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(The Smoking Gun)   Joe Millionaire finalist starred in foot-fetish/bondage movies (with screenshots)   ( divider line
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55863 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jan 2003 at 4:36 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-29 02:35:07 PM  
Oh man, she can tie me up anytime and vice versa......
2003-01-29 03:13:21 PM  
That's farking great, this show keeps getting better and better in ways even they couldn't imagine.
2003-01-29 03:26:32 PM  
I knew I recognized her from somewhere. I was the Best Boy on Costumed Captives.,+Cindy
2003-01-29 03:48:08 PM  
2003-01-29 03:52:19 PM  
this explains the closed captioned blow job given out the last episode.
2003-01-29 03:57:14 PM  
I don't understand why they didn't make this public in the first place. "Former bondage actress" is a hell of a lot more interesting than anything I can think of...
2003-01-29 04:30:22 PM  
GIS for "Cindy Schubert"

[image from too old to be available]

2003-01-29 04:43:44 PM  
Fox has got a really bad track record on their background checks. But considering how perverse their programming is, I agree with Fonz - that sort of publicity actually works for a show like this.
2003-01-29 04:43:50 PM  
So? She ain't even naked. Clothed=no news
2003-01-29 04:44:15 PM  
BWAHAHA I am killing myself laughing. She's the one I considered to have the highest psycho factor of all dem' biatches.
2003-01-29 04:44:28 PM  
Having a foot fetish should be a crime with a minimum penalty of death.
2003-01-29 04:44:29 PM  
"I'd hit it" is just plain wrong here.
2003-01-29 04:45:21 PM  
is it farked already????
2003-01-29 04:45:54 PM  
I spanked one off to her last year. I may actually watch the show now!
2003-01-29 04:46:01 PM  

what exactly does a best boy do?

in the "adult" movie industry that takes on an entirely different meaning. ;)

2003-01-29 04:46:10 PM  
Where to begin?

Oh God, just forget it.

/fiddles as society crumbles
2003-01-29 04:46:24 PM  
I love Fark. At the exact same time I loaded Fark and saw this was the first link, it was mentioned on the radio. They even mentioned TSG.
2003-01-29 04:46:25 PM  
At least they aren't Brazilian Kaviar movies. Now, that would make Joe Millionaire watchable.
2003-01-29 04:46:29 PM  
I'd tie her up with my wet noodle.
2003-01-29 04:46:52 PM  

Hooray Beer!
2003-01-29 04:47:19 PM  
Ya know, if'n I were Joe, I wouldn't dump her because she showed up in bondage flicks. I'd dump here because her porn was so farking bad!
2003-01-29 04:48:07 PM  
What the fark is arousing about feet?
2003-01-29 04:48:16 PM  
You know they did something freaky when they escaped the cameras last episode. Not that I watch it.
2003-01-29 04:48:54 PM  
I'd hit it? Sure, although I don't understand the foot fetish thing...I'm sure it was one of those "did it for the money" things.

Also, I thought the captioned makeout session was terrible... "MMM" "SLURP" was like watching someone cyber. No fun. I'm sure he had fun tho :)
2003-01-29 04:48:59 PM  
Femme_fatale - even more psycho than "MoJo" - the chick who made a puzzle of herself with 'I Choose You' written on it, and made out the million dollar check to herself? She was nuts!
2003-01-29 04:48:59 PM  
Now this is funny shiat.
2003-01-29 04:49:01 PM  
She's gone from doing quality Bondage and Foot Fetish porn to a Fox series now? Man she's really let her career slump lately.
2003-01-29 04:49:14 PM  
This makes me soooo hot!!! My girlfriend does that to me on Sunday mornings.....

Isn't all those biznatches on the show crazy anyway??
2003-01-29 04:49:21 PM  
well, at least she already has experience in hogtie-in' for when she finds out that he's only woth 19-thow.
2003-01-29 04:49:24 PM  
"FOX turned into a soft-porn channel so gradually I didn't even notice."
2003-01-29 04:49:55 PM  
Well, Fox has to appeal to the foot-fetish/bondage enthusiasts out their.

Soon they'll have furries on television. I think suicide will become common at the same time, though.
2003-01-29 04:50:25 PM  
Bizarre... to say the least.
2003-01-29 04:50:25 PM  
Farked! I can't get to it...
2003-01-29 04:50:28 PM  
Man, I love that Smoking Gun. How do they find this stuff?? If I watched the Tripe of the Week (Joe Millionaire) I might actually care, but the best touch is their noticing the turtle neck and earings!!! Wonder if my wife might knows this girl (she graduated from George Mason in 1998)

/thinking out loud

2003-01-29 04:50:43 PM  
Feet are gross... The only feet that come anywhere near me are my own!!!
2003-01-29 04:51:00 PM  
I'd tie it up, then hit it.
Oh, did someone say that already? Drat. ;)
2003-01-29 04:51:01 PM  
sweet. that freak gets my vote....

so, i take it there ain't no penetration involved in said movies (?)

regardless, wouldn't mind knowing how to get my hands on one, just for laughs.
2003-01-29 04:51:37 PM  
Guess the gag order didn't work...
2003-01-29 04:52:11 PM  
I found it extremely difficult to treat my bunion while viewing these images.
2003-01-29 04:52:26 PM  
Pick her, Joe, you lucky bastard!!
2003-01-29 04:53:29 PM  
I thought Mojo was nice. Nicer than Evil Bondage Queen and her smoking buddy, anyways.

And that Closed-Caption makeout scene was absolutely hilarious, as was all the fuzzy animals showing up on the horseback riding date. Ah, that show has a great sense of humour. Most people don't realize that it's supposed to be bad. *slurp*
2003-01-29 04:53:32 PM  
01-29-03 03:52:19 PM Zchamu
this explains the closed captioned blow job given out the last episode.

LOL Beat me to it!

What I loved were the subtext to the whole blowjob..

"smack" "uhhh uhhh" "smack" "slurp" "slurp" "gulp"

LOL They actually ended the whole thing with GULP! That made me laugh so hard!!
2003-01-29 04:53:49 PM  
Whoa. If revelations like this keep coming out, it's going to give the impression the contestants on these shows are nothing but common whores..

Oh wait.

I really don't see the difference if the money is on the bedside dresser, or in the form of a check from FOX Entertainment.
2003-01-29 04:54:13 PM  

"Maybe this would work better laying down..."
2003-01-29 04:54:16 PM  
She *has to* have naked pictures somewhere!
2003-01-29 04:54:33 PM  
This is so wrong and disgraceful.

Being in bondage videos, yet still clothed. For shame.
2003-01-29 04:55:11 PM  
Perhaps we should all chip in and buy her a shirt from

Maybe this one...
2003-01-29 04:55:29 PM  
A-HA! I knew it!

Oh, she's not naked? Carry on.
2003-01-29 04:55:46 PM  
Feet fetish has to be the lamest thing to exite you that can be done. I don't get it. Feet. Man, my feet, along with mustard gas, could be declared by Bush as a weapon of mass destruction. Really, any of you freaky feet lovers, stay away from my Adidas !
2003-01-29 04:56:20 PM  
piggywiz - mojo was a simple stupid ho. sarah = psycho I'm going to run you over 7 times girl... she really tries to look like a princess, princess toe pr0n.
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