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2003-01-29 02:14:05 PM  
or put it in your backyard and watch the ladies flock to the world's largest vibrator.
2003-01-29 03:55:25 PM  
that car would look phat if it had some 20s
2003-01-29 03:56:39 PM  
trying to think of a reason why anyone would green light a project like that.
2003-01-29 03:57:24 PM  
2003-01-29 03:58:58 PM  
...or an AC adaptor and the worlds' longest cord.
2003-01-29 04:01:10 PM  
My wife's vibrator takes more batteries.......
2003-01-29 04:03:33 PM  
Dude...I think the batteries are included, I sure wouldn't pay more than 100k for it if they weren't.

I'm so going to snipe this one.

2003-01-29 04:03:41 PM  
Man, with this kind of vehicle, you'd only need to run over your cheatin' husband's body once, instead of six or seven times !
2003-01-29 04:05:07 PM  
I thought that "6,120 C batteries" thing in the headline would be a joke.
2003-01-29 04:05:22 PM  
think how fast this farking thing could have gone it if hadn't had to move with 6000 c batteries in it !
2003-01-29 04:07:21 PM  
Ahh, this would make a great winter beater. And it'd also be good for towing the ol' boat up north.
2003-01-29 04:09:35 PM  
Hmm...I envision seeing this vehicle showing up in a lot of photoshops from now on instead of the women's golf trophy.
2003-01-29 04:09:48 PM  
Hahahahaha these comments are awesome! Keep 'em comming.
2003-01-29 04:13:46 PM  
They always say men buy fast sports cars to compensate for something but this thing is crazy, it's even shaped like a joystick, he must have a total innie!
2003-01-29 04:19:54 PM  
6000 C cell batteries? That can't possibly be an efficient way to power a vehicle. The extra weight of all the packaging must add up to quite a bit. And how the heck to you recharge them after you play with your vehicle for 20 minutes... with 1500 rechargers? Plugged in to what?
2003-01-29 04:21:47 PM  
It's the fastest electric car in the world. But it only goes 245.5 MPH...


No wonder we still use gas.
2003-01-29 04:26:33 PM  
I like that the down payment on this thing costs the same as my entire vehicle. Maybe that Greek billionaire girl with the unibrow should buy it.
2003-01-29 04:28:28 PM  
All the weight from those batteries would definitely weigh it down. If there was a lighter source, it would go much faster. Time to replace those batteries with something more powerful.
2003-01-29 04:28:51 PM  
What they forgot to mention is that the thing comes with an 120/240 volt recharger...
2003-01-29 04:29:57 PM  
...or you could simply plug it into any available USB port!
2003-01-29 04:31:27 PM  
Let's see....6,120 'C' Batteries at 0.175 lbs. each = 1071 extra pounds.

2003-01-29 04:42:08 PM  
is there a nuclear (or nukular, if Bush is reading) car around? That'd give some more power, right?
2003-01-29 04:44:26 PM  
I go to Bonneville every year, and have seen this car run before. It's a pretty fast little toy. :-)

2003-01-29 04:47:34 PM  
I Wonder why Ace and Gary want to sell it?
2003-01-29 04:49:59 PM  
Check out the sellers other auctions. He's made a tidy profit selling rechargeable "C" battery packs.
2003-01-29 05:07:41 PM  
4-pack of C batteries = $5.99
6120 batteries / 4 = 1530 packs of 4
1530 packs x $5.99 = $9164.70

$9164.70 to go 245.5MPH on a one way trip.

This could get ridiculous, I'd rather drive a Ford Excursion that gets 7 miles per gallon in the city.
2003-01-29 05:27:00 PM  
Seize, you can get bulk alkalines for 50 cents each, so that's 6120/2 = $3060.00 (not counting shipping on 6000+ batteries).

So, it's a bargain.
2003-01-29 05:30:20 PM  
Hmm...that's a good question...how much would it cost to ship 6120 C cells, and how much space would it occupy...
2003-01-29 05:34:27 PM  
2003-01-29 05:40:09 PM  
[image from home.attbi.com too old to be available]
2003-01-29 05:49:14 PM  
Your forgot the type r...I do like the NOS sticker on the electric car though
2003-01-29 06:19:28 PM  
The picture makes the car look pretty tin, how does it not topple over, especially at 245 miles per hour?
2003-01-29 06:21:19 PM  
has anyone here actually tried to open a pack of 'c' batteries recently. they've effectively human proofed the packaging.
can you imagine being the moron who put just 1 in the wrong way?
2003-01-29 06:21:59 PM  
What would the Stuntaz say?
2003-01-29 06:52:03 PM  
OK, so it goes 245mph -- but what's its quarter mile time????

I'll bet it takes quite a bit to get it up to speed....

I work in Santa Ana - maybe I should take a trip to see this thing in person on my lunch break.
2003-01-29 07:14:51 PM  
can you imagine being the moron who put just 1 in the wrong way?

i just lost it on that... thanks, Gabrielfa :)
2003-01-29 07:15:06 PM  

Funny post.

Unfortunately, it doesn't make up for that HORRIBLY F-ED UP PICTURE IN YOUR PROFILE!!!!!!

I mean, ouch, dude!
2003-01-29 07:38:01 PM  
That car is shaped like a penis, LOL!
2003-01-29 08:20:10 PM  
TheMatt, now you have to have a good battery to run that, a Coppertop one that you can rely on, not a generic "value" brand. If I'm planing on going 245.5 MPH, I'll plan on going with the better battery. Still its a lot of money that I don't have.
2003-01-29 08:45:13 PM  
Yeah, but what's the city mileage like?
2003-01-29 10:26:38 PM  
I'll bet they're sub-C cells rather than C cells.

I've never seen an actual C sized NiCd or NiMH cell -- instead, what I've seen are either 1) sub-C cells (slightly smaller) or 2) sub-C cells stuffed in a C sized package.

The former is what you buy for R/C cars, for example.

The latter is what you buy at Walmart when you want rechargable C cells.

If you're going to buy over 6000 cells, I hope you know what you're getting. I'll bet the person who put the ad up on Ebay just didn't know the difference :)

2003-01-29 11:23:37 PM  
The bidding on this at the end will be crazy, i am going to get in on this shiat
2003-01-29 11:53:35 PM  
stupid. for the kind of weight that is, should've put a diesel generator in that powered electric traction motors (like what trains do), and the thing would go even faster. Electric motors are real easy to crank up to speed and will go way faster than any gas powered engine - provided you can give them enough juice to do it.

But I suppose that defeats the 'electric' purpose of the car - but where does the energy come from to charge those batteries? Oil fired power plants.

2003-01-30 12:04:54 PM  
Here's the homepage for the car.

2003-01-30 12:56:58 PM  
With all those batteries, I suppose you could hit the brakes and it would just keep going, and going...
2003-01-30 03:54:29 PM  
[image from brigittehandley.com too old to be available]

2003-01-30 05:49:25 PM  
It seems to lack the luxurious appointments normally associated with an automobile in this price range.

I'll take a Maybach please.
2003-01-30 11:52:10 PM  

The batteries are sub-C. The person who is selling the conveyance is also selling the batteries in 10 cell sticks.
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