Strike one.

It's Real Video?

Strike two.

To Venturi_Effect:

Like the Rush reference. Also check out "Countdown". I think they wrote that after viewing the first-ever shuttle launch, which I think was Columbia. Correct me if I'm wrong on either point.

I might go listen to that song now...
2003-02-01 02:43:35 PM  
"02-01-03 02:28:28 PM Grivas
Why can you see the Canadian Networks? Because of satelites we put up for you perhaps? Just don't."

Using the Canada Arm to put them up there :0)

/Not trying to start anything.
2003-02-01 02:44:42 PM  
Superstudd: read better.
2003-02-01 02:48:16 PM  
Piglet, sorry 'bout that :-)

"Me fail English? That's unpossible!"
2003-02-01 02:48:23 PM  
Venturi_Effect I know I had the same reaction when I loaded Yahoo. I just got back from work and I thought the lack of sleep had me hallucinating.
2003-02-01 02:50:25 PM  
This is a sad day. All of these people here talking about too much news coverage for this and how it's no '9/11' (which is a sick comparison in itself) have no idea what this accident means. This wasn't just seven people dying in a crash. It was 7 scientists who have dedicated, and risked, their lives for the advancement of science. This will put a huge damper on the NASA program for years to come just as the Space Shuttle Challenger did over a decade ago. As many others have said, I just hope these men and women did not die in vain, but instead, the space exploration program will continue with a vengeance over the coming years.
2003-02-01 02:51:20 PM  
Angry-goth it's a farking tragedy because these guys and gals are heroes. They trained and worked hard for the chance to go to space. Something your monkey-ass will never do. They deserve our respect and admiration. dick
2003-02-01 02:52:13 PM  
01-03 02:50:00 PM Neelb420

Where are the shuttle photoshops?

I think that would be extraordinarily bad, Ray.
2003-02-01 02:52:34 PM  
Back when I was in grade school, about 10 million years ago (actually something like 1978 or 1979) when the shuttle was being designed and built we had a representative of NASA (or Rockwell, can't remember) come by to discuss the shuttles technology. I think I recall that this person showed us an Integrated Circuit, but the coolest thing she showed us was one of the Shuttles tiles. She did the propane torch demonstration where she got the tile glowing red hot, but just seconds later was able to pick it up with unprotected hands. Cool stuff. Who would have known that in the 21st century I'd be seeing this?
2003-02-01 02:52:51 PM  
Cgrabe Not to be blunt or insensitive but it's fairly obvious that certain professions such as "astronaut" are considered high profile, especially given the scarcity of incidents related to it, the high monetary stakes involved, etc. Yes, lots of people die in car accidents every year. If they covered every case, nothing else would be on the news. People stop caring after awhile, because they can only hear so many injury reports and statistical analysies.

Space shuttle explosions seem to be pretty rare.

This is why you don't hear every time it is 90 degrees in the amazon, but might see a story about it if it happened in the middle of Antartica.
2003-02-01 02:55:02 PM  
Reports now of civilians being hospitalized after debris fell to earth (MSNBC)...very sketchy
2003-02-01 02:55:28 PM  
When you go into space you have to know that you have put your life on the line. And that you may die, because it has happened before. I feel for thos 7 scientists and the people on the ground who also may be in trouble because of the debri.
2003-02-01 02:56:12 PM  
This point has probably already been raised, but I remember watching the Challenger go up in flames in '86... and it was a HUGE story back then. Unfortunately, I was trying to find the story on the radio on my way home, and most radio stations were just playing their usual rotations. This is a by-product of seeing Space Shuttle info moved to the middle of the paper instead of the front... which in itself.. is pretty sad because these scientists and engineers are some of our greatest role models. What's on the front page! Oh! Alan Iverson...
2003-02-01 02:56:27 PM  
Nooo...Here's what you were saying:

i hate bush.
gave me this bad feeling in my stomach as i cringed so hard i had to change the channel

This is a national tragedy, a multi-national tragedy, and a human tragedy. You can call it a post-9/11 high horse if you want but anyone who looks at this tragedy as an opportunity to spew rhetoric and cast blame less than 6 hours from the event is a self-centered short-sighted ignorant buffoon who lacks the maturity to formulate reasoned opinions on anything more substantial than movie and video game reviews.

But that's just my opinion...I could be wrong.

have a nice day :-)
2003-02-01 02:58:27 PM  
"Reports now of civilians being hospitalized after debris fell to earth" at speeds faster then mach 1 or 2 or could ppl live through that?
2003-02-01 02:59:49 PM  

just sharing what I've heard. Way too early to know how many details or indeed how much truth there is to the story.
2003-02-01 03:00:09 PM  
Well, it was only a matter of time before the media turned to the Iraq deal. Asshats.
2003-02-01 03:01:56 PM  
No i don't mean that you could be wrong or that MSNBC is wrong i just think that this debris that is falling is big and is coming at high speeds. The hole is just scary.
2003-02-01 03:02:03 PM  
Not saying the Saddam or Bin Laden are anything short of scum, but it must suck to be blamed for everything bad that ever happens to America.
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