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2003-02-01 9:24:20 AM  
Yes it did.. turn on CNN!
2003-02-01 9:24:35 AM  
NASA has lost contact with the Columbia. Asshat.
2003-02-01 9:25:01 AM  
Location of space shuttle Columbia is unknown
Saturday, Feb. 1, 2003 at 9:16 a.m. EST

The space shuttle Columbia is missing and presumed lost.

Mission control in Houston last made contact with the Orbiter as it reentered Earth's atmosphere at about 207,000 feet over Texas at about 9 a.m. EST, about 16 minutes prior to its scheduled landing at Florida's Kennedy Space Center. Columbia was scheduled to land at 9:16 a.m. EST.

Tracking systems at the Kennedy Space Center did not acquire Columbia as it approached the Florida coast

We will next update this box as soon as more information becomes available.

From Doesn't look good.
2003-02-01 9:26:10 AM  
They just showed picture of it breaking apart live on CNN!
2003-02-01 9:27:02 AM  
CNN just showed video of the shuttle re-entering over Texas. It looked like it was broken up. There were multiple reentry trails.
2003-02-01 9:28:10 AM  
Yeah, there are multiple pieces of debris falling from the sky on CNN. Fb- is right.
2003-02-01 9:28:54 AM  
2003-02-01 9:29:41 AM  
Weird, isn't showing that, nor is it showing on any broadcast channel.
2003-02-01 9:31:48 AM  
Anecdotal evidence, sounds of an explosion 100 miles north of Dallas, multiple trails.
2003-02-01 9:34:02 AM  
"Nasa official confirms emergency. Shuttle Columbia destroyed during re-entry."
2003-02-01 9:34:46 AM  
This sucks. 17 years to the week, of the Challenger disaster.
2003-02-01 9:37:43 AM  
Well, that's it for NASA. I would expect ISS to be evacuated and abandoned. I don't agree with that; space travel is dangerous but that comes with the territory, but politically I think NASA is out of the manned space business.
2003-02-01 9:38:39 AM  
Or perhaps it'll be ramped up, Weaps. Too early to tell.
2003-02-01 9:40:35 AM  
I briefly heard someone on CNN mention problems with hydraulics indicated by reentry computer info. Has anyone else heard anything about that?
2003-02-01 9:41:42 AM  

I was thinking about that, too. After the Challenger disaster they grounded the shuttle for something like 18 months. They can't do that this time. I could be wrong, but as far as I know the crew of the ISS can't get home any other way.
2003-02-01 9:41:54 AM  
(from the website for this link):

1435 GMT (9:35 a.m. EST)

The last voice communications from the crew involved a tire pressure message. Communications were then garbled and static. Contact with the shuttle was lost at about 9 a.m. EST.
2003-02-01 9:42:56 AM  
Nasa issued a warning to people in the Dallas area to stay away from any debris they find. It could contain highly toxic chemicals used in propellants.
2003-02-01 9:42:56 AM  
The crew could get down with emergency evacuation equipment, Too2ez. But yeah, it'd be dangerous. Russia still has some resupply rockets, though.
2003-02-01 9:44:48 AM  
The ISS crew has, I think, a Soyuz which can be used for escape. Tire pressure eh? Blown tire would really screw up the aerodynamics at re-entry speeds.
2003-02-01 9:45:02 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-01 9:45:14 AM  
From CNN: "We've taken all reasonable measures, and all of our landings so far since 9-11 have gone perfectly," said Lt. Col. Michael Rein, an Air Force spokesman.

What the hell has 9-11 got to do with this?
2003-02-01 9:45:38 AM  
Oh my God! This is so sad... :-(
2003-02-01 9:46:07 AM  
Yeah, but that high up the tires haven't decended into landing position yet, and are effectively sealed up within the underbelly of the shuttle, aren't they? Are there any shuttle buffs out there?
2003-02-01 9:46:38 AM  
Ruptured Toad:

He's probably just trying to stop a bunch of terrorism conspiracy BS before it get started.
2003-02-01 9:46:59 AM  
Did anyone make it? They do have ejector seats now.
2003-02-01 9:48:28 AM  
9-11 has to do with the security involved with the Shuttle program, Rupturedtoad, since the visibility of NASA could be an attractive target. As well, this was the first mission with an Israeli astronaut on board. So, this is referring to the security. They're already trying to trace back causes.

Sad. On CNN's Space section, The article titled "NASA chief pays tribute to Challenger crew" is located right under the article titled, "Shuttle landing in question"
2003-02-01 9:48:44 AM  
Shoot. They are now reporting that on liftoff 16 days ago a piece of insulation from the fuel tanks came off and struck the left wing. I wonder if that did any damage which affected landing today.
2003-02-01 9:50:45 AM  
How long until Bush is on TV blaming this is Iraq and weapons of mass destruction?
2003-02-01 9:52:00 AM  
Shuttle landing gear isn't deployed until literally seconds before landing touchdown.

2003-02-01 9:52:27 AM  
...followed by Fb-. We'll see.
2003-02-01 9:52:31 AM  
Steveroni with Cheeseroni - I'm talking about if a tire blew within the well. From one of my Air Disaster books there is an account of a Caravelle that crashed somewhere in Europe back in the 60's or so. The cause was determined to be a fire in the wheel well which was caused by the pilots attempting to clear fog from the runway by taxiing with the engines at high power setting while riding the brakes. This caused them to heat up enough that when the plane did take off and retract the gear it, um, did bad things to the airframe.

There is no possibility of that here, obviously, but I just speculate (and of course that is all it can be here) that if a tire blew in the wheel well it would be A Bad Thing. Time will tell.

No ejector seats Publikwerks, and at that altitude and speed it would be irrelevant.
2003-02-01 9:52:45 AM  
Thanks RolloTomasi. Nifty link.
2003-02-01 9:53:03 AM  
No ejector seats on board, the shuttle was moving so fact you would be killed instantly if you ejected.

They were too high and moving too fact for the escape equipment to work.


If anyone else has conspiracy theories, shut the fark up. This is a tragedy, not fodder for your idiocy.
2003-02-01 9:53:50 AM  
I live in Central Florida (pity me, please) and we normally hear the sonic booms - they rattle the whole house - when the shuttle lands (by the way, it's great fun to watch the cat when that happens). I knew the shuttle was supposed to land and I kept waiting and waiting for the booms and switched on CNN when I didn't hear them.
2003-02-01 9:53:54 AM  
Also on board are 13 rats, eight garden orb weaver spiders, five silkworms and three cocoons, four Medaka fish eggs that will develop in space, three carpenter bees, 15 harvester ants and an assortment of fish.
2003-02-01 9:54:26 AM  
Gotcha, Weaps.
2003-02-01 9:55:32 AM  
Would it be wrong if the link to this thread was posted in Fark-lite? maybe in the P-shop thread, because the fark liters are flooding that thread with comments.
2003-02-01 9:56:23 AM  
It's early, SuburbanCowboy. Give it time for the hangovers to pass.
2003-02-01 9:56:33 AM  
09:57 EST: first mention of terrorism on CNN
2003-02-01 9:56:33 AM  
Yeah might wanna post it
2003-02-01 9:56:43 AM  
SuburbanCowboy: I don't know if regular Farkers can read these threads until they are posted to the main page, but I would say go ahead.
2003-02-01 9:57:40 AM  
Watch how much focus is turned on to the Israeli Colonel onboard Columbia.
2003-02-01 9:58:46 AM  
Doctechnical, I don't give a good gawd-damn what your excuse is. Do no troll.
2003-02-01 9:58:52 AM  
I just don't want to piss off the admins, or Drew or Jeff, however in this case, everyone os going into another thread and commenting, so I think they should have a forum right now.
2003-02-01 10:00:37 AM  
Heck, there are probably people posting here who weren't even alive when the Challenger exploded. I agree that it shouldn't be shocking, Doctechnical, but the fact is that lives are lost so infrequently in the U.S. space program that it's shocking thus far.
2003-02-01 10:01:21 AM  
SubCowboy, I don't think there are any admins about just now. I'm sure it'll be posted to the main page, and most likely, more than once.
2003-02-01 10:02:16 AM  
They are saying something about foam insulation falling off during take off. No idea what that means. Anyone wanna explaing that?
2003-02-01 10:02:56 AM  
So the pieces that are falling would be going faster than a bullet shot out of a rifle. That's just frightening. Makes you respect the guys that go up there for the pioneers that they are a little more.
2003-02-01 10:03:04 AM  
Keep reloading the link that is the origin of this thread, Dapper_Dan:

1440 GMT (9:40 a.m. EST)

During a mission status news conference yesterday, Entry Flight Director Leroy Cain was asked about any possible damage to the shuttle's thermal tiles during launch. The tiles are what protect the shuttle during the fiery reentry into Earth's atmosphere.

Tracking video of launch shows what appears to be a piece of foam insulation from the shuttle's external tank falling away during ascent and hitting the shuttle's left wing near its leading edge.

But Cain said engineers "took a very thorough look at the situation with the tile on the left wing and we have no concerns whatsoever. We haven't changed anything with respect to our trajectory design. It will be a nominal, standard trajectory."
2003-02-01 10:03:22 AM  
For those of you in Dallas/Ft Worth... watch for falling debris.
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