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5430 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Jan 2003 at 7:40 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-28 03:01:57 PM  
Is Jeanane Garofalo gonna start a protest at the bowling lanes?
2003-01-28 03:11:55 PM  
Damn technology is ruining the athleticism of Bowling!
2003-01-28 03:13:07 PM  
Ranold: Nah, she's going just kick ass.
[image from images.art.com too old to be available]
2003-01-28 04:57:27 PM  
Ahh... Bowling. One of those machines ripped my thumb off, thank you very much. But what a process, if you've never noticed:

- Morning; lanes oiled.
- 4pm; Curtain and pinsetter cleaning, done the hard way with varasol. All surfaces in contact with the ball have to be clean, otherwise the bowlers get black hands after a while. Can't have that.
- 12am; Lanes are 'dragged', first with a gutter mop, then with a fabric wound heavy gadget that would take the surface oil off the lanes. Frikken heavy thing. Approches are then mopped and polished once a week. Get oily footprints on the approach and you're fired.

Every once in a while, maybe every 6 months, for no reason anyone could explain, a pinsetter would pull the rake back, drop the pins and tries to bring the rake forward. Then it raises the basket and the rack flings pins all over hell's half acre. 3/4" steel rods that connect the rake are bent almost in half. Weird.
2003-01-28 06:30:50 PM  
those gutter cushions don't hurt either...
2003-01-28 07:51:29 PM  
...still no cure for cancer
2003-01-28 07:52:06 PM  
Cookie to the first farker to post a Big Lebowski photo!
2003-01-28 07:52:14 PM  
Thanks to technology and oil, I'm scoring more...

/shuts up
2003-01-28 07:53:09 PM  
[image from faball.com too old to be available]
2003-01-28 07:54:01 PM  
I've purchased a new Freak high-performance ball from Track Industries to cope with the heavy oil, along with the other five balls I will take. I have new shirts with my name on the back in 2-inch letters, according to PBA rules. Friends and family will be gathering to cheer me on.

See ?!?!? There are bigger losers than you.
2003-01-28 07:57:55 PM  
technology, oil, and bowling courses at your local college.
2003-01-28 07:58:35 PM  
Hint: Buy a pair of sneaker-style bowling shoes when they go on sale, put them in a bag and throw them in the trunk of your car. You'll never have to wear rental shoes ever again, and your coolness factor goes way up. If anybody ever asks you why you keep bowling shoes in the trunk, explain it's the same as why you keep your darts in the glove box: 'Just in case I get the urge to play.'
2003-01-28 07:58:54 PM  
And what makes them think they have the slightest chance? Two words: technology and oil.

That's three words!
2003-01-28 08:00:31 PM  
My score went up 75 points since I started taking steroids. Oh, and I oil my balls.
2003-01-28 08:06:14 PM  
My friend used to carry a home plate in the back of his truck, I asked him why and he replied "In case a baseball game breaks out"
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-01-28 08:06:34 PM  
No blood for strikes! A 300 score is not worth 300,000 lives. Cheney is obviously being paid off by shoe manufacturers.

Miss Litella?


That's mineral oil.

Oh. Never mind.
2003-01-28 08:06:45 PM  
ok, real bowling comment: reverse block and laying down oil with a pesticide sprayer separates the men from the boys. OK, separates the boys from the... we are talking about bowling here.
2003-01-28 08:16:52 PM  
For Eccehomer:

[image from thedudeshouse.com too old to be available]
With you, always...
2003-01-28 08:17:45 PM  
...even if you've got fish-eyes...
2003-01-28 08:23:13 PM  
No bat? No ball?

Whotta goof!
2003-01-28 08:29:47 PM  
Bowling averages are way up? Expect mini golf scores to be way down sometime soon.

See, Bill & Ted will change the world.

The air is clean, the water's clean. Even the dirt, is clean!
2003-01-28 08:38:23 PM  
Wyld Stallyns!!!

Actually I thought it would be a race between references
to Lebowski and Kingpin. The dark horse--Mystery Men!--pwnz
in the end, however.
2003-01-28 08:40:38 PM  

Thanks for blessing a simple Farker by imparting the Dude.

You are truly a champion of all that is good!

2003-01-28 08:48:27 PM  
My 146 average doesn't seem so good anymore. Not that I can throw curves anyway.
2003-01-28 09:09:06 PM  
I just started bowling in Leagues again, I bowled one season in a league like 12 years ago when I was 19yrs old.

I sort of agree with this article. I have yet to bowl a 300 game, but I did by a new ball this year...some crazy reactive resin ball which has a tremendous hook. I was using a cheap old $60 urethane ball before.... I couldn't get any reaction out of it, mostly straight ball...I bowled ok with it...150's-200 or so...I bought this new ball and it makes me look like a professional will honestly very little effort. With a few fundamental lessons I am hooking the ball across the alley and into the pocket and blasting the pins all over the place...it even impresses me, and I am pretty humble. I've only hit 229 as my high, but I've done 6 strikes in a row...which is pretty impressive for someone who's only been "seriously" bowling the last 6-7 months now...

I totally agree that technology in bowling can make an average bowling "look" good.... but I still think there is some skill aspect as I totally suck at picking spares up with this hook ball.

Bowl like Chit,
2003-01-28 09:09:15 PM  
Finally, more bowling coverage on Fark.
I've been waiting all this time for something that really grabs my interest...

However, I will say this, due to the dirth of Lebowski references:

"The Chinaman is not the issue here, Dude. I'm talking about drawing a line in the sand, Dude."
2003-01-28 09:12:57 PM  
Bowling's a decent physical activity if you don't include the 12 ounce curls.
2003-01-28 09:50:24 PM  
Nobody f***s with the Jesus!

"This isn't Nam, Smokey. There are rules."
2003-01-28 10:03:26 PM  
You think the bowlers are losers, let me take it one step further. I'm a freakin' bowling widow! My husband took a day off of work to go to that tournament in Fountain Valley.

It scares me even more that I know most of the lingo and quite a few of the pros names and bowling styles. I vowed to love and cherish, not to watch bowling with him (or watch him bowl)!
2003-01-28 10:18:32 PM  
The average league shot is too easy for a cranker (someone who hooks the holy crap out of the ball and gets tons of revs on it). It's a bit too easy for me usually also, but I don't hook a ball much. I've got a fairly straightforward approach--not a lot of hook, but enough to carry. I go on accuracy. I'm carry a 200 average in my two leagues. I've got two balls (usually only throw the Freak that was mentioned in the article though). That's all on a regular easy house shot though. I have, however, bowled on difficult tournament shots before--I bowled after the PWBA women's tour pros on the same shot they were on before (the perks of working in a bowling alley part-time). I averaged 195 on that shot. It required accuracy, and I had that. I've won a gold medal for bowling when I was young before and I finished second in my most recent tournament (I threw only one shot out of the pocket that game and still lost...) So, the house shot is not too easy for someone with a small amount of hook, apparently. It's just that it's far too easy for a guy who hooks it gutter to gutter.

As for ball technology, it's making a big difference, yes, but you can still shoot big scores with crap balls. I have rolled 200 games with 12 pound "house" balls before (the crappy urethane/plastic balls at the bowling alley). It all depends on if you get the ball to the pocket or not and you still have to convert your spares--one missed spare can drag your score down by 10 or 20 or so points in some cases.

Have I rambled enough yet? Anyway, nice to see some bowling talk on Fark. It's a great hobby.
2003-01-28 10:19:34 PM  
Oh, and for anyone who cares, I've yet to get a 300 game. I've had a 280 and about 8 or 9 279 games, however (one ball away). I manage to leave single pins off good pocket hits somewhere in the game it seems no matter how well I kill the pocket...
2003-01-28 10:22:36 PM  
Hrm, so my 140 or so average would improve if I got a ball that did the bowling for me? That seems to be missing the point.
2003-01-28 11:24:32 PM  
The oil and technology sure as hell didn't help me tonight...
2003-01-28 11:28:07 PM  
I've got two balls (usually only throw the Freak that was mentioned in the article though)
You named your balls? How do you tell the difference between them? The hang?
2003-01-28 11:44:45 PM  
my average right about now is a 175 and i havent seen much difference...
2003-01-28 11:46:54 PM  
10 pin spares are the worst for me, since I have a right to left hook....I go across the alley and it heads right for the 10 pin, but at the last second hooks back in and goes left-side and misses...pisses me off something fierce.

Some work friends and I, joined a 3-man summer league just to stay in touch {we work at same company, diff departments}..its fun..they get blasted drunk and the team gets a high handicap because they stink. Now we joined a 5-man team...which makes it even more fun.... whats better than bowling, drinking beer and busting on your friends for 3 hours on a weeknight.

It's pretty sad....I got a double bowling bag with wheels...I used to laugh at these people, now I'm one of them....just like golf...I said I'd never play a sport where you hit a ball and chase it...now I'm addicted to golf to.

Next I'll be wearing Bike shorts with my beer belly playing softball....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Bowl like Chit, Golf like Chit,
2003-01-29 12:10:56 AM  
Otterfluff, you and I are out of our element. WE'RE OUT OF ELEMENT Otterfluff.
2003-01-29 12:11:24 AM  
CupOfSTFU, I agree completely. Even though a reverse block is no picnic, it gives everyone a level "playing field".

I tried the PBA national tour on and off for a year (when I could afford it) and lemme tell ya, bowling (GOOD) is a lot harder than most people think.

My average at home is 225, but out there I was hard pressed to break 200. I have 6-300's (one of which I shot at a PBA tournament (4th arrow)) and 2-800's. I shot all of these scores in the early/mid 90's, but my numbers are meager by today's standards.

5 years ago, in my city there were MAYBE 5-300's and 2-800's shot TOTAL. This year, the season is HALF over and there are 24-300's and 8-800's. Are the bowlers getting better? No way, it's the bowling balls, lane conditions and improvements in the pit area that are allowing mediocre bowlers to score.

As someone who actually cares, it's a shiatty situation. At least Golf is keeping some of it's credibility. Too bad I suck at it.

2003-01-29 12:17:12 AM  
I need to add something this statement-

"5 years ago, in my city there were MAYBE 5-300's and 2-800's shot TOTAL."

FOR THAT YEAR, not in the city's history.
2003-01-29 12:34:41 AM  
F*ck it, Dude. Let's go bowling.
2003-01-29 12:44:01 AM  
Bowling! *shotgun blast* Get your bowling here!
2003-01-29 12:48:58 AM  
Fark bowling party. Who's up for it?
2003-01-29 12:55:16 AM  
I like Candlepins better anyways.
2003-01-29 01:03:11 AM  
I think the picture in my profile says enough.
I love bowling; I would do it everyday if it was not so expensive.(Odd is the fact that I am also an avid golfer)
I'm a 190 average for bowling, a lot less for golf.
2003-01-29 01:03:32 AM  
yay bowling :)
2003-01-29 01:04:51 AM  
WTF...I thought bowling was something you did while you waited for your friends to get more beer...at least that's how we do it in South Jersey.
2003-01-29 01:55:16 AM  
damn, i wanna go bowling now...

my average is about 130, but my highest game is 179. i suprised the hell out of myself with that game!
2003-01-29 02:25:29 AM  
Nobody has ever...EVER gotten a perfect game in candlepin. Best ever is 240, but the pros on saturday morning TV in Boston are GREAT if they average 150, and 125s will get you on the show every week.
2003-01-29 04:14:58 AM  
I just read a whole article about bowling. Please kill me now.
2003-01-29 04:28:50 AM  
If anyone needs me, I'm off to take the Skinheads bowling, take them bowling.
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