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(ABC News)   Dad gets busted when daughter brings in crack to show-and-tell   ( abclocal.go.com) divider line
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2003-01-28 06:03:39 PM  
You are soooooooooooo grounded.
2003-01-28 06:17:30 PM  
dad's a plumber?
[image from feuling.com too old to be available]
2003-01-28 06:58:54 PM  
I love it when a plan comes together!!! Robbie_star, you got it right!
2003-01-28 07:59:52 PM  
The dad had already been arrested 5 times for drug related offenses. How many does it take until "the authorites" think the child might be in danger? Probably when she's dead.
2003-01-28 09:42:06 PM  
2003-01-28 09:42:49 PM  
Damn, kids these days are cool. All anyone ever brought to school when I was a kid were transformers and pretty ponies.
2003-01-28 09:43:04 PM  
Disobedient biatch
2003-01-28 09:43:05 PM  
hmmm, why hasn't Dattaway posted his stupid a$$ porn site with the ugly chicks yet?
2003-01-28 09:44:40 PM  
"Teacher...class, my daddy says this shiate's tha bomb!"
2003-01-28 09:45:39 PM  
There's a hole
In daddy's arm
Where all the
Money goes
2003-01-28 09:46:45 PM  
flzcarson that was funny
2003-01-28 09:47:01 PM  
If the guy was smart he'd just say the crack was hers. Then they'd take her away and both of his problems would be solved.
2003-01-28 09:47:32 PM  
Just say no to plumbers crack.
2003-01-28 09:47:38 PM  
um...wtf is up with the Fark server?
2003-01-28 09:47:51 PM  
biatch set him up
2003-01-28 09:48:13 PM  
Flzcarson -- Say no to crack!!
2003-01-28 09:48:22 PM  
I'm amazed the teacher just didn't confiscate it and pass it around in the teachers' lounge. If it'd been weed, you know that would've happened.

"I'm sorry Sally, you'll just have to get this back at the end of the day. *snicker* *snicker*"
2003-01-28 09:50:02 PM  
aparrently it "took a dump all over itself when it was running."
2003-01-28 09:52:49 PM  
Girls can't bring their crack to school? Uh oh... now how will all the boys get any?

/Bad joke
2003-01-28 09:55:08 PM  
HAHA! I live in Coralville!
2003-01-28 09:56:32 PM  
You unpatriotic slackers are supposed to be listening to the President!
2003-01-28 09:57:24 PM  
the who?
2003-01-28 09:57:48 PM  
My show of patriotism is exercising my freedom not to listen to that frat-boy slacker creep.
2003-01-28 09:58:06 PM  
When I was ten I had to buy my own drugs for show & tell.
2003-01-28 09:58:18 PM  
sweet refreshing crack
2003-01-28 09:58:40 PM  
Another shining example of the D.A.R.E. program in action!

Turn in your parents, relatives, friends!
2003-01-28 09:59:49 PM  
You unpatriotic slackers are supposed to be listening to the President!
But I'm Canadian, does that still make me a slacker?
2003-01-28 10:01:11 PM  
That's what's wrong with today's youth... When I was a kid, we had to go out and get a job so we could buy our own damned crack for show and tell...
2003-01-28 10:01:22 PM  
But I'm Canadian, does that still make me a slacker?

You're excused until voting rights are enabled.
2003-01-28 10:04:24 PM  
they didnt add in the article they found out the dad was locked up in thier basement and the child was trying to sell some "good shiat" at school and.. well I dont really have anything to add to this. Maybe someday children of are country will not Lestin to thier dads and drive a lexus in rush hour. or bring Crack into school.

eh.. ô¿ô
2003-01-28 10:05:10 PM  
I spelled listen wrong
2003-01-28 10:05:25 PM  
2003-01-28 10:08:15 PM  
Unpatriotic? I didn't vote for that asshat. I love my country and I despise what Daddy and Junoir have done. I'm not Gore potentially would have been better or worse, but whats happened since-uh oh, here goes-9/11 has made a mockery of the constitution. Bush and his corporate cronies are farkers lining their pockets. I love America itself,the people as individuals. I just think whatever President Asshat has to say is a buncha bullshiat.
2003-01-28 10:10:52 PM  
EveryoneLovesCleanUndies: That's why you watch it. Just to watch him make an asshat of himself while he spouted years worth of bullshiat.
2003-01-28 10:11:34 PM  
this is why children should eaten... would solve world hunger, and no one will have to worry about their crack stash.
2003-01-28 10:13:34 PM  
Thought that this story sounded familiar and then I read it - Not the same. There are just stupid people all over!!
Hoosiers aren't the only idiots out there
2003-01-28 10:16:37 PM  
Again this happened? Kids must be reading the news, or FARK, and going with the show-and-tell bust to get their parents in trouble without narcing right to the police.

Rat on your pops, and Keyser Soze will get you.
2003-01-28 10:20:17 PM  
man, i'd love to hear the 'tell' part of this...
2003-01-28 10:21:33 PM  
theres a hole in my head where information goes....
2003-01-28 10:24:28 PM  
Gee, I wonder what was wrong with this story when I submitted it early this morning?!?
2003-01-28 10:32:08 PM  

You say you are "Patriotic" and "love America", but I'd be willing to bet that you'dbe first to run your ass up to Canada if the USA drafted you.
2003-01-28 10:36:31 PM  
You'd be a dumbass if you went to Canada. See, they have this thing called an extradition policy, which means they haul your ass right back here. Argentina, AFAIK, doesn't.

Habla Espanol?
2003-01-28 10:37:10 PM  
Which one's the dumbass?
2003-01-28 10:42:38 PM  
"I had beem the first to reccomend the use of cocaine...and this recommendation had brought serious reproaches down on me." - Sigmund Freud
2003-01-28 10:43:51 PM  
2003-01-28 10:44:33 PM  

Is that from John Prine?
2003-01-28 10:47:21 PM  
What i want to know is how does the principal know what a crack rock looks like?
2003-01-28 10:47:46 PM  
will say an extra prayer tonight for being blessed with the parents i have. will also say a prayer for this child. she's going to need all the help she can get.
2003-01-28 10:53:49 PM  
PeePants: I enlisted in the corps but failed my final physical after a really bad car accident that farked up my back(I was rear ended at a stoplight by a tractor-trailer doing 40). Also, with age comes knowlege and experience. I probably would think twice before blindly engaging in ANY conflict of such great magnitude, involving and potentially extinguishing the lives of many who are innocent of the particular offending policy/belief-especially taking the time to think of future repercussions on my country. Just let Bush and Saddam fight it out in a bare-knuckles worldwide pay-per-view, winner-take-all. pay our soldiers their lost hazardous-duty pay with the revenues and use the money that would have benn pumped into the defense budget/contractors pockets to update Americas WWII era infrastructure; enable those who cant afford but are worthy of higher education to attain degrees and further benefit us, giving us a return both in patriotism and in contribution to the "common good", not to mention our GNP.
2003-01-28 10:55:23 PM  
*tosses another log on the campfire*
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