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2003-01-30 04:21:07 PM  

Puts on asbestos suit.
2003-01-30 04:21:14 PM  
Just do it.
2003-01-30 04:21:31 PM  
Why this idiot did not get the death penalty is beyond me. I mean, he only tried to murder a jet full of people.
2003-01-30 04:21:46 PM  
Nike hot air?
2003-01-30 04:22:05 PM  
sucks to be you, asshat! now ben' ova.
2003-01-30 04:22:31 PM  
As I was aboard the airplane that he tried to destroy, I do not find this news disturbing in the least.
2003-01-30 04:22:33 PM  
ahh, and let the capital punishment flame war begin... it will actually be somewhat of a relief after all the race-bating in the aids thread.
2003-01-30 04:22:34 PM  
So it's illegal to bomb a pair of shoes? Maybe I should read the article.
2003-01-30 04:22:38 PM  
Holy crap, isn't Ace Lightning that guy's brother-in-law?
2003-01-30 04:23:37 PM  
He was a shoe-in for life.
2003-01-30 04:23:38 PM  
bullshiat, fry the farker, or wait....... there has to be some patriotic gentlemen in prison that would love to make him there prag.
that could be a better sentence than death.
2003-01-30 04:23:44 PM  
Rikulrn: Attempted murder? What is that? Do they give a nobel prize for attempted chemistry?
2003-01-30 04:23:54 PM  
Ace Oh, you're a crafty one.
2003-01-30 04:23:58 PM  
One time my dog put a bomb in my shoe. It was devistating.
2003-01-30 04:25:41 PM  
Dont worry, im sure he'll have a BLAST!

tip your waitress!
try the veal!
2003-01-30 04:25:52 PM  
Hehe - GITMO!!!
Life at Gitmo!
2003-01-30 04:26:20 PM  
Reid's lawyers say Reid credits his religion with saving him from a life of drug use and despair

Which is MUCH worse than blowing up a plane full of people. I mean, it kept him from a life full of DESPAIR! Praise Allah!
2003-01-30 04:27:11 PM  
like he's not going to be dead in a week . . . yup.


seriously, why give him the satisfaction of dying immediately when you can watch the other inmates either kill him slowly, or watch him kill himself as opposed to being gang raped by the entire prison populace every day? Let him suffer for a while with the knowledge that his blood is on his own hands . . . which are beinh held firmly by Big Bubba, who's got next turn . . .

not literally watch him, of course,but . . . yeah, stopping now
2003-01-30 04:27:29 PM  
Ace Lightning is a big fat smelly liar, or seems like it. he claimed to be a relative of the guy waiting in the hospital for 77 hours. maybe its just coincidence...

2003-01-30 04:28:02 PM  
What does it say in the Koran about the pain of having your rectum widened by fellow inmates? I mean, is it a "cleansing" pain that assures him his virgins in the afterlife or is it a "suffer until you learn to enjoy it, shoe boy" kind of pain? Hmmmm....
2003-01-30 04:28:34 PM  
As I was sitting next to Ace_Lightning on the blame he tried to destroy I have to agree with him.
2003-01-30 04:28:38 PM  
I'm sure they're shinning up their spoons in waiting for his a$$ to get to prison
2003-01-30 04:28:54 PM  
Do you think he'll ever make it into general population? Not a chance.
2003-01-30 04:29:11 PM  
Ace, looks like you've been around more than a Thai whore in a centrifuge.

Whatever your schtick is, it is now officially old and busted.
2003-01-30 04:29:15 PM  
Must be the shoes
2003-01-30 04:29:36 PM  
Put him in a cell, and make sure he has REALLY strong shoelaces.
2003-01-30 04:29:51 PM  
But defense lawyers said this week that he did not try to blow up the plane to wage war against America, but to defend Islam from attacks by the United States.

So American Airlines is dropping bombs now?
2003-01-30 04:29:52 PM  
Rikulrn: That would be a fairly easy way out, don't ya think?

Christ, if I were in his shoes (hee!), I'd rather get the death penalty than serve 60 years.
2003-01-30 04:30:04 PM  
Let me be the first to make this asshat comment:

2003-01-30 04:30:10 PM  
"Your government has sponsored the torture of Muslims in Iraq, and Turkey, and Jordan and Syria with their money and weapons," he said. He then told the judge, "it's in your hands."

Saddam Hussein has tortured more Muslims than the United States ever will. I'd say go bomb him instead, but you're gonna have your hands (or ass) full in jail. You are the weakest link -- goodbye!
2003-01-30 04:30:14 PM  
As one of the shoes in question, I applaud this decision.
2003-01-30 04:30:26 PM  
And believe me, if you have ever flown in a blame, you know the rows are smaller then in a regular plane.
2003-01-30 04:31:19 PM  
wow police, hospitalman, was on the airplane... you wouldn't happen to know about a boat that sank in the ocean after hitting an iceberg would you?
2003-01-30 04:31:27 PM  
As I wrestled the matches out of Reid's hand, along with the help of Krugar and Ace_Lightning, I think the punishment is just. Man, what a small world!!!
2003-01-30 04:31:54 PM  
I guess he's not going to the "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" cast reunion.

[/vague joke, think when Ferris dropped off Cameron's car to the garage]

2003-01-30 04:32:25 PM  
Hang him at the stake!
2003-01-30 04:32:33 PM  

To: All inmates of Federal Pound-You-In-The-Ass-Prison
From: Warden's Office
Re: Shoe Bomber

Please note that as part of our multicultural respect program that our new inmate should be facing Mecca while you are assfarking him.

Thank you.
2003-01-30 04:32:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-01-30 04:32:46 PM  
"Basically I got on the plane with a bomb. Basically I tried to ignite it. Basically, yeah, I intended to damage the plane," Reid said that day with a laugh.

I'm basically sure he'll be basically laughing quite a bit after the manmeat basically destroys his anus. Justice DOES work in this country. So much for your farking jihad, beeotch.
2003-01-30 04:32:53 PM  
Are you guys kidding? This guy's going to be a hero in the muslim heavy jail population. Should've wasted him.
2003-01-30 04:32:56 PM  
Looks like he's gonna have to watch out for ass-bombers now.
2003-01-30 04:32:58 PM  
I'm guessing that he won't be granted clemency on the basis of having found God.
2003-01-30 04:33:34 PM  
That judge didn't have his creative hat on. Suitable punishment would involve strapping his happy ass on the first bomb dropped over Bahgdad. He blows himself up = he's happy. He blows himself up = we're happy. Win-win. Where's my black robe?
2003-01-30 04:34:15 PM  
Just do it
2003-01-30 04:34:30 PM  
Attendant Carole Nelson said 75 to 100 passengers jumped up from their seats and headed for Reid when they saw him struggling with flight attendants.

Now THAT would have been a sight, considering how cramped passenger compartments are...
2003-01-30 04:34:33 PM  
I think you all are underestimating the patriotism of some people in the pen.

He's dead within 6 months. Mark your calendars.
2003-01-30 04:34:35 PM  
Great, my tax dollars keeping this shiat bag alive for life.
2003-01-30 04:34:37 PM  
As I was just another Farker reading more of the same Ace_Lighting drivel in consecutive Comment Thingees, I find that he has grown tiresome.
[image from ms.uky.edu too old to be available]
2003-01-30 04:35:17 PM  
Somebody put up the pondering sweater guy with the pipe.
"Ah, it's a brisk day, at least I have my sweater to keep me warm."
2003-01-30 04:36:18 PM  
[image from alpineparty.com too old to be available]
we know what they did with these on OZ
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