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(Mercury News)   California-Berkeley frat house fire started by grow lights used to grow pot   ( divider line
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966 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Sep 2001 at 8:33 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-01 09:03:13 AM  
Well...properly enclosed in a regulation housing....heh
2001-09-01 09:10:59 AM  
you display your newbie rancyness once again!
2001-09-01 10:52:27 AM  
Either way I still got Furst Post!
2001-09-01 10:53:03 AM  
Besides, I've been here and posting for over a bite me
2001-09-01 11:16:21 AM  
Dear God,
hear my prayer
I pray that fark does not become slashdot
With people correcting my spelling,
or chastising me for posting at the top,
and save me from the temptation of
reminding people of my lower fark number,
and please God,
make people stop using 69megs as a picture host.
Hear my prayer God.
ps God,
Please bring REI back into the fold of Fark.
We have'nt had a good argument in weeks.
2001-09-01 11:25:22 AM  
Fraternity, not frat.
2001-09-01 11:59:33 AM  
Another shout out to the alma mater.

The first one for discovering planets around a distant star, and this one for burning a frat house with their pot lamps.

UC Berkeley - It takes all kinds.
2001-09-01 12:31:47 PM  
My band, David Stanfill and Not Guilty, always tries to present an anti-drug message. David Stanfill and Not Gulity believe winners don't use drugs!

I'm David Stanfill and I'm the GM at Rite Aid on Fairfax and Sunset in Hollywood.
If you have a v-d on your p-p let our Rx give you the best cream possible so it won't hurt when you pee.
2001-09-01 12:52:20 PM  
This image sort of symbolizes the state of affairs in eastern Germany, after - what the Germans call - Die Wende (the turning point), and what we call reunification.

It was taken in a field, not far from Dessau, Zerbst (my father's birthplace), Dresden and Leipzig (my birthplace).

The ex-DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republic) had high hopes when the Wall came down and the two Germany's reunited.

But in the years that followed, neither half could fully adjust to the other. The West went in and raped the child-like, socialistic people who had been living under Communism for about 40 years. They anointed them with McDonalds hamburgers, porn shops and returning burghers who had gone over to the West, and now wanted their old Red-confiscated property back (as they said) just like the Jews who had their property and lives taken away by the Nazis, five and a half decades earlier.

As usual, the Americanized West Germans saw themselves as victims ... albeit superior victims.

After reunification, the east German economy went into a coma, unemployment went sky-high. The elderly grumbled about the welfare safety nets that had been pulled out from under them. The young turned to skin-heading or left home for the opportunities of Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. The Asians - North Koreans and North Vietnamese - who'd been attending the excellent East German universities - were given money and tickets to go home, which many did ... rather than get beaten up and/or killed by swastika-tattooed skinheads.

Now, there's a glimmer of hope for the ex-DDR areas, hope for investment, new industries, silicon valleys ... but just that, a glimmer ... because the German economy is in trouble, just like ours.

Oh, as for that picture at the top - damned if I know how that Interflug (East Germany's airline) prop plane got there ... into a field far removed from the nearest airport.

Maybe the horse knows. (I talked to the horse briefly, and she snorted a denial: she had never been a Communist ... and her grandparents had never joined the Nazi party ... but, then, all the German horses say that.)
2001-09-01 01:15:47 PM  
i second that scraping....dotcult all over, i like to think fark is a better then the other ones. if you are looking for a good argument, well i guess i could try viewing things as a mad-at-the-world right wing, over zealous reaction to everything against her own belieifs politically, and religously, lezbo.

2001-09-01 01:41:17 PM  
GOOD, I hope they are now homeless.... farking morons!
2001-09-01 02:28:13 PM  
Ahhhh...good old days when I use to relax by the marajwana plants in Afghanistan...the sun was shining, the old folks were smoking Hasheesh..and no one gave a damn...

The only side affect (can't farking spell!) lol...
2001-09-01 03:10:34 PM  
The story failed to mention that these guys were Ag students.
2001-09-01 03:11:26 PM  
frat boys ruin everything.
2001-09-01 04:20:45 PM  
The poor marijuana plants neverhad a chance being raised by those stupid fratboys.
2001-09-01 05:47:51 PM  
How is this OBVIOUS?

Shoulda' been tagged as IRONIC.
2001-09-01 06:41:50 PM  
Most people here would probably feel some vindication that this occurred to some frat kids. Me? I feel satisfaction that it occurred to a few of our lemming marijuana users. Good form, I say.
2001-09-01 07:27:48 PM  
The entire Fraternity needs to be expelled... PERIOD.
2001-09-01 07:28:36 PM  
I am with you Blink.... Sheep...
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