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(Canada.com)   Students work over 40 hours on lard sculptures only to find out lard sculpture contest cancelled.   ( canada.com) divider line
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4772 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Jan 2003 at 10:06 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-31 10:11:07 AM  
serves 'em right
2003-01-31 10:12:16 AM  
Oh, come on. Who among us can honestly say that this has never happened to them?
2003-01-31 10:12:19 AM  
Lard burns. Torch,laugh,run.
2003-01-31 10:14:00 AM  
Needs "stupid" tag.
2003-01-31 10:14:49 AM  
What?!? Cancelled?!? Dammit... I'll never get those 40 hours back... oh well, I guess I can still eat the sculpture.
2003-01-31 10:16:07 AM  
They should have sculpted a donkey. Then people could have called it "Lard Ass." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I got nuthin'
2003-01-31 10:16:15 AM  
2003-01-31 10:16:50 AM  
Figures. Only in Canada!
2003-01-31 10:19:38 AM  
Figures. Only in Canada!

It's too early to make a witty comeback, but if I could I'm sure it would involve fat-assed american teenagers and all you can eat buffets.

maybe toast.
2003-01-31 10:20:22 AM  
Dawson Creek, B.C.---coincidence?
2003-01-31 10:24:20 AM  
If you want to check out lard sculptures you need to look no further than the lingerie section of your friendly neighborhood Wal*Mart.
2003-01-31 10:26:45 AM  

Sadly, that is very true. That's why I stay out of Wal-Mart (or at least a small reason)
2003-01-31 10:28:12 AM  
if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em

at least they can make a nice english breakfast - heavy on the black pudding and greasy (canadian) bacon
2003-01-31 10:39:04 AM  
01-31-03 10:24:20 AM I_Can't_Believe_It's_Not_Smegma
If you want to check out lard sculptures you need to look no further than the lingerie section of your friendly neighborhood Wal*Mart.

Wal-Mart has the largest bras I've ever seen in my life. You could fit a litter of dogs into some of 'em.
2003-01-31 10:40:18 AM  
"They will last longer than the chocolate," Baran said. "No one will eat (them)."

These guys have never heard of Rik Waller.
2003-01-31 10:41:22 AM  
I want to see a lard Ass sculpture. anyone? anyone?
2003-01-31 10:41:50 AM  
Great. Get them prepared for the real world where you work much more than that on a project only to have in cancelled in some stock-price-raising budget cut.
2003-01-31 10:55:41 AM  
And the 2003 winner for finest Lard Scuplture is, GOD! For his piece entitled "Anna Nicole Smith".
2003-01-31 10:56:21 AM  
Even though the contest was cancelled, at least they did something productive instead of just sitting around chewing the fat...nothing...not even a tatter?
2003-01-31 10:59:15 AM  
In that link Canuck guy posted.. there is a lard Goku....

Ahhh just the medium Akira Toriyama wanted his character to be immortilzed in...
2003-01-31 11:15:51 AM  

Last time I looked the teenagers around me (California) were very thin and trim. The chicks down here in the States are fine. Maybe some of you fat-assed canuks can stop playing with the lard at start going to the gym.

I'm sure anyone who has lard invovled in any part of their life has got some extra lard themselves.
2003-01-31 11:20:14 AM  
Wait... this town is actually called "Dawson's Creek"? Is that a joke?
2003-01-31 11:33:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from lard.net too old to be available]
2003-01-31 11:45:02 AM  
Lard Sculpting in Canada? No way!
2003-01-31 11:51:47 AM  
"Figures. Only in Canada!"

Actually, people in India do this all the time, and paint the sculptures. Then they leave them in the sun to melt. Something to do with the temporary nature of existence. Sometimes they use butter though, easier to sculpt.
2003-01-31 11:56:14 AM  
I don't wanna wait for my lard to be over...
2003-01-31 12:20:54 PM  
We really do need a Canada tag.
2003-01-31 12:27:44 PM  
2003-01-31 12:32:56 PM  
I am a California fat boy and I resent and despise all thin and slender "people".

HomeTown Buffet? Im there!

I would eat the hell out of some fool lard eagle. Fry some beans up in that shiat and slap em in a tortilla.

Canadians: that is called a "burrito")
2003-01-31 12:54:36 PM  
Figures. Only in Canada!

Not really. On one 4th of July celebration in the little podunk town of Willits, California, I witnessed a parade float bearing the winners of the annual Spam sculpting contest.
2003-01-31 12:58:28 PM  
It appears that Seattle has their own league of Spam sculpters, too...

link includes pics.
2003-01-31 01:00:18 PM  
Although I notice that two out of three entries were by Canadians.
2003-01-31 08:18:01 PM  
"It's raining lard"

2003-01-31 10:45:43 PM  
The cowboy "is something I hadn't done before and it was going to Alberta," she said. "I think he'd be able to go really nice with a prime rib dinner."

Mmmm... gotta love that prime rib and lard dinner...
2003-01-31 11:05:34 PM  
Upon hearing of the cancellation, many students grew disappointed and went on a freak eating binge, devouring nearly all of the lard used in the sculpture. After gaining a total of 250 pounds each, they sued the school for not warning them that it would make them fat. School changes name to MacDonalds and hides under large rock.
2003-02-01 03:34:15 AM  
First off its Dawson Creek, not Dawson's Creek. No, the show had nothing to do with it.

I was forced to live in Dawson Creek back during high school. Its not a pleasant town. Its about 10,000 people in the middle of freaking nowhere BC, and its pure bible-belt farming country.

There's nothing to do there but drink, smoke pot, and get into trouble. Which is pretty much what I did.

Obviously someone had been smoking a little TOO much laughing lettuce to come up with this idea. :)
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