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(Metafilter)   Not only were the moon landings faked, there isn't actually a moon up there at all   ( revisionism.nl) divider line
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2003-01-30 11:19:23 PM  
Ha! That's great!

Okay, but I still find this all hard to believe. What evidence do you have that there is no moon? You should be asking what evidence we have that there IS one. Since everyone knows that it is impossible to prove a negative, the mere fact that we have demonstrated that the moon story has NO reliable eyewitnesses, NO documents, and, above all, NO physical evidence whatsoever, should be enough to discredit this clever hoax. Nevertheless, there are some very conclusive proofs that demonstrate that the moon does not and could not exist.

Um... tides?
2003-01-30 11:22:04 PM  
Oh, wait, they disproved that. Guess they got me beat!
2003-01-30 11:34:12 PM  
Is this a real site?
2003-01-30 11:44:22 PM  
damn Lunar Establishment....always pushing their damn agenda.
it all ties into this, probably.
2003-01-30 11:45:37 PM  
I'm about 99% sure it's not. Taken from their sun-hoax site:

Chemical absurdity

The sun is said to be a ball of burning gasses. But is not oxygen necessary for even the tiniest flame to burn? Inconsistently, the scientists describe space as lacking this oxygen.

It's about the sixth grade or sooner that we learn that that's obviously not the case.

You don't have to look long through their site to see that they aren't taking themselves seriously. That's just one example.
2003-01-30 11:47:49 PM  
Oops, I forgot to link to their sun-hoax site. Try to read it with a straight face. Or bring it to a physics prof.
2003-01-30 11:49:15 PM  
Arg... once more: http://www.revisionism.nl/Sun/The-Mad-Revisionist.htm
2003-01-30 11:54:40 PM  
I am, once, again, shamefully admitting that my fiance is in the crack-head group that vehimently (sp?) denies that we landed on the moon. We finally ended that argument the other day when he said to me, "If I can take you to a telescope that should be able to see our flag on the moon, and we can't see it, will you admit that I'm right?". I told him "yes".

I may love a simple man, but I guess I'm a simple chick :-)
2003-01-31 12:28:24 AM  
Tidal ecologies surrender.
2003-01-31 01:19:24 AM  
Candypants, you gonna break the news about the earth being round?
2003-01-31 02:39:15 AM  
What does Mr. Time Cube have to say about this?
2003-01-31 03:55:40 AM  
WTF is this new link doing here?
2003-01-31 03:56:56 AM  
nasa shot lennon from the grassy clock tower.
2003-01-31 03:58:21 AM  
The moon exhists and it's made of cheese. . . because I said so.

2003-01-31 03:59:05 AM  
There is SO a moon. It's made of green cheese, and it's just about as big as my thumbnail.
2003-01-31 03:59:33 AM  
Yes... We're excellent spellers, challenge us both!
2003-01-31 03:59:44 AM  
Candypants, you don't love a simple man...you love an idiot man.
2003-01-31 04:00:05 AM  
I waited four hours for this? :(

The Phoenix Optimoz mouse extension page is more gooder.
2003-01-31 04:00:08 AM  
(c) 2003 US Department Of Moon
2003-01-31 04:00:20 AM  
OK, who's been leaving the HTML books lying around the schizo ward again?
2003-01-31 04:01:05 AM  
Sorry Covergirl, it seems that you and I decided to reveal the truth about the moon at the same instant.
2003-01-31 04:01:51 AM  
M-O-R-O-N, that spells 'moon'.
2003-01-31 04:02:35 AM  
[image from path2k2.home.mchsi.com too old to be available] Go beat rocks together you sissies!
2003-01-31 04:02:52 AM  
Candypants, even with the angular resolution of the Hubble space telescope you couldn't see the lander on the moon. It's a meter across and a quarter million miles away.
2003-01-31 04:03:02 AM  
[image from fiftytwofifty.com too old to be available]
2003-01-31 04:03:06 AM  
Shall I expound further on the etymology of the word "lunatic"? Or "moonstruck", or even the diminuative "loony"?
2003-01-31 04:03:56 AM  
The Moon is nothing more than Jackie Gleason's logo.

I know it for a fact. I saw it on "TVLand"!!
2003-01-31 04:04:53 AM  
as long as you explain 'expound'
2003-01-31 04:04:56 AM  
There is a moon! I took the girl I was with last night there and back!
2003-01-31 04:05:25 AM  

Gouging expetives on another's car is a sign of trust and friendship.
2003-01-31 04:06:43 AM  
Just look at it. It's so fake!

And what's the point? A big rock in space?

2003-01-31 04:06:51 AM  
Just curious, but you guys DO know that this is a parody site, right?

2003-01-31 04:06:52 AM  
well, on closer inspection....
2003-01-31 04:07:17 AM  
01-30-03 11:54:40 PM Candypants
I am, once, again, shamefully admitting that my fiance is in the crack-head group that vehimently (sp?) denies that we landed on the moon. We finally ended that argument the other day when he said to me, "If I can take you to a telescope that should be able to see our flag on the moon, and we can't see it, will you admit that I'm right?". I told him "yes".

I may love a simple man, but I guess I'm a simple chick :-)

Ah, no canypants, not simple. More like an oxygen thief.Him as well> I HOPE that you do NOT reproduce.
unless of coure you were trolling.good one if you were.
2003-01-31 04:07:53 AM  
i was going to put up the MST3K moon logo, but i didn't work, and too lazy to make it work.
2003-01-31 04:08:28 AM  
so... if the moons not real... where was i last night? i would have sworn i was there just last night. hey, what about warewolves? they won't be happy to hear this. run and hide!!! run and hide...!!!
2003-01-31 04:08:31 AM  
Well the earth is flat...oh and it sits on the backs of 4 elephants who inturn ride the back of a giant space turtle through time and space....Really!
2003-01-31 04:09:10 AM  

you mean 'parity' right? as in equal?
2003-01-31 04:09:22 AM  
ok, the moon telescope project - mtp.gov ?
2003-01-31 04:10:37 AM  
I doubt 4 elephants could turn everything.
It must be more like 400.
2003-01-31 04:10:43 AM  
Really, Candypants...you love an idiot. To be marrying someone who doesn't think man landed on the moon and believe that we DID in fact land there, he must've revealed this info 2.4 seconds after photographing you molesting some squirrels.


2003-01-31 04:10:45 AM  
the crabs ate my fish when the moon set on port heuneumee.
2003-01-31 04:11:06 AM  
The most obvious part of this whole thing is that if you take the word "moon" and shift and change a couple letters you get the word "hoax". Do the math. It's just amazing!
2003-01-31 04:11:40 AM  
So... wait... you mean every time I've taken a leak outside, during my entire life...

...I've been shooting Mars?!
2003-01-31 04:11:47 AM  
Space.com has a section on moon facts, starting with "The Moon was created when a rock the size of Mars slammed into Earth..."

How about them apples.
2003-01-31 04:11:59 AM  
"Maybe you'd be nice enough to tell me who wrote 'The Moon Rules #1' on my car with a key."
2003-01-31 04:12:42 AM  
It is a parody.
We call it that because we are making fun of people who believe the moon is real. Same quacks who deny Santa.

Come on guys and girl, where do you think your presents come from?
2003-01-31 04:13:07 AM  
yeah. what CEB said. I agree. Especially about the earth being flat. You aren't in much danger of falling off, though. It's very big, and there are rocks and snow to stop us going too far. Oh, and the midgard serpent would stop you too...and the sea monsters.
2003-01-31 04:13:14 AM  
Reverend Moon and his followers will be most displeased to hear that they don't exist...
2003-01-31 04:15:51 AM  
And besides, where's a posting of Mandela calling der FurBush an arrogant racist?


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