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(   Police are looking for a clean shaven man with a Mohawk and a tattoo across his chest because he bit off another man's nose on the dance floor. Smells like the police have an unsolved mystery on their hands   ( divider line
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2009-02-17 02:11:47 AM  
I know a man who has no nose...
2009-02-17 02:29:39 AM  
Wow, that stinks
2009-02-17 06:40:05 AM  
How does he smell?
2009-02-17 06:40:12 AM  
nobody nose the trouble I seen...
2009-02-17 06:40:34 AM  
Now that's a crime not to be sniffed at!
2009-02-17 06:40:54 AM  

2009-02-17 06:43:24 AM  
He had a tattoo running across his chest which could be seen through his ripped light-coloured t-shirt.

I half expected this line to continue into some sort of chick-lit softcore porn.
2009-02-17 06:46:33 AM  

/Dog Boy?
2009-02-17 06:46:42 AM  
caffeeuropa.itView Full Size

2009-02-17 06:52:43 AM  
Didn't anyone else think of:


After reading the headline?
2009-02-17 06:53:54 AM  
Also, are they sure it wasn't a Saigon whore?
2009-02-17 07:07:39 AM  

PfizerX: Also, are they sure it wasn't a Saigon whore?

my thought exactly.

[image from too old to be available]
2009-02-17 07:07:54 AM  
Fauxhawks: You're a part-time badass and a full-time douche.
2009-02-17 07:09:58 AM  
He did it to spite him.
2009-02-17 07:19:13 AM  
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Oh crap, they're on to me...
2009-02-17 07:42:50 AM  
img413.imageshack.usView Full Size

/This scene always creeped me out as a wee lad
2009-02-17 07:47:09 AM  
Smells like he's gonna burn this goddamn house right down.
2009-02-17 07:50:52 AM  
submitter: Police are looking for a clean shaven man with a Mohawk and a tattoo across his chest

That's half of the mug shots on The Smoking
2009-02-17 07:56:39 AM  
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2009-02-17 08:19:48 AM  
Travis Bickle approves
2009-02-17 08:26:01 AM  
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2009-02-17 08:45:54 AM  

Rob Anybody: Wat?

/Dog Boy?

What have you done with Wat?

/should try to speak without assonances
//the beer is never clear near here dear
2009-02-17 09:01:02 AM  
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img4.imageshack.usView Full Size

I find your lack of face disturbing.
2009-02-17 09:04:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2009-02-17 09:07:39 AM  
Are we sure that it wasn't some big fat hermaphrodite with a Flock Of Seagulls haircut and only one nostril?
2009-02-17 09:10:08 AM  
fallout3.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

It's dangerous in the wasteland.
2009-02-17 09:20:24 AM  
Smells like teen spirit.
2009-02-17 09:25:29 AM  
Blood on the Dance Floor!
2009-02-17 09:30:57 AM  
FTA: "He was also wearing jeans."

Now that's some helpful information. Once you round up the hordes of men with mohawks and chest tats you just need to pick the one wearing jeans!
2009-02-17 09:40:07 AM  
newline.comView Full Size

You mean that was wrong?
2009-02-17 10:03:52 AM  
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2009-02-17 10:18:54 AM  

veryequiped: Not amused, would have preferred:
"Mike Tyson sought for questioning"

Yeah, because when I think Mohawks and biting people's noses off, I think farking Mike Tyson.

/Now if it had been a clean-shaven man with a face tattoo that bit of someone's ear, THEN you could use the Mike Tyson line
//Unfortunately, your proposed ending is a million times less funny than what smitty smitted.
2009-02-17 10:20:14 AM  
Obvious suspect:

carnagecorp.comView Full Size
2009-02-17 10:26:57 AM  
This is why I avoid the Baptist dinner dances.
2009-02-17 02:43:12 PM  
Came for Magua. Was mostly disappointed.
2009-02-17 05:36:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2009-02-17 07:56:52 PM  
Police are looking for a clean shaven man with a Mohawk and a tattoo across his chest because he bit off another man's nose on the dance floor.

How many people could there be with Mohawks across their chest?
2009-02-18 03:12:00 AM  
you've got some nose stuck in your teeth...sir...sir!!
2009-02-18 08:34:31 AM  
i was sure this would be about the normanby hotel, everything happens at the normanby (new window), mainly with sports stars
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